Macy’s New App Answers Questions You Used To Ask Store Employees

Macy’s New App Answers Questions You Used To Ask Store Employees

Have you ever walked into a department store, immediately became lost, and, for some unknown reason, you can’t find a sells associate to direct you to the shoe department? These is the kind of information that, traditionally, could be obtained by speaking to a store employee. But why should you speak to an actual human when you can just spend more time staring at your smartphone? [More]

Nintendo Is Now Worth More Than Sony And Has Pokémon Go To Thank

Nintendo Is Now Worth More Than Sony And Has Pokémon Go To Thank

It’s been quite a good month for Nintendo, all because of this game you may have heard of, Pokémon Go. The company’s worth has more than doubled since the mobile game launched on July 6, sending its worth climbing past that of its fellow Japanese company, Sony, in short order. [More]

Bar-S Recalls 186 Tons Of Hot Dogs And Corn Dogs For Possible Listeria Contamination

Bar-S Recalls 186 Tons Of Hot Dogs And Corn Dogs For Possible Listeria Contamination

Time to check the box of hot dogs or corn dogs before your next cookout: if it comes from the brand Bar-S, you’ll have to get some new wieners from the store and either bring the Bar-S ones back to the store where they were purchased, or call the company for a refund. The hot dogs may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a nasty foodborne pathogen. [More]

Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club For $1 Billion In Cash

Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club For $1 Billion In Cash

In an effort to gain a foothold in the $3 billion razor market, Unilever has purchased monthly razor subscription service Dollar Shave Club for one billion razors. Excuse me, I meant to say, in a deal worth $1 billion. [More]

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Procter & Gamble’s New Idea To Move More Tide Pods: Automatic Subscriptions

Procter & Gamble has realized that it needs to stay ahead of consumer trends to stay a top seller of staple products like razors, detergent, and shampoo. The popularity of Dollar Shave Club took the company by surprise, so it began its own Gillette Shave Club, then apparently wondered what else they could ship to customers at regular intervals so customers wouldn’t have to go to the store. After all, if they don’t have to think about buying razors, they don’t have the opportunity to switch brands. [More]

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Sports Authority Hurrying To Close Stores Faster Than Originally Planned

When Sports Authority failed to find a buyer for any of its stores that wasn’t a liquidator, the company began its going-out-of-business sales at all of its stores. Back then, the company predicted that the sale would past roughly all summer, meaning that remaining retail employees would have jobs for about that long. Now, the chain reportedly hopes to wrap things up at the end of July. [More]

Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches

Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches

For the past few years, Amazon has been working on plans that would unleash a fleet of drones to handle some deliveries – from unveiling a prototype that acts more like a “horse than a car” and a patent for propellers that tell bystanders to “look out.” Now, another recently released patent shows what those little flying machines might be doing while they aren’t ferrying your Prime deliveries: sitting on a lamppost.  [More]

Fitbit Must Face Lawsuit Over Sleep-Tracking Claims

Fitbit Must Face Lawsuit Over Sleep-Tracking Claims

Marketing for a number of Fitbit wearable fitness trackers claims that these devices can “monitor your sleep trends,” but now the company must face a class-action lawsuit alleging that Fitbits do nothing of the sort. [More]


CenturyLink Joins AT&T, Comcast In Charging You For Going Over Your Data Cap

We know that home broadband carriers want to horn in on all that sweet wireless money, but we do wish they wouldn’t do it by creating more data caps and then charging you overage fees to exceed them. And yet that’s what one provider after another seems determined to do. [More]

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FDA Investigating Hair Loss Claims Linked To “WEN By Chaz Dean” Products

Haircare products are supposed to do just that — care for your hair. So when consumers start reporting hair loss, balding, itching, and rash associated with using a certain product, the Food and Drug Administration is going to take those reports seriously. [More]

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Possible Norovirus Among Staffers At Republican National Convention

Norovirus, also known as Norwalk virus, is a fast-spreading and very unpleasant gastrointestinal illness. It thrives in environments with lots of people in close quarters, like health care facilities, cruise ships, and conventions. That’s why it’s bad news that norovirus has been reported at a big gathering in Cleveland happening now: the Republican National Convention. [More]

Lawsuit Claims “All Natural” Insecticide Used On Organic Marijuana Is Anything But


We’ve come a long way from complaints that the weed you bought in the school parking lot was cut with oregano that fall on deaf ears (because really, you should know better): now that there’s a burgeoning legal marijuana industry in some states, consumer complaints and grievances can be aired in court. Like a lawsuit in Oregon that claims the makers of an “all natural” insecticide used on “organically grown” pot plants actually contains a chemical substance. [More]

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Google Wants To Make Mobile Ads Less Annoying By Making Them Load Faster

Mobile ads are horrible. They eat up too much data [link] and load slowly, resulting in a growing number of wireless users turning to ad-blockers. In an effort to improve the mobile browsing experience — and, oh yeah, protect its sizable stream of ad revenue — Google is looking to speed up load times for ads.  [More]

Olympics Committee Considering Ban On All Russian Athletes From Rio Games

Olympics Committee Considering Ban On All Russian Athletes From Rio Games

A month after an ongoing doping scandal led to Russia’s track and field athletes being barred from competing in the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the International Olympic Committee says it is looking into its options for enacting a ban on the entire Russian team. [More]


Report: Justice Dep’t Ready To Block Both Anthem/Cigna And Aetna/Humana Mergers

We closed out 2015 with the health insurance market poised to get a lot smaller, as Anthem proposed to by Cigna and Aetna said it would buy Humana. If both mergers go through, the number of large nationwide health insurance carriers would drop to just three… a big challenge in a U.S. that’s seen the market for health insurance expand since the Affordable Care Act went into effect. And if reports are true, the Justice Department may feel that’s just too much contraction. [More]


More Than 50 Retired Wrestlers Sue WWE Over Neurological Injuries

Dozens of retired professional wrestlers, both male and female, have filed a lawsuit against the WWE in an effort to hold the entertainment company responsible for neurological injuries they say claim to have suffered while performing in the ring. [More]


Three States Accuse Volkswagen Of Committing Fraud

When Volkswagen admitted to rigging millions of supposedly “clean diesel” vehicles to cheat on emissions tests, the carmaker claimed that only a few engineers knew these “defeat devices” were in place. However, new lawsuits filed by three states allege that VW execs knew of the chicanery, and that the car company was committing fraud for nearly a decade. [More]