Watch Out For Card Skimmers On Gas Pumps In Arizona (And Everywhere Else, Too)

Going to an actual attendant and paying cash for gas is something fewer and fewer of us do every year. But for all the problems of cash, it might be less risky than sticking your credit card in any old gas pump, where a skimmer can grab and steal your data with very little effort. And those skimmers are everywhere. Case in point? Arizona.


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BlackBerry Won’t Be Designing Or Building Its Own Devices Anymore

BlackBerry is taking a big step back from the company it used to be, announcing today that it’s planning to stop designing and building its own devices, and will instead outsource that work to manufacturers. [More]


Yahoo Facing Lawsuits, Senate Inquiry, Possibly Merger Issues After Massive Data Breach

Last week was pretty rough for Yahoo, which confirmed on Thursday that it suffered a major data breach affecting more than half a billion (yes, with a B) users. Now 500 million people with Yahoo accounts are trying to figure out what to do next… but they’re not the only ones. [More]


Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach; At Least 500 Million Users Affected

As was rumored this morning, so it has come to pass. Yahoo has confirmed a massive data breach — and it’s far, far bigger than anyone guessed at first. [More]

Why Do I Suddenly Have To Log In Now To Use The Graphics Card I’ve Had For Years?

Why Do I Suddenly Have To Log In Now To Use The Graphics Card I’ve Had For Years?

Gaming can be, well, a kind of consumer-unfriendly industry. Players who build and upgrade their own PCs, though, usually expect a level of control over their experience that console gaming may not offer. And anything that changes that is not likely to go over well, as a change to certain Nvidia software is demonstrating. [More]

Comcast Already Crying That FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Violates Federal Law


Within minutes of FCC Chair Tom Wheeler unveiling his final proposal for reforming the multibillion-dollar set-top box market, Comcast was already firing back, accusing the Commission of violating the law and hinting at a legal challenge to come. [More]

United Airlines Updates Login Protections With Pre-Selected Security Question Answers

United Airlines Updates Login Protections With Pre-Selected Security Question Answers

Earlier this year a man was accused of hacking United Airlines in order to steal travel vouchers from some frequents fliers. In an attempt to better protect loyal customers’ vouchers, mileage points, and other information, the carrier recently unveiled a slew of updates to its website, including employing a security question section with pre-selected answers. Wait, what?  [More]

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Senators Want Airlines To Explain Recent Outages & Why Travelers Couldn’t Be Rebooked On Competing Carriers

In just the last few weeks, Delta and Southwest each experienced massive system-wide outages that grounded thousands of flights and ruined travel plans for countless passengers — and there are reasons to believe it could happen to other carriers. Now some lawmakers want the airlines to answer for these failures and to explain what’s being done to prevent future shutdowns. [More]


Report: 100M VW Vehicles Vulnerable To Remote Hack

Owning a vehicle with keyless entry is often a convenience: Forget your key? Just enter a code. But for the owners of more than 100 million Volkswagen vehicles, that convenience has been turned into a doorway for hackers.  [More]

Laptop-Using Car Theft Ring Busted In Houston

Laptop-Using Car Theft Ring Busted In Houston

Hey, remember those car thefts in Houston where the suspect was caught on security cameras fiddling with a laptop computer before driving off with the vehicles? The cops say that they’ve found the culprits, who allegedly were able to drive off with the vehicles by programming blank key fobs with codes that they obtained through illicit access to the Fiat Chrysler database. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Administer Antibiotics To Your Windows Vista PC Now

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Administer Antibiotics To Your Windows Vista PC Now

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave mall explorers who scour the nation’s clearance racks for the most comically overpriced retail antiquities. Here are some of their latest discoveries. [More]

Hacker Claims To Be Selling Stolen Info For 200 Million Yahoo Accounts

Hacker Claims To Be Selling Stolen Info For 200 Million Yahoo Accounts

After a rash of account breaches on social media networks like MySpace, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter, the latest site to fall victim to hackers seems to be Yahoo, with a hacker claiming he’s got account information for 200 million users and is selling those credentials on the internet’s black market. [More]

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FCC Votes To Open Up Super-Speedy Airwaves For Future 5G Wireless Broadband

Boy, the future sounds great… at least according to the Federal Communications Commission. From medicine to manufacturing and music, the future’s got a level of autonomy and connected convenience that makes Star Trek look downright pedestrian. And it’s all down to policy that lets tech develop, of course — and so the FCC this morning voted unanimously to take the first step to open up new ultra-fast, super-speedy mobile broadband… for whenever it comes.


Nest Adds An Outside Security Camera To Its Lineup

Nest Adds An Outside Security Camera To Its Lineup

Generally, delivery people and other visitors to our homes seem to operate under the assumption that regular citizens do not have security cameras. As systems become smaller and cheaper, this turns out to be a bad assumption. Now Alphabet-owned connected-home company Nest has announced that its popular cameras now have an outdoor sibling. [More]


BlackBerry Not Ready To Give Up On Making Handsets That Run On Its OS Just Yet

After BlackBerry announced it would be pulling the plug on its BlackBerry Classic smartphone, its last device to use a physical keyboard, the news was greeted with sadness by some and shrugs by others. Either way, BlackBerry says it’s not necessarily done making handsets that run on its proprietary operating system just yet. [More]

Great, Now Someone Can Steal Your Car Using A Laptop Computer

Great, Now Someone Can Steal Your Car Using A Laptop Computer

If car theft seems like a low-tech crime to you, you’re forgetting the extent to which computers are now standard car parts. Computer control of automobiles makes some cool features possible, but one of those features may be that thieves can start a vehicle using a portable computer. How? Police in Houston, where a culprit was caught on camera, aren’t actually sure how they did it. [More]

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BlackBerry To Stop Making Classic Smartphone

It’s out with the old to make room for the new at BlackBerry, as the smartphone manufacturer announced it would stop making the BlackBerry Classic, its last device to use a physical keyboard.  [More]

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Study: 78% Of Resold Drives Still Contain Readable Personal Or Business Data

A new phone or laptop is expensive. So you trade in an old one to fund the upgrade. Straightforward, right? And thousands of businesses do the same every year. But that means there’s a whole big world out there of resold devices that may still have more of your data on them than they are supposed to. A lot more.