27″ imac


My Lemon Of An iMac Broke Down After Only Six Days

Trevor just acquired a beautiful new 27″ iMac. We’d be totally jealous if the computer were still working, but it’s not. It suddenly died after he had been using it for only six days, and he can’t revive it. iMac, nooo! Come back! He’s never getting his iMac back, and has to wait a few weeks for a replacement. [More]


Apple: The Midwestern United States Is Too Humid For The iMac

Apple’s 27″ iMac is not a cheap computer. That model currently starts at $1,800. So customers who found a smoky gray residue inside their screens were disappointed when Apple turned around and told non-smoking customers that the issues are obviously their own fault. Reader Jason, for example, was told that his screen smudged itself because it’s too humid where he lives. Does he live in the tropics? Florida, maybe? No, he lived in Ohio when his iMac troubles started. And the problem recurred after he moved to Chicago, just down the street from the city’s flagship Apple Store. [More]