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Chipotle Hopes Celebrity Chef Can Transform Its Tasty Made Burger Business

Chipotle Hopes Celebrity Chef Can Transform Its Tasty Made Burger Business

In an attempt to diversify, Chipotle recently branched out into the burger business with a new operation called Tasty Made. But just like Chipotle’s queso dip, the public hasn’t exactly been clamoring for these new burgers. In an effort to pump some life into Tasty Made, the company is bringing in a celebrity chef. [More]


Same-Sex Couple Claims Server Told Them Sharing A Dessert “Wouldn’t Look Right”

Sharing a dessert with your dining companion is nothing new, but a same-sex couple in D.C. claims that when they asked their server for two spoons so they could split a sundae, they were told such a thing wouldn’t be possible, and doesn’t go with the “ambiance” of the restaurant. [More]


Dallas Chipotle That Rained Mice Temporarily Closes To Check Over Building

Remember the Chipotle restaurant in Dallas where customers captured video of mice falling from the ceiling and scurrying across the floor? That was a few weeks ago, and now the restaurant is temporarily closing so experts can evaluate the building. [More]

GrubHub Will Buy Eat24 From Yelp For $287.5M, Free Delivery

GrubHub Will Buy Eat24 From Yelp For $287.5M, Free Delivery

Just two and a half years ago, Yelp acquired the food delivery site and app Eat24, which seemed like a complementary business at the time. Now GrubHub is buying the site for $287.5 million — a little more than double what Yelp paid for it in 2015 — while the two companies will keep linking to each other and referring customers back and forth. [More]

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Critics Say New Anti-Trafficking Bill Could “Jeopardize Bedrock Principles” Of Social Media

A new Senate bill with rare bipartisan support seeks to curb online sex trafficking, but some critics of the legislation say the bill is so broadly written that it could open up legal floodgates that could expose social media networks Facebook and Twitter and popular reader-edited sites like reddit to prosecution for content published by users. [More]

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Google Ordered To Pay Record $2.7 Billion Antitrust Fine Over Shopping Search Results

Nearly a year after rumors began swirling that Google could face a record-breaking fine in order to put a six-year long European antitrust investigation related to its search behind it. European regulators are ordering the tech giant to pay up, to the tune of $2.7 billion. [More]

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How To Protect Yourself From Getting Scammed By Bad Movers

While you may feel yourself slowing down as the days grow longer and the temperatures go up, summer is the busiest time of the year for movers. Millions of us are likely to pack up and move house between June and September. But moving is a fraught proposition; it can be hard to tell the difference between a legitimate outfit that will properly bring you your stuff, and one that will steal from you or extort you for cash. [More]


Yale Dean Apologizes For Snooty, Elitist Yelp Reviews

In theory, college deans are supposed to advise and mentor students, sometimes guiding them through times where their worst impulses might get the best of them. Hopefully, Yale students are not following the lead of one dean who repeatedly used Yelp to make rude, condescending comments about local businesses and her fellow customers. [More]

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Study Finds Paying For Online Reviews Leads To Fewer Reviews

Rewarding people with cash has generally been a good way to motivate them to do things they are otherwise not obligated to do, but a new study claims that when you offer folks money for writing online reviews, it can backfire and result in fewer overall reviews. [More]

Robots Now Delivering Food For Yelp’s Eat24 Service In San Francisco

Robots Now Delivering Food For Yelp’s Eat24 Service In San Francisco

Yelp’s Eat24 food delivery service is making it easier for some users who want to avoid interacting with humans as much as possible, deploying robots in San Francisco to bring food to customers. [More]


Jewelry Store Worker Ordered To Pay $34.5K For Posting Fake Yelp Review Of Rival

While it might be tempting to trash a competing business online, faking a Yelp review can be costly, as one Massachusetts jewelry store employee recently found out. [More]


Yelp Buys Restaurant Waitlist Tech Company Nowait For $40M

Yelp is trying to change the way users visit restaurants — or the way in which they wait for a table with the $40 million purchase of Nowait, a startup that uses technology to streamline the seating process at restaurants around the country. [More]


Heads Up: You May Need To Change Your Passwords On Thousands Of Sites

It’s a rough day for users of, well, basically the entire internet: A major vulnerability in a huge web services company has been disclosed, and it means your personal data may have leaked into public view from a whole lot of places. [More]

West Elm Will Offer Refunds To Owners Of Defective “Peggy” Furniture

West Elm Will Offer Refunds To Owners Of Defective “Peggy” Furniture

Last week, West Elm’s “Peggy” couch leapt out of the pages of mid-price furniture catalogs and into the realm of viral cyber-stardom when unhappy Peggy owners realized they were far from alone in having a couch that seemed to start falling apart the day they first sat on it. Now West Elm tells Consumerist that refunds will be sent out to folks who purchased a defective Peggy. [More]

Company Demands Thousands Of Dollars Over Negative Yelp Reviews, Despite Federal Law

Company Demands Thousands Of Dollars Over Negative Yelp Reviews, Despite Federal Law

In December, after an inexplicably long trip through the legislative process, President Obama signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act, making it illegal for companies to demand that consumers sign away their right to speak honestly. However, not everyone seems to have gotten this message. [More]

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30 Stories We Didn’t Expect To Write In 2016

As a wise internet meme once said, some things are worth waiting for. Often, we end up waiting for them for so long, that when they finally do come to pass, we can’t help but be a bit shocked. And some things… Well, we never expected in the first place. [More]

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Speak Freely America: New Federal Law Outlaws Gag Clauses That Punish You For Negative Reviews

A new federal law will be born today. If it is signed by President Obama, one of his final acts in office will be to enshrine into law one of the core principles on which Consumerist — now in its eleventh year — was founded: That honest consumers have the right to complain. [More]

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Bill Outlawing “Gag Clauses” That Punish Customers For Writing Negative Reviews Goes To President

After more than a year of waiting, Congress has finally okayed a piece of legislation that, if signed by the president, will stop companies from using so-called “non-disparagement” or “gag” clauses to prevent or discourage customers from writing honest reviews. [More]