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Panera Ditching Additives In Ready-To-Eat Products Sold In Grocery Stores

Following moves to get rid of all artificial food additives from all the food on its menu by the end of the year and announcing that its entire line of soups was free of those additions, Panera Bread says it will also let go of the artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives found in its products sold in grocery stores.  [More]


Panera Says Its Entire Soup Menu Is Now Devoid Of All Artificial Ingredients

Panera Bread’s stand against artificial ingredients is marching ahead apace, with an announcement from the company that it’s eliminated artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, and flavors from its entire line of soups. It’s all part of the chain’s plan to go additive-free by the end of this year. [More]

FDA Banned Flavored Cigs, But Not Menthols. Why?

FDA Banned Flavored Cigs, But Not Menthols. Why?

Back in June we noted that the FDA was about to get a lot more say over the tobacco industry if the Senate approved a new bill. Well they did, and so yesterday the FDA flexed its new muscles by banning fruit, herb, spice, and candy flavorings from cigarettes. That’s right: clove cigarettes were just banned by the FDA, which is bad news for gothy teens and great news for everyone else.

10 Food Additives You Should Try To Avoid

10 Food Additives You Should Try To Avoid

Most people are familiar with the basics of good nutrition but many aren’t aware of the thousands of food additives found in popular foods which if consumed in excess could create health risks. MSN Health has put together a list of 10 additives you should try to avoid. Let’s be clear, we don’t expect you to avoid all of these additives altogether, although, it certainly is possible. The key is being aware of them so you can effectively limit their intake. The list of additives, inside…

Should Artificially Colored Meat Have A Warning Label?

Should Artificially Colored Meat Have A Warning Label?

Over a year and a half ago, we alerted readers to the sneaky practice of using carbon monoxide to indefinitely preserve raw meat’s red color—several stores admitted to the practice, and while the small amount of gas used does not pose a health risk, the perma-red meat can make it harder to detect spoilage. Now, in the wake of so many food and product safety scandals, the government has proposed a new mandatory warning label as part of the Food and Drug Import Safety Act of 2007. It would read:

Carbon monoxide has been used to preserve the color of this product. Do not rely on color or the ‘use or freeze by’ date alone to judge the freshness or safety of the product. Discard any product with an unpleasant odor, slime, or a bulging package.