Why AT&T Is Buying Time Warner, And Why So Many People Aren’t Happy About It

Why AT&T Is Buying Time Warner, And Why So Many People Aren’t Happy About It

The time from new rumor to signed deal was only about two days, and yet here we are: AT&T is putting the moves on Time Warner, planning to bring the content powerhouse under its roof. This proposal will now, of course, have to grind its way through the gears of government approval. But while this proposal is a giant deal for two giant companies, the name that’s likely to come up more than any other in all the comments back-and-forth is neither Time Warner nor AT&T, but rather a competitor: Comcast. [More]

AT&T Confirms $85 Billion Acquisition Of Time Warner Inc.

AT&T Confirms $85 Billion Acquisition Of Time Warner Inc.

After two days of “people close to situation” leaking information about a possible merger between AT&T and Time Warner Inc., the two companies have confirmed the deal which is valued at around $85 billion. [More]

Reports: Possible AT&T/Time Warner Merger Valued At $85 Billion

Reports: Possible AT&T/Time Warner Merger Valued At $85 Billion

This morning, the world woke to find out that AT&T and Time Warner were getting cozy and maybe thinking about moving in together. Now comes news that talks have heated up and that a nearly $90 billion deal could be in the offing. [More]

Are You Entitled To A Refund After A Cable/Satellite Blackout? Probably Not

Are You Entitled To A Refund After A Cable/Satellite Blackout? Probably Not

It seems like every time a major pay-TV company has to renew its contract with a big cable/broadcast network, customers have to sit through ugly media campaigns from both sides threatening blackouts. Those shutdowns are usually averted at the last minute, but if they happen they can last weeks or even months. When that happens, are you due a refund? Maybe you feel like you do, but a recent federal court ruling casts doubt on the likelihood of you ever getting anything. [More]

Comcast Doubles Down On Buzzfeed With Another $200M Investment

Comcast Doubles Down On Buzzfeed With Another $200M Investment

In its continuing quest to take over the content world, Comcast is once again splashing out with a big investment into journalism and listicle juggernaut BuzzFeed. [More]

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Report: AT&T May Be Trying To Buy Time Warner

With the acquisition of DirecTV complete and in the rear-view mirror behind it, AT&T is reportedly setting its eye on a new target to go out and buy: venerable media brand Time Warner. [More]


Google Starts Shaping Up “Unplugged,” Its YouTube-Based Pay-TV Service

People looking to cut the cable TV cord will be getting more options in the months to come, with AT&T still planning to launch its DirecTV Now streaming service by year’s end, and news that Google is signing up broadcasters for the YouTube-based live-TV offering it hopes to launch in early 2017. [More]

Customers Accuse Comcast Of Using “Broadcast TV” & “Regional Sports” Fees To Illegally Hike Rates

Customers Accuse Comcast Of Using “Broadcast TV” & “Regional Sports” Fees To Illegally Hike Rates

As we showed in our recent line-by-line breakdowns of charges on your cable bills, many pay-TV providers charge fees that have the effect of raising the customers’ monthly bill but without affecting the base rate the cable company advertises. Now, Comcast subscribers in seven different states are claiming that these fees are “illegal and deceptive” that have netted the cable giant billions of dollars. [More]

If FTC Can’t Resurrect Lawsuit Over AT&T’s “Unlimited” Data, Telecoms May Be Even More Untouchable


In August, an appeals court threw out the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against AT&T over the way it marketed its “unlimited” data plans (which were anything but unlimited). Now the FTC is taking its case up the legal ladder, making the case that if it’s not allowed to sue AT&T, then all phone and internet providers can more easily get away with deceptive business practices. [More]


Comcast CEO: Company Execs Were “Despondent” When TWC Merger Failed

Poor Comcast. It put its heart, its soul, and several millions of dollars into its 2014-2015 attempt to buy Time Warner Cable, only to end up completely blocked and forced to scrap the plan. And while consumers, consumer advocates, and even we here at Consumerist may have felt a bit celebratory over its demise, the Comcast executives who tried to make it happen were oh so very sad. [More]

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Cox Joins The 1 TB Data Cap Party

Fast internet is great for doing stuff. Except that for millions of subscribers, there’s a limit on how much stuff you can do before you start having to pay extra. Cox this week joined the small-but-growing club of providers who have decided that 1 terabyte of data is a nice, round number to set as the outer limit of your access. [More]

Comcast Fined $2.3 Million For Charging Customers For Equipment, Services They Never Ordered


Comcast has agreed to pay a $2.3 million fine to the Federal Communications Commission to settle an investigation into allegations that the cable colossus charged customers for services and equipment they never ordered. [More]


Comcast Apologizes For Early Morning Widespread Service Outage

You might not have been using the internet or trying to watch cable TV before sunrise this morning, but a lot of early-rising (and night owl) Comcast customers found themselves without TV, broadband, or phone service and complained that they were unable to contact the company. [More]


Comcast Expands Data Caps To Another 23 Markets Starting Nov. 1

We’ve all been guessing it was going to happen for months, but that doesn’t make it any more fun when it actually does: data caps are marching across the nation, and coming for millions of Comcast customers from coast to coast. [More]

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Final FCC Privacy Rule Won’t Ban Pay-For-Privacy, Will Require Some Opt-Ins

The FCC certainly is keeping busy this fall. After six months of mulling it over, commission chairman Tom Wheeler announced today that the final version of a privacy rule that would limit what your broadband carrier can do with your personal data is in fact real and on the agenda for the FCC’s October meeting later this month. [More]

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Report: AT&T Can’t Let Verizon Or Comcast Have All The Fun, Hopes To Branch Into Media

Competition for a single consumer who wants to buy pay-TV or broadband is usually nonexistent, but the world of media and TV overall is super active and cutthroat. Everyone wants a slice of your time — and money — for their media service… and the rumor mill says that’s soon going to include AT&T as well. [More]


Rumor Has It: Disney Interested In Buying Netflix

In the world of media companies, the water cooler is always a busy place — and it’s been hopping lately over rumors that Walt Disney Co. is thinking of buying Netflix. [More]

Hulu Drops Price To $5.99, But Only For New Users & Only For 12 Months

Hulu Drops Price To $5.99, But Only For New Users & Only For 12 Months

It’s no secret that Hulu, in spite of being owned by three major TV networks, decent original and exclusive content, and being available on just about any device out there, has never attained an audience the size of competitors like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Now, in an apparent effort to entice more subscribers, the streaming service has slashed its price, but only for new users. [More]