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MTV Bringing Back “Beavis And Butt-head,” “Daria,” & More With New Classics Channel

Has your TV-viewing life been missing a pair of friends sitting on the couch exclaiming “This sucks!” or an angsty teen dealing with her bubbly sister and other perils of high school? They’ll soon be making a reappearance, as MTV bets that folks are feeling nostalgic enough for the ’90s and early aughts to justify its new MTV Classic channel. [More]


4 Times Apple Shot Itself In The Foot Trying To Reach Streaming TV Deals

Apple revolutionized the music market with the iPod and iTunes, then made traditional cellphones and laptops a thing of the past with the iPhone, yet it’s lagging behind Sony, Dish — and soon AT&T/DirecTV — in introducing a cable-replacement live-TV streaming service. Not for lack of trying. In fact, a new report claims that Apple has been trying too hard and has repeatedly talked its way out of giving cord-cutters an Apple video option. [More]


Comcast’s Still Not Sure There’s Any Money In This Whole “Streaming” Thing

You might have heard that it’s 2016, and streaming your TV via the internet is all the rage. And yet despite being just as susceptible to cord-cutters as anyone (everyone) else, Comcast is still not thinking the whole streaming-TV thing is a moneymaker. [More]

Tumblr Users Will Soon Be Able To Make Money From Ads

Tumblr Users Will Soon Be Able To Make Money From Ads

Just in case you didn’t think Tumblr pages were cluttered enough with cribbed photos and seemingly endless lists of comments and notes, the micro-blogging platform is rolling out ads in an effort to let users earn something from the stuff they post. [More]

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USPTO: Whole Foods Can’t Prove It’s The “World’s Healthiest Grocery Store”

If you want to go around telling everyone you’re the best cheese-eater this side of the Mississippi, well, that’s one thing. But if you’re a major grocery chain, you can’t just claim to be the world’s healthiest without the proof to back that up. [More]


Comcast Excited To Have Lost 4,000 TV Subscribers This Spring

Comcast is just so happy this morning, you guys! Their second quarter results are out and they are thrilled, just thrilled, to announce that they lost 4,000 TV subscribers in the last three months. [More]


Pay-TV Subscriptions Continue To Drop As Cord-Cutters Do Their Thing

It’s been clear for a few years now that our model of what “TV” actually means is changing. The rise of Netflix, joined later by Hulu and Amazon, made on-demand internet-based viewing a household standard. Then PlayStation Vue, Dish Sling, and other internet-based services and networks started coming online through 2015 and 2016, while cable bills kept climbing. And all that adds up to cord-cutting speeding up and running away with the industry. [More]

NFL Network, RedZone Joining PlayStation Vue Lineup

NFL Network, RedZone Joining PlayStation Vue Lineup

Conventional wisdom still says that sports are the key to cable: people will stream their comedies and dramas, but will pay for their sports coverage, because Americans sure love their sports. So it is unsurprising, then, that over-the-top cable-alternative streaming services are lining up to add more sports channels to their programming, including PlayStation Vue. [More]

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Twitter To Live-Stream Some MLB, NHL Games

Want to take your favorite Major League Baseball or National Hockey League team with you wherever you go? Twitter is hoping to make that a reality by live-streaming select games soon.  [More]


Cable Lobbying Group’s Set-Top Box Plan: App That Doesn’t Do The Things You Want

It’s been nearly six months since the FCC first proposed doing something about the cable set-top box market. Since then, the White House and Congress have both had their say about it, while all along the cable industry has been lobbying and complaining incessantly. But behind all that, the FCC and the industry are at least talking to each other to try to hash out what the future could look like. Unfortunately, if industry gets its way, that future could leave a lot of consumers’ favorite features behind their TV providers’ big fat “pay me” gates. [More]

Redbox Officially Wading Back Into Streaming Service With Tests Of “Redbox Digital”

Redbox Officially Wading Back Into Streaming Service With Tests Of “Redbox Digital”

Second times the charm? That appears to be the mantra for Redbox. Two years after it officially declared Redbox Instant dead, the DVD rental business is getting back into the streaming service arena by testing a previously rumored new version of the product.  [More]

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6 Things To Know About Why Health Care System Turns Blind Eye To Doctors Accused Of Sexual Assault

As we learned earlier this year, it can be extremely difficult — and sometimes impossible — to find information about doctors that have been disciplined by their state medical boards for things like sexual misconduct, overprescribing controlled substances, and various other documented examples of unprofessional or dangerous doctoring. Now, a new report suggests that one reason we might not be able to obtain information related to doctor sexual misconduct is because many cases go unreported, and even in when assaults are reported, they can result in no action being taken against the doctor. [More]

Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club For $1 Billion In Cash

Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club For $1 Billion In Cash

In an effort to gain a foothold in the $3 billion razor market, Unilever has purchased monthly razor subscription service Dollar Shave Club for one billion razors. Excuse me, I meant to say, in a deal worth $1 billion. [More]

Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches

Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches

For the past few years, Amazon has been working on plans that would unleash a fleet of drones to handle some deliveries – from unveiling a prototype that acts more like a “horse than a car” and a patent for propellers that tell bystanders to “look out.” Now, another recently released patent shows what those little flying machines might be doing while they aren’t ferrying your Prime deliveries: sitting on a lamppost.  [More]


Netflix Sees Subscriptions Dip Amid Price Hike, Blames Press Coverage

As it turns out, raising the price of something can have the effect of turning people off that product. So it went for Netflix, which said this week that it’s lost some customers after instituting planned price hikes that affected around 17 million customers. [More]


Fiat Chrysler Subject Of Federal Fraud Investigation, Claims Report

The Justice Department is reportedly looking under the hood at Fiat Chrysler, investigating the automaker for possible violations of securities laws. [More]

Report: OxyContin Makers Ignored Internal Warnings Of “Organized Drug Ring” & Pill Mills

Report: OxyContin Makers Ignored Internal Warnings Of “Organized Drug Ring” & Pill Mills

As the current opioid addiction/overdose epidemic spread out across America over the last 20 years, it wasn’t just greedy drugstore chains that turned a blind eye to fake and questionable prescriptions. A new report highlights how the company behind one of the epidemic’s signature drugs ignored warning signs of obvious illegal activity. [More]

Former CEO Martin Shkreli Now Has An Entire — Unflattering — Musical About Him

Former CEO Martin Shkreli Now Has An Entire — Unflattering — Musical About Him

Did you somehow become comfortably lulled into thinking 2016 had already crested Peak Weird? If so, you clearly got there a little too early. Today’s case in point: The ousted CEO that America loves to hate, Martin Shkreli, is back in the news this month… as the villain of an off-Broadway musical. [More]