NY Man Continues To Get Parking Tickets Linked To Destroyed License Plates

A New York man who keeps receiving parking tickets is stumped. Not because he claims to be a perfect parker, but because the license plates linked to the tickets were destroyed. [More]


Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach; At Least 500 Million Users Affected

As was rumored this morning, so it has come to pass. Yahoo has confirmed a massive data breach — and it’s far, far bigger than anyone guessed at first. [More]

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Senators Ask For Investigation Into Possible Wage, Hour Violations By Wells Fargo

To say that Wells Fargo has been having a bad few weeks might be an understatement: from being ordered to pay $185 million for the opening and closing of two million unauthorized consumer accounts to being party to federal investigations and being grilled on Capitol Hill. But it doesn’t look like things are going to get any easier for the company, as lawmakers are now urging a probe into whether it violated labor laws.  [More]

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The Company Behind Miracle-Gro Wants To Help You Grow (Legal) Hydroponic Weed

In the beverage industry, large mega-beer companies have acquired craft beer companies or created their own faux-craft beer brands, to keep up with the change in consumers’ tastes and preferences. The same thing is happening in a business you might not expect: Scotts, a company that makes fertilizers and other products for home gardeners, is getting into the business of helping people with some slightly larger houseplants: hydroponically grown marijuana. [More]


Facebook Testing Messenger Feature That Prompts You To Pay Your Friends Back

If you’re the kind of person who’s always forgetting who you owe for dinner, cab rides, or coffee, Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that will gently nag you into paying your pals back. [More]


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Report Phone Exchange Program Not Going So Well

Nobody really wants their pocket to explode or their purse to catch fire. That’s bad. So owners of defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, which have a manufacturing defect in the battery that can lead it to catch fire or explode, have been told to exchange theirs. That, however, is proving much easier on paper than in reality. [More]

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Tesla Suing Michigan After State Officials Reject Company’s Bid To Open Dealership

After Michigan denied Tesla Motors’ application for licenses to sell directly to consumers, the company has filed a lawsuit against the state, challenging a law that says automakers can only sell through franchised dealerships. [More]

Report: Hampton Creek Exaggerated Environmental Impact, Faked Sales

Report: Hampton Creek Exaggerated Environmental Impact, Faked Sales

Vegan food company Hampton Creek has survived a lot of controversy in the short time it’s been around, from the egg industry plotting to put it out of business to a dispute with a competitor and the FDA over the meaning of the word “mayo” to allegations that the company sent shoppers to buy up its inventory and inflate sales numbers. Now there’s a new accusation: that the company promoted inaccurate claims about sustainability. [More]


American Airlines Diverts Flight After Disruptive Passenger Bangs On Cockpit Door

An American Airlines flight heading to Dallas/Fort Worth from Ontario, CA made an unscheduled stop in Lubbock this morning because of an unruly passenger who reportedly banged on the cockpit’s door. [More]


California Supreme Court To Review Yelp’s Case For Not Removing Allegedly Defamatory Reviews

Two months after a California appeals court attempted to put an end to a years-long dispute between a lawyer and a former client she accused of posting defamatory reviews by ordering Yelp to take down the comments, the Supreme Court of California unanimously agreed to hear an appeal of the case. [More]

Disney Pulls ‘Moana’ Polynesian Costume Amid Claims It’s Offensive

Disney Pulls ‘Moana’ Polynesian Costume Amid Claims It’s Offensive

Disney apologized on Wednesday and said it would be pulling a boy’s costume for a Polynesian character in the movie Moana, after backlash from Pacific Islanders who compared it to blackface. [More]

Authorities In Korea Order Samsung To X-Ray New Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

Authorities In Korea Order Samsung To X-Ray New Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

Samsung has now shipped out some replacement devices for recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones, with enough new phones to replace maybe half of the 1 million phones sold in the United States so far. Meanwhile, in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, the government has a relatively low-tech way to check the battery status of the high-tech phones: Samsung X-ray the batteries. [More]

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Marriott Preparing To Battle Expedia, Priceline With New Starwood Assets

With online travel agency options whittled down following the $1.6 billion Orbitz-Expedia merger in 2015, and hotels already offering customers perks for ditching the third-party travel sites, it might be hard to imagine the rivalry between the likes of Expedia, Priceline, and major hotels could get more contentious. But it apparently can, and is about be thanks, in part, to the completion of a mega-hotel merger between Marriott and Starwood Resorts.  [More]

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Former Driver For Uber, Lyft Charged With Sexually Assaulting Several Female Passengers

A man who used to drive for both Uber and Lyft has been accused of sexually assaulting several women who hailed rides on the platforms, and investigators believe there are likely more victims that have yet to come forward.



Report: Yahoo To Confirm Major Data Breach Affecting At Least 200M Accounts

UPDATE: Yahoo has now confirmed that at least 500 million users were affected in the breach, which took place in 2014. [More]


Blue Bell Recalls Ice Cream Due To Listeria Linked To Cookie Dough Supplier

You might see the words “Blue Bell,” “Recall,” and “Listeria” together in a headline, but don’t worry. Blue Bell Ice Cream isn’t headed for another long period of sanitization and pulling the ice cream from stores, as it did last year. This recall is specific to just a few flavors, and the company has linked the contamination to an ingredient from an outside supplier: cookie dough nuggets. [More]

Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Photo Printing, Too

Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Photo Printing, Too

Perhaps you store your photos using Amazon’s Prime Photos service, or you use Amazon Drive for your disk backups. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just have Amazon print those photos out for you, in prints or in photo books? Today, Amazon announced its new Prints service, which is exactly what it sounds like. [More]


Jolly Green Giant Goes Shopping, Picks Up Some Spices

B&G Foods owns familiar supermarket brands like Cream of Wheat, Emeril’s, Ortega, and Polaner. Now it’s picked up a few ingredients to spice up the rest of its pantry with the purchase of the spice brands of ACH Foods for $365 million. That’s another company whose name you probably don’t recognize, but you probably know the spice brands that have been sold: Durkee, Spice Islands, and Tone’s. [More]