Apple Blames “Ambient Air” For iPhone 6S Battery Problem

A few weeks ago, Apple admitted that some iPhone 6S batteries were not working properly, causing the phones to shut down suddenly during otherwise normal use, and launched a repair program for affected consumers. But Apple hadn’t said why the batteries weren’t working properly… until this week, when it blamed the problem on air. Yes, literally air. [More]

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Ford Recalls Additional 1.5 Million Vehicles With Defective Door Latches

After two years of federal investigations and one rather large recall, the ongoing saga of Ford’s issues with doors that just won’t stay shut entered a new chapter Thursday, as the carmaker said nearly 1.5 million additional vehicles are afflicted with the issue.  [More]

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Ford Recalls 830K Vehicles Because Doors Should Stay Shut When Closed

For the better part of two years Ford has been the center of federal safety investigations related to certain sedan doors that just wouldn’t stay shut. This week, the carmaker announced it would recall 830,000 vehicles to replace side door latches in certain states.  [More]

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Why Are Millennials Flocking To Aldi Over Whole Foods?

Despite opening a new, hipper version of its typical stores, Whole Foods doesn’t appear to be making much headway in turning around its slumping sales. In fact, customers are actually heading to discount retailer Aldi. But why?  [More]

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Will No Longer Bolt Tables To The Floor At New “Upscale” Test Locations

Taco Bell is giving some of its restaurants a shiny new makeover, with a test of four different “upscale” design concepts. They might feature different decor but there are a few elements they’ll share, including larger tables that aren’t bolted to the floor so people can eat in bigger groups. [More]

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JetBlue Installs Napping Pods For Weary Travelers At JFK Airport

You know the feeling: your head is full of stuffing, your feet are dragging, and you just need to find somewhere to rest your tired bones after a long flight and before you get on another plane. If you don’t have access to an airline’s lounge, there are limited options for napping at most airports: snoozing upright in a chair or perhaps tucked away in a corner on the ground. JetBlue is offering another choice with new napping pods at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. [More]

Yup, Apple Has Gone And Made A Smaller iPhone For $399; Smaller iPad Pro For $599

Yup, Apple Has Gone And Made A Smaller iPhone For $399; Smaller iPad Pro For $599

After riding the trend of blurring the line between phone and tablet with its iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, Apple is going the other way with the iPhone SE — a device with a screen the same size as the iPhone 5S, but with the same chip as the 6S. [More]

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GE To Phase Out CFL Bulbs In Favor Of LED

Both retailers and consumers are increasingly choosing higher-efficiency LED lights over incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, and General Electric is responding, announcing plans to end CFL production in favor of providing more LED options.


What You Need To Know Before You Take A Sleeping Pill

When you’re having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, you might reach for the pill bottle for a simple, chemical solution. And you’re not alone — according to a new survey from our colleagues at Consumer Reports, more than one-third of adults who complained of sleep problems at least once per week said they had used an over-the-counter or prescription sleep drug in the previous year. [More]

3D, Smell-O-Vision & Indoor Weather: Rating The Best & Worst Movie Theater Innovations

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Summer blockbuster season is almost upon us. The months of kicking back in the full-blast air conditioning and watching digitally-created stuff blow up will begin in just a couple of weeks, and at this point, it’s an annual ritual. [More]

KFC Bringing Edible Coffee Cups To UK

KFC Bringing Edible Coffee Cups To UK

Have you ever looked at your empty cup of coffee and just wished you could devour it? You’d probably survive eating your standard paper cup, but it wouldn’t be the most tasty of experiences. Thank god there’s KFC, which is introducing an edible coffee cup in the UK. [More]

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Can’t Go To Sleep At Night? It Might Be Your iPad, Kindle Or Nook’s Fault

If you’re having a difficult time falling asleep after reading a few chapters of the latest can’t-put-it-down book, the bright light emitted from your eReader may to blame. [More]

We Want This Netflix Hack That Adjusts Color Of Room Lights To Match Screen

We Want This Netflix Hack That Adjusts Color Of Room Lights To Match Screen

Engineers at Netflix have figured out a way to connect the streaming video service to new “smart” lightbulbs so that the lights in a room respond to color changes on screen, providing a much more immersive experience. Alas, we might never get to try this for ourselves. [More]


Federal Health Study Says 8.6 Million Americans Are Popping Prescription Sleeping Pills

If you’re tossing and turning every night in a futile search for the elusive experience of a good night’s sleep, you aren’t alone. And if you’re taking prescription medication to ease that hunt for Zzzs, there are 8.6 million other Americans out there just like you. We’re a restless nation, says the first federal health study to focus on prescription sleeping pills. [More]


FDA Says Ambien Is Making Us Too Groggy In The Morning, Requires Lower Recommended Dosages

Zolpidem, the active ingredient in prescription sleep aids Ambien, Edluar, and Zolpimist, is apparently leaving some users — especially women — groggy and impaired in the morning. Thus, the FDA is requiring the manufacturers of these drugs to lower the current recommended doses. [More]

Are You A Customer Service Saboteur? If So, What Kind?

Are You A Customer Service Saboteur? If So, What Kind?

The idea of the bad consumer — the person whose antics make products and services more expensive or cause stores to enact anti-consumer policies — is nothing new to Consumerist readers. But a college student in Washington recently undertook an effort to identify seven categories of what he calls “Customer Service Saboteurs.”


Why Don't We Have Color E-Ink Readers Here In The U.S.?

Why Don't We Have Color E-Ink Readers Here In The U.S.?

While there are a number of full-color devices like the Kindle Fire or the Nook that are sold as e-readers, there is a segment of the e-book reading world that views them as dumbed-down tablets with too-bright backlit screens that suck up battery power. Many of these people have been waiting for a color version of the E-Ink technology used in all the non-Fire Kindles and a few other readers to eventually become a reality. Well, now it is, but you won’t be seeing it stateside in the near future.


Consumer Reports: Are New LED Lightbulbs As Good As The
Inefficient Incandescents?

Consumer Reports: Are New LED Lightbulbs As Good As The Inefficient Incandescents?

Our scientific sisters over at Consumer Reports have set out to answer the question that’s on everyone’s minds lately: Is an LED lightbulb really a viable replacement for the controversial-and-soon-to-be-phased-out inefficient incandescent?

CR says:

After 3,000 hours of testing, the best LEDs were still as bright as the incandescents they replaced. But only about half were as bright as promised. All the LEDs reached full brightness instantly, even at frigid temperatures, providing warm white light that was unaffected by frequently turning them on and off. Energy use matched or exceeded claims, and LEDs don’t contain mercury (CFLs do in small amounts). Some LEDs dimmed as low as incandescents. But not all LEDs are good at shining light where you need it.