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Nicholas Eckhart

Report: Sears Closing 20 More Stores, Opening One

Sears Holdings Corporation, parent company of Sears and Kmart, has recently been on a store-closing spree, seeking to lower its expenses to escape a looming retail death spiral. Today, the company announced the opening of a new appliances and mattresses concept store, while also informing employees that the company plans to close another 20 Sears department stores. [More]

Cop Dressed As Batman Stops Walmart Shoplifter With Copy Of ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’

Cop Dressed As Batman Stops Walmart Shoplifter With Copy Of ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’

In Texas, there’s a real-life cop who moonlights as a superhero. While off-duty, he dresses as characters including Batman, Iron Man, and the Incredible Hulk, and visits children in hospitals. While he was visiting a safety event at a Walmart store, though, he foiled a real-life crime. [More]

Houston Chronicle

Police Rescue Puppy Locked In Hot Car Outside Walmart

No matter how many times you hear of children and pets having to be rescued from locked, hot cars, some people still think it’s not an absolutely horrible idea to leave their little ones trapped inside sealed-up vehicles in sizzling hot parking lots. [More]

Skip Nyegard

How To Protect Yourself From Getting Scammed By Bad Movers

While you may feel yourself slowing down as the days grow longer and the temperatures go up, summer is the busiest time of the year for movers. Millions of us are likely to pack up and move house between June and September. But moving is a fraught proposition; it can be hard to tell the difference between a legitimate outfit that will properly bring you your stuff, and one that will steal from you or extort you for cash. [More]


Beware Scams Promising Payouts From Tobacco Settlement

If you’ve seen ads promising to set you up with payments from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement — a Nov. 1998 accord that requires tobacco companies to pay $10 billion annually to 46 states and Washington, D.C. — don’t fall for it. These ads are just a big, fat scam. [More]


Woman Looking At Phone Trips Over Door On Sidewalk, Falls Into Utility Room

The hazards of distracted driving are well known, but inability to put down one’s mobile phone poses a danger to other forms of transportation, too. Just ask the 67-year-old woman in New Jersey who was walking while looking at her phone, and tumbled into a building’s basement when she didn’t see access doors that were open on the sidewalk. [More]

Brad Clinesmith

House Passes CHOICE Act In Move To Roll Back Consumer Financial Protections

The House of Representatives voted today to pass the Financial CHOICE Act, a piece of legislation that, if enacted, would strip away a number of consumer protections put in place following the devastating collapse of the housing market. [More]

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Everyone Is Freaking Out About iPhone’s New Video Screen Capture Feature

We’re all used to snapping a screen shot to document whatever is on the phone screen — a text from an ex so you can send it to your friends, a photo of a receipt for business expenses, whathaveyou. But now that the newest version of iOS allows users to capture video recordings of what’s happening on the screen, people are totally freaking out. [More]

Honest Co.

The Honest Company Settles False Advertising Lawsuit For $1.5M

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has agreed to pay $1.55 million to resolve a class-action lawsuit that accused the brand of using sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) in its products — an organic chemical derived from coconut oil and found in common items like laundry detergent and toothpaste — despite the fact that the company had pledged not to include that ingredient. [More]

Tom Raftery

Is Getting Twitter-Blocked By The President A Violation Of Your First Amendment Rights?

Many of the strange situations we encounter thanks to the digital media era are really just old problems in new clothes: Your employer was able to find out if you got drunk and embarrassed yourself at a party long before Facebook, for example. But some of the questions of our modern age really are unique. Among them, now: If the President of the United States gets annoyed enough with you that he blocks you on Twitter, has the government just violated your Constitutional rights? [More]


Why Won’t Macy’s Tell Me If Password Reset Email Is Legit Or Not?

Someone (either Macy’s or perhaps a mysterious third-party) is confusing shoppers by blasting out emails telling them to either change their Macy’s passwords… or just ignore the email altogether because maybe they don’t have an account and shouldn’t be worried. [More]

renee rendler-kaplan

Maine Gov. Vetoes Bill That Would’ve Required Deposit For Mini Alcohol Bottles

In an effort to cut down on roadside litter and give people a chance to make some spare change, Maine lawmakers approved a bill that would require retailers to collect a $0.05 bottle deposit on those mini bottles of booze known as “nips.” But the state’s governor has vetoed the measure, and has offered a few ideas of his own to deal with the litter the bottles create — alternatives that some in the alcohol industry objected to, even before he declined to sign the bill. [More]

Smuckers Recalls Three Brands Of Flour Over Possible E.Coli Contamination

Smuckers Recalls Three Brands Of Flour Over Possible E.Coli Contamination

The two-month-old recall of potentially E. coli-contaminated flour in Canada is makings its way across the border, as Smuckers announced the recall of three brands of flour shipped to the U.S.  [More]

4 Tips For Maintaining & Repairing Your Gas Grill

4 Tips For Maintaining & Repairing Your Gas Grill

Whether you’ve been using it all year or haven’t touched it in months, you should give your grill the once-over before the holiday weekend. Use these maintenance tips to help keep your grill in top shape or to spot problems that aren’t worth fixing.



Here Are The 408 Stores Payless ShoeSource Wants To Close Next

Payless ShoeSource, the world’s most reliable source for glitter-covered ballet flats for under $10, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April, and immediately began the closing process for 400 stores, around 10% of its footprint. Now the chain has asked the bankruptcy court for permission to close an additional 408 stores — and we have the list. [More]

Customer Accuses Chipotle Of Covering Up For Manager Who Put Spy Cam In Bathroom

Customer Accuses Chipotle Of Covering Up For Manager Who Put Spy Cam In Bathroom

A woman in Texas claims that not only did a manager at her local Chipotle repeatedly install spy cameras in the restaurant’s female restroom, but that the restaurant and its corporate office covered up the peeping; a charge the Chipotle HQ denies. [More]

Ben Kepes

United Mistakenly Removes Carry-On Bag, Stranding Man At Airport For 20 Hours

A United Airlines passenger from New Zealand found himself stranded at a San Francisco airport for 20 hours this week; not because of weather, or mechanical issues, or any sort of attempt to reenact the 2004 Tom Hanks comedy The Terminal.  No, his prolonged stay in airport purgatory was thanks to a United employee who mistakenly removed the man’s carry-on bag from his flight.  [More]

Adam Fagen

Appeals Court Hears Arguments For, Against Letting President Fire Consumer Protection Chief

For the second time in a year, judges of the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit have heard arguments about the constitutionality of the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. How the court ultimately rules will determine whether or not the head of this watchdog agency can be fired and replaced at the whim of the President. [More]