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Treasury Dept. Says You Shouldn’t Have The Right To Sue Your Bank Or Credit Card Company

Treasury Dept. Says You Shouldn’t Have The Right To Sue Your Bank Or Credit Card Company

Forget the Sixth Amendment, which guarantees the “right to a speedy and public trial” in criminal matters. And who needs that ancient Seventh Amendment and its fancy “right of trial by jury.” The U.S. Treasury Department has concluded that American consumers can not be trusted to thoughtfully exercise these Constitutional rights — at least not when doing so might be an annoyance to the financial services sector. [More]


How Did This Retiree Get A $184K DirecTV Bill?

Most of us have been hit with an unexpectedly high cable or satellite bill, but not like this. One DirecTV customer in Ohio says that after she signed up for service from AT&T and DirecTV, she was slammed with a bill for more than $184,000. [More]

Brad Clinesmith

Frontier Still Overbilling Some Customers More Than A Year After Aquiring Them From Verizon

In 2015, Frontier announced it would be acquiring Verizon’s old-school, copper-wire landline networks in California, Florida, and Texas for a cool $10.54 billion. The transition took place in early 2016, but some subscribers say that 18 months later, they’re still having trouble with the handoff. [More]

Louis Abate

Patent Trolls, Big Pharma Try To Use Native Tribes To Skirt Patent Review

There are always patent lawsuits and challenges happening around the country. But the new trend in patent suits — from major, established drug companies to fly-by-night outfits alike — seems to be an attempt to get a leg up by using tribal sovereignty to avoid certain parts of the process. [More]


MasterCard Ending Signature Requirements

For as long as we can remember, paying with a credit card required you to sign your name on the dotted line. While this system has changed over the years — mandating your John Hancock only for purchases over a certain amount — MasterCard is perhaps planning the biggest change of them all: The payment company will eliminate signature payments altogether.  [More]


Passenger Sues Airline For Serving Him Sparkling Wine Instead Of Champagne

Sure, you may have a preference when it comes to ordering fancy drinks on a flight, but would you be ticked off enough to sue over bubbly that is not actually Champagne? [More]

Mike Mozart

Small Cable Companies Blame Comcast For Their High Prices

Smaller cable companies say they want to save you money, but they can’t. Why not? Comcast won’t let them. [More]


Flight Lands Safely After Plane Loses Cabin Pressure, Rapidly Descends

Passengers on a flight from Australia to Bali on Sunday say they were terrified when the plane cabin depressurized at around 34,000 feet and then rapidly descended about 23,000 feet in a matter of minutes. [More]


Following Mid-Flight Explosion, FAA Orders Emergency Inspection Of Some Airbus Engines

In the wake of the recent in-flight engine explosion on an Air France jet, the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered an emergency inspection of the engines on some Airbus superjumbo jets to make sure this is not likely to happen again. [More]


MoviePass Needs More Movie Theater Pals To Keep Price Low

MoviePass, the startup that lets subscribers go to a movie a day, recently dropped its monthly rate to $10, resulting in a flood of sign-ups for the plan. While the slashed price might have drawn a lot more attention to MoviePass, it could also be an albatross around the company’s neck. [More]

Mike Mozart

T-Mobile Fixes Bug That Exposed Customers’ Personal Info

T-Mobile patched a vulnerability on its website last week that could have exposed the personal information — including email addresses, account numbers, and other data — of its 76 million users.  [More]

Garrett Heath

Hulu Offers 1-Year Price Cut To New And Returning Customers

Did you cancel your Hulu subscription, but are thinking about going back? In a deal that just happens to begin at the same time as Netflix’s upcoming price hike, Hulu is offering a discount on its service for new and returning subscribers for the coming year. [More]

Brad Clinesmith

Dish Network Temporarily Halts Service In Puerto Rico, Unless Customers Say They Want It

We’ve written too many stories over the years about pay-TV and telecom companies still insisting that customers keep paying for service in the wake of natural disasters that destroyed their properties. So it’s nice to hear that the nation’s two major satellite TV companies are being proactive about the millions of Americans in Puerto Rico who are trying to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Maria. However, Dish and DirecTV have decided to take two very different approaches toward not piling on on Puerto Rico. [More]

Want To Know Oreo’s New Stunt Flavor? You’ll Have To Buy It

Want To Know Oreo’s New Stunt Flavor? You’ll Have To Buy It

Oreo’s stunt flavors are now a normal part of the cookie landscape, with snack giant Mondelez announcing new limited-time flavors like cinnamon bun or fruit punch every few months. Now the company has taken stunt food even farther, introducing cookies with “mystery flavored creme” and asking the public what flavor it is. [More]

High-Tech Features Distract Drivers for Dangerously Long Periods, AAA Study Finds

High-Tech Features Distract Drivers for Dangerously Long Periods, AAA Study Finds

High-tech infotainment systems—the ones that allow drivers access to navigation, audio, and phone features—are distracting drivers for dangerously long periods of time, a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found.


Mattel Scraps Always-On ‘Aristotle’ Monitor Amid Slew Of Privacy Concerns

Mattel Scraps Always-On ‘Aristotle’ Monitor Amid Slew Of Privacy Concerns

Facing a new wave of privacy questions from lawmakers, consumer advocates, and concerned parents, Mattel has decided that it won’t go ahead with its delayed launch of Aristotle, the always-listening kid monitor designed to track and learn about your child from birth through adolescence. [More]

Netflix Price Increases On The Way For More Than 50 Million U.S. Viewers

Netflix Price Increases On The Way For More Than 50 Million U.S. Viewers

Ah, fall: the days grow colder, the nights grow longer, and it’s the perfect season to hunker down, grab a blanket and a beverage, and binge-watch your way through the winter. Unfortunately for Netflix’s millions of fans, the price of spending quality time on the sofa with your favorite Netflix shows is going up this year. [More]

Morton Fox

Here’s Where To Score Free Tacos & Other Deals For National Taco Day

If you forgot to scarf down a taco for Taco Tuesday yesterday, have no fear: Today is National Taco Day. Yes, there really is a “day” for everything, but that’s okay, as there are freebies and discounts up for grabs.  [More]