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Above and Beyond: 1-800 CONTACTS Restores Vision, Faith in Customer Service

1-800 CONTACTS restored Kim’s vision, and her faith in customer service. Kim ordered four boxes of contacts, but received the wrong lenses, a fact she discovered when she tried them on and the world went fuzzy. “Way fuzzy. Like more more fuzzy than with no contacts at all.”

So I started comparing my old boxes to my new boxes and discovered that while the power of the lenses was correct, there was a plus sign (+) on the new boxes and a minus sign (-) on my old boxes. The order form had a plus on it so whoever fulfilled the order (probably a machine since the boxes are bar coded and we use a similar boxing system at my company) did their job properly. I came to the awful realization that I had filled the order form out wrong. It was all my fault and a fairly expensive $200 mistake.

Ouch. Kim made the mistake, so Kim should pay for new lenses, right?