Fisher-Price Recalls 63K Infant Motion Seats Over Fire Hazard

Fisher-Price Recalls 63K Infant Motion Seats Over Fire Hazard

If you’ve got one of those infant motion seats intended to soothe a baby with gentle swaying or bouncing, you probably want to pay attention: Fisher-Price is recalling 63,000 Soothing Motion Seats over a potential fire hazard. [More]

Amazon Launching Service That Lets Delivery Drivers Drop Off Packages Inside Your Home

Amazon Launching Service That Lets Delivery Drivers Drop Off Packages Inside Your Home

As it was predicted, so it has come to pass: In an effort to combat “porch pirates” who love swiping any boxes left outside, Amazon is launching a new service that allows delivery people to walk into customers’ homes to drop off packages. [More]

Senate Votes To Make Sure You Can’t Sue Your Bank Or Credit Card Companies

Senate Votes To Make Sure You Can’t Sue Your Bank Or Credit Card Companies

Lawmakers who regularly claim to love the Constitution and espouse their trust of the American consumer have done both a disservice, passing a resolution that makes sure that bank and credit card customers can be blocked from exercising their constitutional rights to a day in court. [More]

AT&T Says There Are Nearly 800,000 DirecTV Now Streaming Subscribers

AT&T Says There Are Nearly 800,000 DirecTV Now Streaming Subscribers

For years, the growing number of video streaming services available to TV viewers has eaten away at the subscriber base for pay-TV services. Traditional cable providers have avoided disaster thus far because even if customers cancel their TV package they still need to purchase their internet access from somebody (and many of us don’t have a choice about where to buy it). But satellite providers like DirecTV and Dish face the looming threat of cord-cutting without anything to offer cord-cutters other than ugly roof decor. [More]

Despite New Safety Rules, Family Says Two Of Its Hoverboards Caught On Fire


While the craze surrounding hoverboards may have died down, that doesn’t mean the self-balancing scooters are any safer. To that end, a Wisconsin family says they recently experienced not one, but two hoverboards that caught on fire. [More]

Beware Scammers Spoofing Number For FTC’s Consumer Response Center

Matt Reinbold

The Federal Trade Commission is one of the agencies consumers are supposed to turn to when they’ve been defrauded by scam phone calls, so it — sadly — makes sense that some fraudsters have decided that the best way to con victims is to pretend they are calling from the FTC’s Consumer Response Center. [More]

25 States Urge Betsy DeVos To Not Let Student Loan Companies Sidestep The Law

(D. Michelson)

Since Betsy DeVos took over as Secretary, the Department of Education has been — to put it mildly — generous to the student loan industry. Through DeVos, the Trump administration has stopped cooperating with federal financial regulators to rein in unscrupulous loan servicers, and announced its plan to put all federal student loan accounts into the hands of a single company. But several states are letting it be known that they will not go easy on student lenders and servicers, even if they ask nicely. [More]

How Malls & Big Box Stores Are Using Real Estate Contracts To Stall Amazon’s Whole Foods Expansion

Mike Mozart

While many Americans know the Whole Foods brand, there are only about 450 locations nationwide, a fraction of the number of stores held by national retailers like Walmart, Kroger, or Target. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is expected to help grow the supermarket chain’s footprint — which would help Amazon’s food delivery business — but some competitors have realized they can use the fine print in their real estate contracts to undercut Amazon’s Whole Foods hopes. [More]

Production Delays Mean People May Need To Line Up To Get An iPhone X

Production Delays Mean People May Need To Line Up To Get An iPhone X

Apple’s most expensive phone, the iPhone X is coming out soon, but it may be more difficult than usual for iPhone aficionados to get their hands on one when the device launches. Not because everyone is clamoring for the iPhone X, but because Apple’s manufacturer is reportedly having trouble meeting its looming deadline. [More]

Sony Thinks It May Be Time To Get Back Into The Robot Dog Business

Brett Jordan

It’s been nearly 20 years since Sony first introduced its AIBO robot “dog” (pictured above) and more than a decade since it stopped making new ones, sending AIBO off to live at the grandparents’ robot farm upstate. But the dream of a mechanized, artificially intelligent canine-ish companion has apparently not died, with a new report claiming that Sony is looking to unleash a new robotic puppy on the world as soon as this coming spring. [More]

McDonald’s Gets A Boost From Cheap Drinks, McPick Menu


All of those $1 drinks from McDonald’s continue to add up, boosting the fast food giant’s bottomline for a second quarter in a row.  [More]

FCC Votes To Let Phone Companies, Cops Identify Anonymous Callers Behind Bomb Threats


There are many legitimate reasons to hide or mask your Caller ID information but there are an increasing number of people who abuse this ability, not just for prank calls or telemarketing, but to phone in bomb threats or make other menacing calls — particularly to schools and religious centers. In an effort to make it easier for law enforcement respond to these threats, the Federal Communications Commission has approved a proposal that will allow phone companies to share certain Caller ID information with the police. [More]

Hordes Of Bargain-Hunters Destroy Liquidating Sears Canada Stores


Savvy shoppers know that the deals available at store-closing and liquidation sales are generally terrible, but that didn’t stop everyone else from raiding Sears Canada stores over the weekend, strewing boxes and merchandise across the floors. Shoppers described the scene as “apocalyptic,” which sounds about right. [More]

Walmart Looking Into Incident After Video Shows Brawl Between Walmart Worker, Customer


Sometimes shopping can be frustrating, but that’s no reason to let an in-store experience come to blows. That’s why Walmart is promising to look into what led to a physical altercation between a customer and a store employee in Tennessee.


Facebook Tests Limiting News Feed Access To Just Advertisers


While lots of people still get their news by regularly reading certain sites, doing searches to find stories of interest, or through any of the countless aggregating platforms, Facebook has increasingly become many content producers’ most important source of traffic. And while some sites pay to have their stories inserted into Facebook users’ news feeds, others are reaping the benefit of social sharing without paying Facebook a dime. In a move ostensibly intended to declutter users’ feeds, but seen by some as a way to strong-arm content companies into advertising, Facebook is now looking to possibly limit primary news feed access only to those sites that pay to be there.  [More]

New York State Bans E-Cigarettes From Public Indoor Spaces


In a move that will push e-cigarettes outside with regular cigarettes, New York has banned vaping in any public indoor space that already prohibits traditional smoking. [More]

Amazon Wine Marketplace Closing Dec. 31


If you buy wine through the Amazon Wine marketplace, you might want to stock up: The e-commerce giant will close its online wine store Dec. 31.  [More]

AT&T And Time Warner Extend Deadline For $85.4B Merger, Promise It’s Still Happening

C x 2

Just over a year ago, AT&T and Time Warner proposed one of the biggest mergers of all time, a $85.4 billion deal that would bring together the owners of CNN, HBO, and DirecTV in a single company. The merger had a deadline of Oct. 22, which the companies have extended for an unspecified “short period of time” to gain regulatory approval in the United States. [More]