This Is What Kids Did For Fun In The 80s

This Is What Kids Did For Fun In The 80s

Josh at GeekSix unearthed a comic book ad that might be familiar to you if you were a kid in the 80s. Olympic Sales Club was one of those door-to-door greeting card companies that enlisted kids across the country to sell crap to neighbors in exchange for merch your parents wouldn’t buy you. [More]

Jimmy T Pitches The Commodore VIC-20

Did you know that before he hawked for Priceline or regaled us with the adventures of T.J. Hooker, William Shatner had another TV career? Yes, he appeared in commercials for the Commodore VIC-20: “Unlike games, it has a real computer keyboard.”

Get a Tacky Piece of Crap On Your Digits

Look! It’s layered entirely in gold!

A Word From Our Sponsor… Scientology

But questions remain, like, where’s the kid in the wheelchair?