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Nordstrom Rack, hhgregg, TJMaxx Also Want You To Know They’re Closed On Thanksgiving Day

For the last half-decade or so, the beginning of Black Friday has gradually crept back, with mainstream American retailers giving the shopping holiday precedence over the actual holiday, opening on Thanksgiving Day. Then the trend reversed, as retailers came to realize that they could harvest good publicity by staying closed on the holiday and making sure that the public knows it. We’re guessing that they didn’t earn enough money to make opening on the holiday worth their while. [More]

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Mall Of America, Staples, BJ’s Make Sure You Know They’re Closed On Thanksgiving

It was about five years ago that the Thanksgiving shopping trend began to metastasize throughout the retail business: opening times on Black Friday crept back from the wee hours of Black Friday morning to the late hours of Thanksgiving. Malls joined big-box stores, and Thanksgiving Day was fun for a few years. Then a widespread backlash began, and retailers took advantage of that. [More]

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7 Things We Learned About The Rapid Expansion Of Meal Kit Service Blue Apron

If you haven’t yet tried the meal kit service Blue Apron, you’ve probably read about it somewhere, or seen one of its many, many ads online or on TV. Yet who is on the other end of the transaction, making sure that you have your tiny bag of cilantro and packing the ice with your catfish filets? An army of blue-collar workers in one of three chilly warehouses make these meal boxes happen. [More]


Retailers Are Wearing Us Down: Shoppers Don’t Mind Holiday Creep So Much

Holiday Creep, and more specifically Christmas Creep, are common annoyances of modern shopping. When the school supplies disappear from shelves, the Christmas trees and lights appear, making shoppers feel like the holiday season begins earlier and earlier every year. This is becoming more normal, though: some recent survey results show that fewer Americans find Christmas Creep less annoying than in previous years. They’re wearing us down. [More]

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Walmart Employees Charged With Manslaughter In February Death Of Shoplifting Suspect

How seriously should retailers take loss prevention? Back in February, a Florida man in his 60s filled a cart with DVDs in the wee hours of the morning, What was different from most incidents was that store employees chased him and pinned him to the ground until police arrived. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital, and police are done investigating the incident, charging the three employees who chased and restrained him with manslaughter. [More]

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Sports Authority Stores Closing Early Because People Actually Bought Things At Liquidation Prices

If Sports Authority’s management ever wondered whether its pricing was appropriate, it now has the answer, thanks to the company’s going-out-of-business sales: customers flocked to the chain once everything was marked down. Employees of stores near the chain’s headquarters in the suburbs of Denver told the Denver Post that the sales attracted lots of customers, and merchandise sold out more quickly than anticipated. [More]

Yep, Spring Black Friday Is Still A @#$@*$% Thing

Yep, Spring Black Friday Is Still A @#$@*$% Thing

Most retailers use Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, to kick off their biggest shopping season of the year, even if they also move the sales kickoff around a bit. For stores that sell home-improvement and gardening supplies, spring is their biggest shopping season. That impeccable logic led to the invention of Spring Black Friday, which we first noticed in 2013. It isn’t going away. [More]

Walmart Ordered To Pay $31 Million For Retaliating Against Pharmacist Whistleblower

Walmart Ordered To Pay $31 Million For Retaliating Against Pharmacist Whistleblower

A federal jury in New Hampshire has slapped the nation’s largest retailer with more than $31 million in penalties for unlawful retaliation and gender bias against a former pharmacist who blew the whistle on safety concerns involving her co-workers. [More]

Report: Holiday Shoppers Saved So Much On Gas, They Spent 8% More This Year

Report: Holiday Shoppers Saved So Much On Gas, They Spent 8% More This Year

If you felt like you reached into your wallet a few more times this holiday season than last year, or that you were forking over bigger chunks of change, you’re not alone: a new report says retail sales were up 7.9% over 2014’s numbers. [More]

Williams-Sonoma Wasn’t Really Running A ‘Buy One Knife, Get 99 Free’ Sale

Williams-Sonoma Wasn’t Really Running A ‘Buy One Knife, Get 99 Free’ Sale

Some of our readers experience a modern moral dilemma: they order an item online, and multiple duplicates of that item appear on their doorstep. The retailer makes no attempt to collect the extra items, and sometimes doesn’t want to bother with getting them back. Two of our readers have experienced this recently: one changed a TV order and received an extra by mistake, and the other ordered knife and received 99 extra. That is not a typo. [More]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Closing 110,000-Square-Foot NYC Flagship Store At End Of The Year

This will be the last holiday shopping season for the Toys ‘R’ Us flagship location in Manhattan, as the retailer plans to leave its 110,000-square-foot mega-store at the end of the month.  [More]

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Amazon Sends Me Someone Else’s Order. Why Don’t They Care If I Send It Back?

In the midst of all the shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Wet and Wild Wednesday, Thanksgiving 2.0 For People Who Were Out Of Town Or In The Hospital Last Week Thursday, and Black Friday All Over Again Because Why Not?, there are oodles of Amazon packages landing on shoppers’ doorsteps. In some rare cases, those packages might end up on the wrong doorstep, so why does Amazon not seem terribly concerned about getting those items back? [More]

The message seen by visitors to Target.com on Monday.

Target Website Crashes, Spoiling Shoppers’ Cyber Monday

Savvy holiday shoppers who didn’t want to fight the crowds on Black Friday may still be battling congested online traffic in order to obtain the plethora of Cyber Monday deals today. That’s especially true if you’re trying to score some goodies from Target, as the retailer’s website crashed this morning.  [More]

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Online Retail Passes In-Store Shopping For Black Friday Weekend

Going online for your Black Friday sales fix is now just as popular as trudging out to the mall to shop, according to a new survey from the National Retail Federation. [More]

More Animal Shelters Holding Black (Fur) Friday Adoption Promotions

More Animal Shelters Holding Black (Fur) Friday Adoption Promotions

One of our favorite Black Friday trends that’s been spreading across the country is the animal shelter doorbuster: that is, busting adoptable animals out from behind animal shelter doors and into new and loving homes. The promos use the idea of “Black Friday” to push pets with black and white fur to create super-cuddly sale events where adoption fees are waived. [More]

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Which Stores Are Open On Thanksgiving And Black Friday, And When?

There are two reasons why you might want to know which stores are open or closed on Thanksgiving Day this year: you want to go shopping, or you want to know which stores to boycott (or at least vaguely scorn) because they choose to open on the holiday. Whatever you’re interested in doing, here are the hours during which you can stop by the store and do it. [More]

Hide Your Stuff, Lock Your Car: Black Friday Is Also A Pretty Big Day For Thieves

Hide Your Stuff, Lock Your Car: Black Friday Is Also A Pretty Big Day For Thieves

Black Friday is not only a big day for shoppers, with stores throwing open their doors early (or staying open all night since they opened on Thanksgiving) and the mad marketing blitz of discounts, sales and deals coming at you from every angle, but it’s a pretty fruitful day for thieves, as well.


A section of the Lockheed Martin brochure for its "LM Wisdom" product that Walmart used to track dissident employees and pro-union activists in 2012.

Walmart Used Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin To Monitor Employees

As a growing number of Walmart employees began demanding higher wages, with some also calling for workers to unionize, the nation’s largest retailer hired one of the world’s largest defense contractors to follow the online activities of critical employees. [More]