The Combs Company Supports Feet, Customers

The Combs Company Supports Feet, Customers

Aaron’s feet were irritated by the stitching on a pair of Rafters sandals that he purchased last year from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Aaron tried to break in the sandals over the course of a year, but they still felt “like needles” in his feet. Aaron sent an email to The Combs Company, maker of the sandals:

I am just writing you folks because I am rather disappointed with the Rafters Sandals I purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods approximately one year ago. When I tried them on at the store, they seemed like very comfortable shoes for the summer months. However, my first extended period of wearing them, I have realized that the stitching for the leather panels (the ones located directly below where the feet rest) are very irritating, to the point where if you walk for even a short period, the stitching feels like needles in my feet.