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Cablevision, Suddenlink Owner Altice May Join U.S. Cell Phone Market

With only four major U.S. wireless providers (and possibly three, if T-Mobile and Sprint merge), and a growing number of Americans whose primary connection to the world is through their phones, it makes sense that traditional cable operators are realizing they need to go mobile to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers. Altice, the Dutch parent company of Cablevision and Suddenlink, is the latest cable biggie to say it may jump into the wireless fray stateside.

You Still Hate Your Cable Company As Much As Ever, But Think Your Mobile Carrier’s All Right

Every year, a major customer satisfaction survey comes out with an updated look at how the country’s cable, phone, and pay-TV companies are doing. And every year, it turns out the answer is still: really badly. But while many cable companies continue to suck, one trend is clear — the more competition there is, the higher the satisfaction scores tend to be. [More]


Verizon Could Launch New Streaming Video This Summer

Verizon’s rumored over-the-top streaming TV service — not to be confused with its nearly universally panned two-year-old Go90 product — could be available as soon as next month, executives for the company reportedly revealed Monday. [More]

18 Cable Companies Promise To Support Net Neutrality; None Will Guarantee You In Writing

18 Cable Companies Promise To Support Net Neutrality; None Will Guarantee You In Writing

Every time the net neutrality fight comes back around, we hear the same tired promise from the cable industry: We love net neutrality, we will promise you net neutrality, just don’t pass or enforce any laws that actually require us to do it. [More]


How To Tell The FCC Just What You Think Of Its Plan To Break Net Neutrality

Do you like being able to access what you want on the internet without Comcast, Charter, AT&T, or some other ISP slowing it down, blocking it, or charging you extra? Well, bad news: The FCC has begun a process that will — unless things change dramatically in the coming months — repeal rules intended to protect internet users from this sort of interference. Here’s the better news: You can tell them what you think about that. [More]

FCC Votes To Move Forward With Process Of Killing Net Neutrality

FCC Votes To Move Forward With Process Of Killing Net Neutrality

As expected, the Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 this morning to move forward with Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to roll back “net neutrality” rules that currently prevent internet service providers from having any say in what you see or do online. [More]

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TV Networks Watch You Back With The Help Of Big Data

Adults between ages 18 and 49 are advertisers’ favorite demographic, but television networks have a huge problem. Every year, those adults watch less and less prime-time TV, and when they do it’s often on a DVR that lets them zip through the commercials or months later on an ad-free streaming service like Netflix. So without all those eyeballs to advertise to, how are TV networks able to stay on air? [More]

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Even The Cable Lobby’s Questionable Survey Shows Most Americans Want Net Neutrality

It’s no secret that the cable lobby really, really hates the FCC’s net neutrality rule, and is cheering on its potential demise. So the industry’s biggest trade group is trumpeting a survey it commissioned to show that Americans’ support its view… except what the results actually say is that yeah, most Americans think net neutrality is a pretty good idea, actually. [More]

Sprint, T-Mobile Reportedly Chatting About Potential Merger Marriage

Sprint, T-Mobile Reportedly Chatting About Potential Merger Marriage

After a week of playing it cool and dropping subtle, flirtatious, hints about the possibility of a merger, it sounds like Sprint and T-Mobile are ready to seriously discuss whether they want to try again to get hitched. [More]


FCC Commissioner Warns Against Dismantling Of Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission will soon begin the long process of trying to roll back the Open Internet Order, the FCC’s barely two-year-old rule that prohibits internet service providers and wireless companies from having any say in what you do or where you go online. Though the Commission’s lone Democrat is unlikely to change the minds of her anti-regulation colleagues, she’s not ready to admit defeat just yet. [More]

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Buzz Starts Up Again After CEO Says He’d “Love To Begin Talks”

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Buzz Starts Up Again After CEO Says He’d “Love To Begin Talks”

If the U.S. wireless market were a John Hughes ’80s movie, Verizon would be Jake from Sixteen Candles — rich, expensive car, gets what he wants; AT&T would be Andrew from The Breakfast Club — dumb but popular, brutish, secretly just wanting to be loved; T-Mobile would be Duckie from Pretty In Pink — pugnacious, a flashy dresser, occasionally adorably profane; while Sprint would be Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — always seemingly on the verge of failure, barely tolerated, has parents with a lot of money. And now those rich parents think that teaming up their awkward son with plucky T-Mobile will help them both take on the bigger, more handsome competitors. [More]

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Comcast And Charter Decide To Team Up On New Wireless Plans

While Comcast and Charter each dominate their various major markets for cable and internet service, neither has the national footprint that would help them sell wireless plans to the coming generation that doesn’t want to be tied to a cable or fiber line. So the nation’s two largest broadband providers have agreed to work together on ways they can help each other out in the mobile world. [More]

Hulu Launches $40/Month Live TV Service

Hulu Launches $40/Month Live TV Service

After months of rumors and the slow trickle of details, the day has finally come: Hulu launched its live-TV streaming service, aptly named “Hulu with Live TV.”  [More]


Senate Bill Would Roll Back Net Neutrality, Prevent FCC From Ever Trying It Again

While the new-look Federal Communications Commission is well on its way to undoing its own, relatively new, net neutrality rules that prevent companies like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T from determining what you see and do online, lawmakers in the Senate have introduced legislation that would not only roll these rules back but also prevent the FCC from ever trying anything similar. [More]

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4 Misleading Things ISPs And The FCC Need To Stop Claiming About Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a handy name for a pretty simple principle: the idea that the company providing your internet access should deliver you the online content of your choosing, when you choose it, without interfering. And since 2015, it’s been the law of the land. Now we stand to lose it once again — but the arguments that industry and some regulators are making against it are disingenuous at best, and a pack of lies at worst. [More]

Why Aren’t More Cord-Cutters Flocking To Live-TV Streaming Services?

Why Aren’t More Cord-Cutters Flocking To Live-TV Streaming Services?

Millions of Americans have canceled their cable TV subscriptions in the last decade, choosing instead to get their video entertainment over the internet. A growing number of services have popped up in recent years that offer cable-like live-TV streaming for this audience: Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, with Hulu planning to launch a competitor soon, and Comcast reportedly looking to get into the fray. Yet, despite the multiple options and the large potential market of cord-cutters and cord-nevers, these platforms have yet to win over the masses. [More]


Here’s The Timeline For The Likely Death Of Net Neutrality

New FCC Chair Ajit Pai vowed to kill off net neutrality if he could before he ever got the job, and yesterday he made good on his word, introducing a plan to roll back the reclassification of broadband as a vital piece of infrastructure and remove the FCC’s authority to insist on an internet where companies like Comcast, Verizon, Charter, and AT&T don’t have any say in where you go or what you do online. [More]

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Inventor Of World Wide Web: Gutting Net Neutrality Would Lets ISPs “Pick Winners And Losers”

Earlier today, FCC Chair Ajit Pai revealed his plan to scuttle existing regulations for internet service providers and replace them with promises from the industry that they won’t do anything bad. It is all in the name of innovation, declared Pai, but the innovator who created the World Wide Web and the very first website, is calling the Chairman out. [More]