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What You Should Know About America’s High Rate Of Maternal Mortality

When you think about fatalities during childbirth, your mind may immediately leap to infant deaths. But although it’s much safer to give birth in America now than say, 100 years ago, women are dying from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes at a higher rate than any other country in the developed world.


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Even The Cable Lobby’s Questionable Survey Shows Most Americans Want Net Neutrality

It’s no secret that the cable lobby really, really hates the FCC’s net neutrality rule, and is cheering on its potential demise. So the industry’s biggest trade group is trumpeting a survey it commissioned to show that Americans’ support its view… except what the results actually say is that yeah, most Americans think net neutrality is a pretty good idea, actually. [More]

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1.25 Million Ram Trucks Recalled For Software Error Linked To Fatal Crash

If you own a Ram pickup truck, pay attention: Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than one million Rams to address a software error that can affect the truck’s safety systems, and has already been linked to one crash-related death and two injuries. [More]


FCC Commissioner Warns Against Dismantling Of Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission will soon begin the long process of trying to roll back the Open Internet Order, the FCC’s barely two-year-old rule that prohibits internet service providers and wireless companies from having any say in what you do or where you go online. Though the Commission’s lone Democrat is unlikely to change the minds of her anti-regulation colleagues, she’s not ready to admit defeat just yet. [More]


FCC Commissioner Asks Chairman Ajit Pai: Why Don’t You Listen To Your Own Advice On Net Neutrality?

Sometimes, the old saw goes, you’ve got to go to war with the resources you actually have, not the ones you might want. So with nothing really left to lose in her battle to preserve net neutrality, the FCC’s lone Democratic commissioner is deploying some scorched-earth Microsoft Word table-making to use FCC Chair Ajit Pai’s own words against him. [More]

FCC Blames “Attacks” For Comment System Crash Following John Oliver Story

FCC Blames “Attacks” For Comment System Crash Following John Oliver Story

As we mentioned in our earlier story about John Oliver’s latest call-to-arms in defense of net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission’s public commenting system was acting a bit shaky. The FCC now claims that this crash wasn’t due to a bona fide rush to file comments, but to malicious attacks. [More]

John Oliver Tries To Save Net Neutrality Again; Likens FCC Chair Ajit Pai To A Serial Killer

John Oliver Tries To Save Net Neutrality Again; Likens FCC Chair Ajit Pai To A Serial Killer

With both the Federal Communications Commission and Congress looking to undo relatively recent net neutrality rules that prohibit internet service providers from interfering with what you do online, it was once again time for Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver to remind viewers of how important these rules are; possibly disrupting the FCC’s public commenting system in the process. [More]

Verizon Is Now Flat-Out Lying About Efforts To Kill Net Neutrality

Verizon Is Now Flat-Out Lying About Efforts To Kill Net Neutrality

In a video that would be laughable if it weren’t so terrifying, a senior executive at Verizon repeatedly lies about the FCC’s recently launched efforts to gut its own “net neutrality” rules, about his company’s support of net neutrality, and what these rules actually do. [More]


United Airlines Investigating After Giant Rabbit Dies During Flight

If you have a soft spot in your heart for animals, you might want to pass on this one: United Airlines is investigating the death of a giant rabbit that had been stowed in the cargo hold of a flight from London to Chicago. [More]


Victim’s FitBit Data Plays Part In Husband’s Arrest For Her Murder

A murdered Connecticut woman may not be able to point out the person who killed her, but police say data obtained from her FitBit fitness tracker helped lead to the arrest of her husband. [More]


Supreme Court: General Motors Can’t Use Bankruptcy To Avoid Lawsuits Over Deadly Ignition Defect

The Supreme Court has denied General Motors’ legal efforts to use its 2009 bankruptcy to block lawsuits over injuries and financial losses related to the carmaker’s long-ignored ignition switch defect. [More]

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Sears Closing 50 Auto Centers, 92 Kmart Pharmacies

Like a sinking ship that keeps jettisoning cargo in the hope of staying afloat, Sears Holdings will soon be ridding itself of 50 Sears Auto Centers and 92 Kmart Pharmacies. [More]

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Debut Of Previously Unreleased Prince EP Blocked By Court Order

Songs that Prince recorded a decade before his untimely passing were slated to be released on April 21, the first anniversary of the artist’s death. However, a federal judge has barred these songs from being made public, at least temporarily, while it considers a dispute between Prince’s estate and the co-producer of that EP. [More]

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What Killed The Malls Of The ’70s & ’80s? Newer, Better Malls, Not Amazon

Why are American malls dying? Conventional wisdom often points the finger of blame at Amazon and a desire for shopping from home in your pajamas, but a new analysis claims that the real culprit is competition from newer, better malls that aren’t feeling the same pain as their withering forefathers. [More]

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Retail Continues To Suffer As Sales Decline For Second Month In A Row

For the first time in nearly two years, retail sales declined two months in a row, highlighting once again the current challenges facing a retail industry that has suffered a number of bankruptcies and store closures so far in 2017. [More]

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Popularizer Of ‘Designated Driver’ Concept Can’t Get Drivers To Put Phones Down

Jay Winsten is not a household name, but everyone recognizes the term “designated driver,” which the Harvard professor brought to the United States, popularized, and turned into a social norm back in the ’80s. Now Winsten is trying to address the driving danger of our time: Why won’t drivers put their phones down? [More]

Today In Badvertising: Pepsi Solves Social Strife With Soda; Nivea Says “White Is Purity”

Today In Badvertising: Pepsi Solves Social Strife With Soda; Nivea Says “White Is Purity”

Two major brands — Pepsi and Nivea — are under fire this week on social media for ads that some say are offensive and tone deaf. [More]

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FDA Shuts Down Source Of Contaminated Soy Butter That Sickened 26 Kids

Now that 29 people, 26 of whom are children, have been confirmed sick from E. coli in contaminated I.M. Healthy brand soy butter, at least we know which company actually made the recalled products. A Food and Drug Administration inspection of the facility earlier this month found insects, dirty and broken equipment, and general filth. [More]