Starbucks Customer Claims Barista Gave Her Satanic Latte Art

Starbucks Customer Claims Barista Gave Her Satanic Latte Art

Usually, it adds extra cheer to your day when the person who made your coffee beverage adds a decorative flourish to the cup, whether it’s traditional latte foam art or a pretty caramel drizzle. One Starbucks customer in Louisiana says that a barista served up two beverages adorned with a pentagram and the number 666 in caramel syrup. [More]

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Man Quits His Job, Won’t Pay Taxes After Receiving W-2 Number 666

If there’s any number that freaks people out in Western culture, it’s 666, the supposed “number of the Beast” in the Bible’s book of Revelations. A Tennessee man who says that he’s been a born-again Christian for a decade was pretty spooked when he received the 666th W-2 earnings statement that his employer had printed. Now he’s quit his job and refuses to pay his taxes until he gets new, Beast-free paperwork. [More]