Chili’s Apologizes After Manager Takes Away Veteran’s Free Meal On Veterans Day

Chili’s says it’s investigating after an army veteran in Texas said his free Veterans Day meal was taken away after someone else at the restaurant called his service into question. [More]

Feds Accuse NetSpend Of Misleading Customers About Prepaid Debit Cards

Feds Accuse NetSpend Of Misleading Customers About Prepaid Debit Cards

NetSpend, one of the nation’s largest providers of prepaid debit cards, has been accused of violating federal law for allegedly misleading users into believing that funds loaded onto these cards will be available immediately, while some users say they had to wait weeks or were never able to access their funds. [More]


Samsung To World: We’re Super Duper Sorry About That Whole Exploding Phone Thing

Samsung has a problem: a lot of their stuff has been in the headlines lately for exploding. Between the months-long Galaxy Note 7 debacle, and the much more recent washing machine recall, the premium tech company is quickly getting a bad reputation for going boom. So Samsung’s trying to get out in front of it, promising the U.S. and the world that it’s so, so sorry and won’t do it again. [More]

Best Buy & All Major Wireless Providers Have Stopped Selling Note 7

Best Buy & All Major Wireless Providers Have Stopped Selling Note 7

Following last night’s news that Samsung had once again halted production on the Galaxy Note 7, all four of the nation’s major wireless provider, and its biggest electronics retailer, say they have all pulled the Note 7 from sale. [More]


Advocates, Lawmakers, Even Best Buy Call On FCC To Approve Cable Box Plan

The Federal Communications Commission has been stewing over a proposal that would shake up the cable set-top box market for months. They’ve got a vote on the final proposal coming up this week, but in the face of partisan bickering and opposition from the cable industry, the matter has become controversial. So today, a whole passel of folks called on the FCC to approve the measure ASAP, for consumers’ sake.



What’s Going Wrong With Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exchanges — And What You Can Do

Samsung issued an official recall of the defective, flammable, potentially exploding Galaxy Note 7 phone just over a week ago. Since then, consumers who own the defective devices have been trying to get the exchanges they’re due… but it’s not always going so well. [More]

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McDonald’s Customer’s Oatmeal Comes With Free Hot Water Machine Lever

While it’s always unfortunate to find something in your food that you weren’t expecting, at least in one recent case that something was never alive: a McDonald’s customer in California got more than raisins in her breakfast when she found a piece of broken kitchen equipment in her oatmeal. [More]

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McDonald’s Customers Have Been Finding Some Pretty Gross Stuff In Their Food

First of all: if you’re getting ready to eat lunch, be warned that we are about to discuss some gross stuff happening to food. Got it? Great. Now that you’ve girded your stomachs, it’s our distinct displeasure to call attention to crawly things that McDonald’s customers have reported finding in their food. [More]

Mall Security Robot Knocks Toddler To The Ground, Keeps On Going

Mall Security Robot Knocks Toddler To The Ground, Keeps On Going

A wise man once declared: “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.” But a mall security robot apparently hasn’t been reading up on his Isaac Asimov, as parents of a 16-month-old boy in Palo Alto, CA say the bot knocked their son to the ground and just kept on rolling. [More]


Advisory Panel Votes To Revoke Troubled College Accreditor’s Recognition

A week after staff with the Department of Education recommended the termination of federal recognition for the accrediting body that ignored red flags at failed for-profit educator Corinthian Colleges and allowed billions in federal aid to go to schools under investigation, the panel on the receiving end of that recommendation voted to sever ties with Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.  [More]

Nature Made Vitamins Recalled Over Salmonella, Staph Contamination Concerns

Nature Made Vitamins Recalled Over Salmonella, Staph Contamination Concerns

Some people believe that taking a daily vitamin can improve their health and boost their immune systems. What they probably don’t envision when popping one of those pills or gummies is becoming ill. For that reason, Pharmavite is recalling several varieties of its popular Nature Made vitamins that may be contaminated with salmonella or staph.  [More]

Vulnerability Leaves Mitsubishi Outlander’s WiFi Open To Hacks

Vulnerability Leaves Mitsubishi Outlander’s WiFi Open To Hacks

Three months ago, federal regulators and law enforcement officials warned carmakers that their vehicles were increasingly vulnerable to hackings. Today, security researchers revealed one such issue in the Mitsubishi Outlander that allows would-be hackers to turn off the car’s alarms.  [More]


Customers Claim Period Underwear Company THINX Suddenly Retracted Thousands Of Dollars In Referral Credits

One good way for new companies to spread awareness of their products is to offer referral credits to customers: get a friend to sign up or buy, and you get money to spend with the company. But period underwear company THINX may be rethinking (rethinxing?) its referral program, as some people are now claiming it’s taking back thousands of dollars in credits it doled out to customers and bloggers. [More]

Google Patents Pedestrian “Glue” For Self-Driving Cars

Google Patents Pedestrian “Glue” For Self-Driving Cars

While Google’s self-driving vehicles have been cruising around the streets, the company’s engineers have been working on a way to ensure pedestrians that may come into contact with the bumper of one of those autonomous vehicles are left relatively unscathed. Their apparent solution: an adhesive that makes people stick to the car’s hood.  [More]

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Apple Sent Two Technicians To Investigate Music Download Deletions

When your Apple product starts acting up, maybe you go the Genius Bar, maybe you call tech support, maybe you just ask a friend for advice. Or maybe, if your blog post about Apple Music apparently deleting thousands of downloaded files makes national news headlines, two Apple techs come knocking on your door.  [More]


Apple Music’s Confusing Deletion Of Songs Is One Reason You Should Back Up Your Files

Powering on your computer only to find that all of your downloaded music, including original content, is nowhere to be found is an understandably devastating situation. But it’s one that has apparently happened to several Apple Music users since the service launched last year.  [More]


From “Yay” To “Boo” To “Shrug,” Here’s What Everyone Had To Say About FCC’s Set-Top Box Proposal

When the FCC voted in February to consider new rules for your cable box, that kicked off a multi-month cycle of public comments, where anyone and everyone can have their say. The deadline for the first round struck at midnight Friday, which means most of the comments are just rolling onto the internet for all and sundry to have a look at.


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You’re Not Supposed To Receive Amazon Orders In Walmart And Sam’s Club Boxes

Buying an item on Amazon’s site doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily buying that item from Amazon. This can lead to serious confusion when you try to make a warranty claim, and seriously confuses some customers when a box from Walmart shows up on their doorstep with their Amazon order. Why would that happen? If a box from a different retailer shows up on your doorstep, it means that your seller is playing the retail arbitrage game and breaking Amazon’s rules. [More]