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Verizon Finally Lets Unlimited Data Customers Watch HD Video… For $10/Month

Two months after Verizon revamped its unlimited data plans to severely throttle video, the wireless provider is once again tweaking the system, announcing that customers with “unlimited” data plans can finally watch all their videos in high-definition… if they’re willing to pay an additional $10/month for the privilege. [More]

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T-Mobile & Sprint May Have To Delay Their Halloween Wedding Until Closer To Thanksgiving

If you were eagerly planning to fete the rumored Halloween elopement of T-Mobile and Sprint, you might want to hold on to your candy corn. The corporate nuptials may now be delayed a few weeks, with the telecom lovebirds announcing their “I do”s closer to Thanksgiving. [More]

Sprint & T-Mobile Want To Merge Without Selling Anything Off

Sprint & T-Mobile Want To Merge Without Selling Anything Off

When a merger between two or more companies will have a drastic effect on competition, it’s all but expected that the new couple will sell off some of their existing operations to alleviate antitrust concerns. Even though a merger or Sprint and T-Mobile would leave the U.S. with only three national wireless carriers, the two rumored lovebirds are reportedly unwilling to part ways with any assets. [More]


Possible Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Could Face DOJ Antitrust Opposition

Though the romance rumor mill is still claiming that Sprint and T-Mobile are hoping to announce their engagement in the weeks to come, and it’s highly unlikely that the pro-industry FCC will do anything to slow these crazy kids from merging, the wireless wedding could be spoiled by the anti-trust wet blankets at the Justice Department. [More]

Burger King Resurrects Spirit Of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Burger King Resurrects Spirit Of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

It’s like The Mindy Project being cut by Fox only to find a second life on Hulu, or that annoying Verizon guy being dusted off by Sprint to irritate a new generation of TV viewers: Burger King has resurrected the spicy chicken nuggets that were killed off by Wendy’s earlier this year. [More]

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Sprint, T-Mobile Reportedly Making Final Plans For Halloween Honeymoon

The worst kept secret in merger romances is apparently getting achingly close to becoming a reality, with a new report claiming that the parents of T-Mobile and Sprint are putting the final details together on an arranged marriage that would see these two kids wed before Halloween. [More]


Gatorade Gets In Trouble For Making “Inaccurate” Anti-Water Statements In Game

Sure, any aspiring track star would love to be just like eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. But years after Gatorade pushed a mobile gaming app starring the athlete’s character that urged players to “Keep your performance level high by avoiding water,” the company will have to pay $300,000 as part of a settlement resolving allegations that it violated California law by talking smack about H2O. [More]

SprinT-Mobile Reportedly Closer To Being An Actual Thing

SprinT-Mobile Reportedly Closer To Being An Actual Thing

This just in: Sprint and T-Mobile were seen registering for china and a food processor at the wireless big-box store. That’s right, speculation continues to heat up in the will-they-won’t-they story that would combine the country’s No. 3 and No. 4 wireless providers in matrimony. [More]


T-Mobile Raises Limit For ‘Unlimited’ Data

Savvy mobile data users know that “unlimited” does have its limits: Plans that promise unlimited data are selling only theoretically unlimited data. That’s because all carriers reserve the right to drastically cut users’ connection speed to 2G or 3G if they go over this semi-invisible limit. Now T-Mobile is raising this threshold for its for its customers, from 32 GB to 50 GB. [More]

Hot Couple Alert: Sprint & T-Mobile Reportedly Looking At Engagement Rings

Hot Couple Alert: Sprint & T-Mobile Reportedly Looking At Engagement Rings

The will-they-won’t-they tension has always been high between romantic comedy leads T-Mobile and Sprint, but could their flirtatious ways finally be heading for a serious relationship? That certainly looks to be the next plot twist, as the companies are reportedly in “active talks” about a merger. [More]


California ISP Privacy Bill Stalls Out After Heavy Pushback From Industry

There is no federal-level law protecting your private web data from your internet-providing company anymore, and there likely won’t be a replacement anytime soon. So some states are trying to take matters into their own hands. But the latest, last-ditch effort in the tech capital of the U.S. has failed, after strong pushback from the very companies it would regulate. [More]


Here’s The Stuff You Really Want To Know About Apple’s New iPhone 8 And iPhone X

It’s been rumored for months, and recently leaked in detail but finally, confirmation day has come: Apple announced new iPhones and a slew of other stuff today at an event in Cupertino.

Matthew Hunt

RadioShack Is Down To Fewer Than 30 Corporate Stores

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy twice in two years, closing thousands of its corporate-owned stores, and auctioning off its corporate treasures, RadioShack is improbably still around. A new plan for getting out of bankruptcy filed with the court spells out the company’s plans, which involve online sales, franchising its brand, and somewhere between a few dozen and no corporate-owned stores. [More]

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Here’s How Wireless Companies Are Offering Help To Customers In Hurricane-Ravaged Areas

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, wireless networks are experiencing outages, leaving some customers without reliable cellphone service. The four major providers are now stepping up to offer help by way of waiving service fees or offering extra data. [More]

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Verizon Changing Up Unlimited Data Plans Again, Begins Throttling Video For All Users

Verizon hopped (back) on the unlimited data train in February, joining all of its national competition in doing so. But six months later, as the dust has settled, those plans are getting some tweaks — and every Verizon Wireless customer is getting their video throttled as a result. [More]


Could Comcast Engineer A Mega Merger That Would Include 55 Million Customers?

Not so long ago, Comcast failed in its effort to merge with Time Warner Cable and create a cable/internet giant with around 30 million customers. But now that the regulatory winds have shifted in a decidedly pro-merger direction, some are theorizing what it would take for Comcast to engineer a telecom Voltron nearly double that size. [More]

Sexy European Suitor May Be Looking To Woo Charter Into Another Merger

Sexy European Suitor May Be Looking To Woo Charter Into Another Merger

Summertime fling fantasies aren’t just for libidinous teens at camp. European telecom giant Altice, which recently purchased Cablevision and Suddenlink in the U.S., is reportedly gazing across the campfire and into the eyes of another potential American mating partner: Charter. [More]

Charter Decides It’s Not Particularly Interested In Being Acquired By Sprint Right Now

Charter Decides It’s Not Particularly Interested In Being Acquired By Sprint Right Now

You would think that after just having finished a mega-merger with Time Warner Cable last year, Charter might want to take a break before diving into any more major transactions. And yet that hasn’t stopped Sprint from coming ’round knocking at Charter’s door. [More]