Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Equifax Data Breach Information Sites

The Equifax breach, as we now all know, is completely terrible: Roughly 143 million customers in the U.S. had their personal data compromised. Concerned consumers are, naturally, looking for information — but fake sites or scams are everywhere. [More]

Lyft, Budweiser Partnering Up Again To Fight Drunk Driving With Free Rides

Just like last year, Lyft and Budweiser are teaming up to offer drinkers a safer option for getting home than climbing behind the wheel of their car: They’ll be handing out 150,000 round-trip rides in some states through the end of the year. [More]

Comcast Likely To Shut Down Streaming Service You Totally Forgot Ever Existed

Remember “Watchable?” Yeah, nobody else does either. And so it is not at all surprising that sources now report Comcast is pulling resources away from the two-year-old venture, scrapping its original content dreams and looking elsewhere for eyeballs. [More]

American Airlines CEO Says It Will Totally Match Discount Carriers’ Fares, Won’t Say How

With discount airlines expanding and competing on more of their routes, how can legacy carriers stay competitive? Their latest bid to stay ahead of discount airlines is to lower fares, including the controversial Basic Economy fares, and price-matching competitors. [More]

Hey Kids, Now Your Parents Have to Take Driver’s Ed, Too


The driver’s license: Perhaps nothing represents teen freedom more than that document saying you can go wherever you want without having your parents or someone else drive you there. But times have changed from the days when driving autonomy was granted to any 16-year-old who could pass the DMV’s tests. Now, some states are requiring parents to take a form of driver’s education alongside their teens. [More]

Panera CEO Challenges Fast Food Execs To Eat From Their Kids’ Menus For A week

When it comes to verbal throwdowns, Panera CEO Ron Shaich isn’t shy about expressing how he really feels about the chain’s rivals. Now, he’s challenging fast food executives to eat exclusively from their kids’ menus to prove they really like their own offerings. [More]

Report: Amazon Working On Smart Glasses

First there was the oft-maligned Google Glasses, then Snapchat’s Spectacles. Now, it looks like Amazon may be getting into high-tech eyewear.

T-Mobile Raises Limit For ‘Unlimited’ Data

Savvy mobile data users know that “unlimited” does have its limits: Plans that promise unlimited data are selling only theoretically unlimited data. That’s because all carriers reserve the right to drastically cut users’ connection speed to 2G or 3G if they go over this semi-invisible limit. Now T-Mobile is raising this threshold for its for its customers, from 32 GB to 50 GB. [More]

Taco Bell Ditching The Drive-Thru At More Than 300 New Restaurants

Taco Bell plans to open more than 300 new locations around the country by 2022, but those restaurants will be missing something we’re all accustomed to: the drive-thru. [More]

Toymakers Won’t Let Toys ‘R’ Us Die Because That Would Be Bad For Their Business

Although the news of the Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy may have thrown some shoppers into a pre-holidays panic at first, the company will be keeping its stores open and its shelves stocked with toys. Not only because it wants to cash in during its biggest season, but because its suppliers need it to stick around. [More]

Nearly 500K Dodge Ram Trucks Recalled Over Fire Risk

Fiat Chrysler has recalled nearly half a million large trucks after reports from customers revealed the vehicles could pose a fire risk. [More]

How Did This ID Badge End Up In My Jerky?

UPDATE Sept. 21: After we published Kim’s story, Oberto reached out to her to apologize for the “negative experience,” and confirmed that the object in question is, in fact, an employee ID badge. Read the entire update here. [More]

Apparent Email Glitch Sent Amazon Baby Registry Notifications To Non-Parents-To-Be

Getting an unsuspected gift is usually a nice surprise. But some Amazon customers — including yours truly — received a notification that someone had purchased a gift from their baby registry. The only problem? These customers don’t have a baby registry.  [More]

Group Tied To Betsy DeVos Is Trying To Block Feds From Investigating Multilevel Marketers

Direct sales programs that call themselves “multilevel marketing” (MLM) companies run the gamut from being merely annoying to full-blown pyramid schemes, and the folks at the Federal Trade Commission are responsible for holding MLMs accountable when they cross that line from irksome to illegal. But two pieces of legislation, both backed by a trade group with direct ties to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, are attempting to limit the FTC’s ability to investigate and prosecute rogue MLMs. [More]

Netflix To Unsanctioned ‘Stranger Things’ Bar: “Please Don’t Make Us Call Your Mom”

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery — or so they say — but that doesn’t mean that just anyone can go around using popular TV shows to make a few bucks. So although Netflix thinks a Stranger Things-themed pop-up bar in Chicago is fun, it’s insisting that the venue shut down after its planned six-week run. [More]

Baltimore Ravens Postpone DNA Test Giveaway After Public Health Officials Get Involved

If you showed up to the Baltimore Raven’s home opener on Sunday expecting to receive a free DNA test, you were likely sorely disappointed. The NFL team’s planned promotion with Orig3n was canceled at the last-minute following increased scrutiny from federal and state health officials.  [More]

Crocs Have Made A Comeback By Returning To Hideous Roots

Crocs, a brand of footwear known for being comfortable, non-slip, unattractive, and incompatible with escalators, has made a comeback. The secret has been going back to the thing that made it a success in the first place: Hideous clogs that you can easily hose off. [More]

Hot Couple Alert: Sprint & T-Mobile Reportedly Looking At Engagement Rings

The will-they-won’t-they tension has always been high between romantic comedy leads T-Mobile and Sprint, but could their flirtatious ways finally be heading for a serious relationship? That certainly looks to be the next plot twist, as the companies are reportedly in “active talks” about a merger. [More]