Hershey Ditching Artificial Flavors In Some Chocolate Products

Hershey Ditching Artificial Flavors In Some Chocolate Products

The Hershey Co. is hopping on the trend bandwagon and tweaking the ingredients list for of its most two popular products: the candy company is taking artificial flavors out of milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and bars.


Online Grocery Ordering And Self-Checkout Still Bad For Candy Companies

Online Grocery Ordering And Self-Checkout Still Bad For Candy Companies

Back in January, we shared the news that Hershey was looking toward the future and thinking about ways to make impulse candy purchases part of consumers’ shopping routines we use more self-checkout options, or have entire orders prepared for us to pick up or have delivered. They’re not alone, it turns out. [More]


Nestle Announces Another Change To Supply Chain: All KitKat Chocolate Will Be Sustainably Sourced

After saying that “forced labor has no place in [their] supply chain” for Fancy Feast cat food, Swiss conglomerate Nestle SA is now addressing another supply chain area, saying KitKat will be the first global chocolate brand to make all its products with sustainably sourced cocoa. This, as the chocolate industry has come under fire for allegations of child labor.


Red Bull Tries To Block Brewer From Trademarking “Old Ox” Because They Are Both Bovines

We know it's hard to tell the two apart, but the one on the left is probably for Red Bull... we think.

Whether it’s the pizzeria logo that resembles the Garden State Parkway sign, two beers battling over the use of the same three letters, or a bunch of marijuana edibles with humorous takes on famous chocolate brands, even the silliest trademark disputes are usually based in the argument that maybe someone out there might possibly confuse the products. But the folks at Red Bull have a problem with a Virginia brewer who wants to trademark the name “Old Ox” simply because the two brands are bovine in nature. [More]

Hershey Getting Into Meat Snack Business With Purchase Of Jerky Maker Krave, Because Meat

Hershey Getting Into Meat Snack Business With Purchase Of Jerky Maker Krave, Because Meat

Things that go together in this world: peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Coffee and donuts! Things that do not: sweet, creamy, delicious chocolate treats and… meat. But that last combination is about to become a reality with Hershey Chocolate Company’s purchase of meat snack producer Krave Pure Foods Inc. [More]


Hershey Wants To Make Impulse Candy Purchases Part Of Self-Checkout

Technology is changing how we buy groceries: self-checkout, curbside pickup, and delivery are all models that aim to make shopping more convenient and efficient. Walmart is even experimenting with a store that does nothing but curbside pickup for online orders. Yet when customers aren’t waiting in a checkout line, they don’t pick up impulse items. If that seems like a good thing to you, well, you aren’t a candy company. [More]

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Deal With Hershey’s Puts An End To Import Of Cadbury Chocolates

It will soon be more difficult for consumers who prefer the taste of British-made chocolate to get their sweet-tooth fix. A new deal between Hershey’s and Let’s Buy British Imports essentially puts a stop to the import of many iconic British chocolate brands from overseas. [More]

The 95-Year-Old CEO Of Tootsie Roll Industries Has Died

The 95-Year-Old CEO Of Tootsie Roll Industries Has Died

If someone had asked me where Tootsie Rolls come from earlier today, I probably would have guessed that they’re a brand owned by a major candy-maker, like Hershey, M&M/Mars, or Nestle. I’m not paying close enough attention to my candy, apparently: Tootsie Roll Industries is a publicly traded company based in Chicago that also makes Junior Mints, Dots, Andes, and Blow-Pops. [More]

This is the U.S. version. It didn't change. Don't freak out. (Morton Fox)

Don’t Freak Out: Cadbury Creme Egg Recipe Change Doesn’t Affect U.S.

There is much lid-flipping and out-freaking online today as UK news sites report a change to the recipe for Cadbury Creme Eggs, a change that everyone blames on the brand’s U.S.-based ownership. That very well may be true, but for Creme Egg fans stateside, it’s a non-issue as the treats you gobble down each spring are made by a different company. [More]

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A Giant Wedge Of Cheese, A (Stuffed) Possum And 14 Other Things Dropping At Midnight

Everyone knows that at midnight tonight in the Eastern time zone, there will be a giant ball dropping in the middle of New York City’s Time Square. And while other cities all over the world have adopted the ball drop as a sign of the new year replacing the old, there are some towns in our fair country where a humdrum sphere simply has no place.


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Hershey Considering Replacing High-Fructose Corn Syrup With Sugar In Some Products

While some products from Hershey already feature only sugar as a sweetener, like the original Hershey’s chocolate bar, the company says that as more customers are shying away from high-fructose corn syrup, Hershey is considering moving toward sugar for more products in the future.



Reese’s Not Content To Stay In Cups, Expands To Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread

While the Reese’s peanut butter cup has morphed from a cup (to an egg, for Easter, pumpkins on Halloween, etc.) it seems the chocolate peanut butter candy is ready for a new form — spreadable. It’s been a Nutella world so far, but Reese’s is set to enter it with a peanut butter cup spread. [More]

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Sponsored Data Is The New Free Shipping

It’s hard to persuade people to download, watch, or listen to your digital content. One thing that might help persuade them, at least if they’re AT&T customers, is to offer to sponsor their data. Will it work? More importantly, will customers stick with it once the subsidy goes away? [More]

This Vegetarian Breakfast Item Totally Looks Like Poo

This Vegetarian Breakfast Item Totally Looks Like Poo

We don’t want to go around accusing food stylists of doing a bad job, because the people who photograph food, especially packaged and fast food, to make it look edible are doing truly honorable work for the good of capitalism. However, sometimes a delicious part of a packaged shelf-stable breakfast looks like a poo emoji, and someone must point this out. [More]

Hershey Joins Elite Club Of Companies With Poo-Like Logos

Hershey Joins Elite Club Of Companies With Poo-Like Logos

Hershey decision to redesign the company logo to look more chocolaty was probably well-intentioned. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions… and littered with poo from jerks who don’t pick up after their dogs. [More]

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Who Wants To Live In A Former Hershey Cocoa Bean Silo?

Last year, mega-choco-corp Hershey’s closed its longtime factory and moved operations to a new facility. There’s a limited market for massive chocolate factories, and most of the site has been torn down to have new, non-candy-related things built on it. One relic of the factory that will stay is the row of massive cocoa bean silos, which have new owners and are going to become…something. [More]

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Get Ready To Pay More For Chocolate; Hershey Raises Prices For First Time In 3 Years

Your chocolate buying dollar is about to get slightly less valuable. Hershey announced last night that a year of rising cocoa prices has forced it to increase the price on just about all of its products by an average of around 8%. This is the first time the nation’s largest candy company has raised prices since 2011. [More]

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Pizza Hut Jumps On 1997 Bandwagon With A “New” Cookie Pizza

Baking a cookie into a bigger shape than one normally expects for such a dessert is so late ’90s — your birthday party had a “normal” cake instead of a huge chocolate chip cookie with frosting writing on it? Lame! — but that hasn’t stopped Pizza Hut from joining the party now. [More]