1-hour photo

(Erin Nekervis)

1-Hour Photo Shops Are The Disappearingest Business In America

If you think that video stores are the business category that has disappeared the fastest, you’re wrong. If you found an exposed roll of film in a drawer and wanted to find out what was on it, where would you take it? Most likely, your local photo store is gone, and you might have a drugstore or other business that still does a few rolls of film every week. [More]

Why Do My Instant Photos Take 7 Hours?

Why Do My Instant Photos Take 7 Hours?

“Instant?” typed user Jake when he sent us a picture of the kiosk screen after he sent some photos to the printer at Walmart. His “instant” photos were promised six and a half hours in the future. Why, that’s not very instant at all. [More]