Airbnb Is Working On Its Own Branded Apartment Complex

Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine

What’s one surefire way to make sure you’re not annoying your neighbors with a constant stream of Airbnb guests? Live in an Airbnb-branded building, where all your neighbors are also renting out their apartments. [More]

Tim Hortons Thinks Buffalo Sauce Is A Perfectly Natural Flavor For A Latte

Tim Hortons Thinks Buffalo Sauce Is A Perfectly Natural Flavor For A Latte

If you find that your average cup of coffee doesn’t taste nearly enough like chicken wings, you may want to plan a trip to western New York, where Tim Hortons is unleashing one of the weirdest food combinations yet: a Buffalo sauce-flavored latte. [More]

Trump Issues Executive Order To Kill Off Several Key Obamacare Provisions

Trump Issues Executive Order To Kill Off Several Key Obamacare Provisions

What the Senate twice failed to do, the White House is now doing by fiat: President Trump today signed an executive order to undercut several key provisions of the Affordable Care Act and once again transform the nation’s health insurance markets. [More]

New Service Promises To Hold Your Digital Movies, Let You Watch Them On Multiple Apps

吉姆 Jim Hofman

While there are plenty of places to buy movies and TV shows online, one minor problem is that you’re forever stuck having to watch that video on the platform where you purchased it, whether it’s Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, etc. But a newly revamped service claims to let you stash digital videos from various sources into one place. [More]

Southwest Airlines Plans To Start Flying To Hawaii, Eventually

Southwest Airlines Plans To Start Flying To Hawaii, Eventually

Southwest Airlines put on its best floral shirt to announce that the (sometimes) lower-cost carrier intends to start offering service to Hawaii. But when those flights to the far-flung island state will begin remains a question. [More]

Equifax Website Reportedly Served Up Malware To Some Users

Randy Abrams / Ars Technica

Update: Equifax has taken some pages temporarily offline following the report about malware. [More]

Google Permanently Disables Home Mini’s Top Touch Panel After Device Recorded When It Shouldn’t Have


Following the news that Google’s new Home Mini connected-home hubs were recording users thousands of times per day because the device refused to stay asleep, Google has permanently disabled the touch-sensitive panel on the top of the Home Mini. [More]

Report Finds Auto Dealers May Be Charging Hispanic Customers More For Vehicle Add-Ons

andy briggs

If you’ve purchased a new car at a dealership, you’re probably familiar with the slew of possible options and add-ons for your vehicle — everything from tinted windows to extended service contracts. A new report claims that the price a customer is charged for these extras may be linked to their ethnicity.

Possible Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Could Face DOJ Antitrust Opposition


Though the romance rumor mill is still claiming that Sprint and T-Mobile are hoping to announce their engagement in the weeks to come, and it’s highly unlikely that the pro-industry FCC will do anything to slow these crazy kids from merging, the wireless wedding could be spoiled by the anti-trust wet blankets at the Justice Department. [More]

Cascadian Farms Granola, Whole Foods Raisin Bran Recalled For Undeclared Nuts

Cascadian Farms Granola, Whole Foods Raisin Bran Recalled For Undeclared Nuts

Peanut and tree nut allergies are sneaky and can be life-threatening, which is why foods that might have even traces of them are supposed to have declarations on their packages. Two different companies, Cascadian Farms and Whole Foods, have recalled cinnamon raisin granola and raisin bran respectively, because they may be contaminated with different nuts for very different reasons. [More]

Owner Of Dozens Of Malls Says They Won’t Be Open On Thanksgiving This Year

Nick Papakyriazis

Though many of the big box stores now open for Black Friday at some point on Thanksgiving, some retailers and mall owners have fought back against this trend. For the second year in a row, one of the nation’s largest mall operators has declared that its properties’ doors will remain shut this Thanksgiving. [More]

Facebook Announces ‘Oculus Go,’ A Cheaper, Standalone VR Headset For $199


Despite the technological leaps forward in virtual reality, VR headsets have not yet caught on with the mass market. That may have something to do with the better ones being prohibitively priced and requiring a connection to a computer, while the less expensive ones require you to use your phone for the screen. Facebook is hoping to finally hoping to bring VR to a bigger audience with Oculus Go, a headset with a moderately affordable price point and no need to purchase a powerful PC or kill the battery on your phone. [More]

Can The President Actually Take Away A Network’s Broadcast License For “Fake News”?

Great Beyond

Irked by an NBC News story he claims is false, President Trump stated this morning that it may be time to “challenge” the network’s broadcast license. But what does that even mean — and would the Trump administration have the authority to yank a TV station’s access to the airwaves over a news story? [More]

United Airlines Strands Couple In Puerto Rico, So They Decided To Get Married


A couple from Oregon who were visiting Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria hit say they were abandoned by United Airlines, forcing them to find their own way home. But their extended stay on the Caribbean island also resulted in an impromptu wedding. [More]

Airbnb Host Says Hidden Camera Was For Taping His Sex Parties, Not For Creeping On Guests

ABC-Action News

An Airbnb host in Florida has admitted to the police that there were hidden cameras in the condo he occasionally rented out, but claims that the secretive devices were for recording his personal sex parties. [More]

4 Adults Arrested In Yet Another Kiddie Party Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

4 Adults Arrested In Yet Another Kiddie Party Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s slogan might be “Where a kid can be a kid,” but it might also be called “Where that kid’s parents will probably get into a brawl, ruining everyone’s nights, including the cops who have to come out and break up a youngster’s birthday party.” [More]

Why You Should Care About An Aluminum Supply Scandal In Japan


A modern supply chain is a complicated thing. That car you drive might be made in the U.S.A., but — as we learned from the Takata airbag recall — the parts inside it, from raw elements to fully-assembled electronic systems, come from a tangled web of companies all over the world. Which is why it’s a big deal affecting consumers all over the world when one company’s parts turn out not to be at all what they were supposed to be. [More]

Got $2,000/Month To Spare? You Can Get Unlimited Access To Porsches On-Demand


If you’re the kind of person who fancies a set of fancy wheels but can’t decide which ones to roll with on any given day, Porsche has an idea: A $2,000/month subscription that entitles you to unlimited access to luxury vehicles. [More]