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Ron Dauphin

Are T-Mobile Tuesdays T-Mobile Terrific, Or T-Mobile Trash?

T-Mobile Tuesdays, which launched in June, have sometimes been T-Mobile Trouble for the big pink carrier. Two months in, it’s hard to tell if the rewards program is actually useful… or if it’s the digital version of that set of useless roofing and carpet-cleaning coupons that you throw out from your mailbox every week.


10 Chinese Companies You Should Probably Know About

10 Chinese Companies You Should Probably Know About

Many of the most common household brand names in America are not American companies, and that’s been true for decades. When it comes to technological innovation especially — from cars to phones and every appliance in between — we’ve become used to huge numbers of goods coming from countries in Asia.


Tom Raftery

Twitter Looking Into Rash Of High-Profile Hackings

Days after the king of the modern internet — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — found several of his social media accounts in the hands of hackers, similar attacks have befallen the NFL and other high-profile Twitter accounts, leading the social network to investigate.  [More]

Nest May Compensate Revolv Users Who Will Own $300 Paperweights As Of May 15

Nest May Compensate Revolv Users Who Will Own $300 Paperweights As Of May 15

There’s a serious problem with “smart” devices that can power items in your home: many of them are designed so that they only work with their creators’ cloud service. That’s fine, as long as your internet access is reliable and the company doesn’t go out of business or decide to shut off the servers where those cloud services run. Unlike Nest, companies should probably anticipate that some users might be a bit upset about this. [More]


Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Samsung V. Apple Patent Case

The ongoing patent battle between smartphone standouts Samsung and Apple will get its day before the Supreme Court this year, as the nation’s highest court has decided to hear arguments about one facet of the long-simmering dispute. [More]

Widespread Flaw Could Allow Hackers To Hijack Your Wireless Mouse Or Keyboard

Widespread Flaw Could Allow Hackers To Hijack Your Wireless Mouse Or Keyboard

It can surely be convenient to plug a dongle into your computer’s USB port and use a mouse or keyboard without the hassle of wires everywhere, but according to a new report from an Internet of Things security company, many wireless keyboards and mice are vulnerable to hackers. And once an attacker has access to those peripherals, they could easily download malware or steal information from your devices. [More]

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Some Dell Laptops Shipping With Big Security Flaw Pre-Installed

There are millions of Dell laptops out there in the world; businesses buy them by the tens of thousands and plenty of home consumers use them too. And unfortunately, that means there are millions of laptops out there with a big fat security hole that could allow mischief-makers and would-be-thieves a way to access users’ private, theoretically secure data.



Feds Shut Down Phony Apple, Microsoft, Google Tech Support Scammers

While consumers are much more tech-savvy today than we were during the days of Windows 3.1 and baud modems, there are still a lot of people whose tech-insecurity makes them potential prey for bogus tech support businesses that make money by convincing victims their computers are infected with viruses. [More]

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America’s Biggest Companies React To SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

While it might not seem like there’s a direct link to same sex marriage and our country’s biggest businesses, even before the Supreme Court of the United States ruled today that marriage is a constitutional right for any American, many major companies came out in support of same-sex marriage, saying those rights help them do business better. Today, some of those companies — and more — spoke out in celebration of the landmark ruling.


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A Few Apple Watch Users Are Complaining About Rashes

People get rashes. For every plant, animal, metal, or polymer that exists, there is most likely someone out there who has an itchy skin reaction after contact with it. Yet the popularity of wearable gadgets means that people are now paying hundreds of dollars for devices that they’re supposed to wear constantly. Yes, wearable technology will cause rashes, even the much-hyped Apple Watch. [More]


Philadelphia Won’t Show Results Of Comcast Customer Survey To Anyone — Except Comcast

From the skyline to the mayor’s office (to the very broadband line through which this story is being published), Comcast is everywhere here in Philadelphia. But even this company town occasionally has to go through the process of reviewing and renewing its franchise agreement with said company. Unfortunately, it looks like some of Philadelphia’s top brass may be dragging its feet on this process — and ignoring the opinions of their constituents — at the same time Comcast tries to acquire Time Warner Cable. [More]

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The Nation’s Biggest Companies Agree: Gay Marriage Is Good For Business

Next month, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments with regard to the legality of state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages. And while the issue has been politically divisive, many of the nation’s most powerful corporations — from airlines to insurance to beer to baseball teams — agree that banning gay marriage is not good for business. [More]

Creators Of Hundreds Of TV Shows Petition FCC To Not Cancel Net Neutrality

Creators Of Hundreds Of TV Shows Petition FCC To Not Cancel Net Neutrality

People in the TV business know what happens when someone in a rush to get something, anything done by a deadline puts out a half-baked product that is doomed to failure. Ask anyone involved with just about any show that has debuted on NBC in the last few years, only to be pulled a few weeks later. So when the minds behind hundreds of TV shows tells the FCC Chairman that his plan for net neutrality needs a rewrite, maybe he should listen. [More]

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Dell Is Really Sorry Your Laptop Smells Like Cat Urine

First, Dell told them to try cleaning it with a soft cloth. That didn’t work. Then they suggested compressed air, but as the complaints of laptops with keyboards and track pads that smelled exactly like cat urine piled up, Dell was forced to admit there was a problem. Yes, you read that correctly: Dell Latitude E6430u laptops manufactured before October smell strongly of cat urine.


13 years of research by the NFL resulted in this 2007 pamphlet that said multiple concussions may not be bad for you.

Is NFL’s Change Of Heart On Concussions Genuine Or Just Brand-Protection?

In 1994, then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue responded to growing concerns about concussions and brain injury by saying it was a case of mass hysteria resulting from “pack journalism.” What’s followed is two decades of the country’s most popular professional sports league saying it was researching the topic while being accused by some in the medical community of trying to quash evidence of a correlation between playing football and degenerative brain disease. [More]

Dell Outlet Sends Tablet With Wrong Windows Version, No Product Key, Shrugs

Dell Outlet Sends Tablet With Wrong Windows Version, No Product Key, Shrugs

James got to play with a Dell Latitude 10 tablet at a trade show, and wanted one for himself. When he saw the tablet available in Dell’s online outlet store with a big coupon, he knew it was time to bring it home. He did. He didn’t realize that ordering from Dell’s outlet meant that maybe the packaging wouldn’t be as fancy as a new tablet. He didn’t realize that Dell would send him a system with an insufficient installation of the wrong operating system, and no product key so he could just go reinstall it himself.


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This Guitar Center Coupon Is Great, Unless You Actually Want To Buy Anything

Guitar Center is having an “Easter Savings Event” offering up to $150 off purchases of $750 or more. Which might sound like a good deal to anyone looking to buy a new instrument or some gear, except for the fact that the deal excludes just about everything in the store. [More]

Another trip to the anti-repair facility.

Dell Hell: Every Time Dell Touches My Computer, They Break It More

There are many ways to define “Dell Hell,” but Todd’s situation certainly is a perfect example. Every time Dell gets hold of his computer to repair it, things get worse. It began with a simple battery charging issue. When it came back to him, it wouldn’t accept half of his RAM. After another motherboard replacement, the fan went rogue and the keyboard wouldn’t light up. Dell sent Todd a refurbished replacement computer, which wouldn’t turn on at all. At this point, he probably wishes he only had trouble getting the battery to charge.