Air Rage Incidents Reported By Airlines On The Rise

They drink too much, bang on cockpit doors, smoke in the bathroom, light blankets on fire, and break things. It seems like we’re constantly reporting on disruptive passengers interfering with commercial flights, and there’s good reason: air rage incident reports from airlines are up worldwide, according to a new report. [More]

Home Depot

Home Depot Pulling Super Creepy Peeping Tom Halloween Decoration

There is a profound difference between spooky-scary and scary-scary, a lesson that Home Depot is currently learning the hard way after offering a Peeping Tom Halloween decoration that hits way too close to home for some. [More]

Samuel M. Livingston

Report: Takata In Talks To Resolve Criminal Allegations From Deadly Airbag Debacle

Nearly two years after Takata announced it was subject to a federal criminal investigation related to its handling of shrapnel-shooting airbags, the Japanese auto parts maker is reportedly working to make a deal with the Justice Department to resolve allegations of criminal wrongdoing.  [More]

Recording Industry Sues Site That Lets You Rip YouTube Clips Into MP3s

Recording Industry Sues Site That Lets You Rip YouTube Clips Into MP3s

There are a number of sites and services that will let you easily convert a streaming YouTube video into a more usable file. YouTube itself has gone after some of these sites, but now the recording industry is challenging the legality of a popular site that allows users to rip audio-only MP3 files from YouTube clips. [More]


EFF: HP Should Reverse Software Update, Actually Tell Customers About Planned Limitations

When you buy a toaster, you do so with the assumption that the toaster company won’t go in a few years from now and make it so your favorite brand of bread made by a different company is incompatible with the toaster you’ve purchased. In a letter to printer-maker HP, the Electronic Frontier Foundation laid out exactly how terrible an idea it was for the company to ban third-party ink cartridges as part of a software update. [More]

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Here’s Where To Score National Coffee Day Freebies & Deals On Sept. 29

If caffeine is the music in your ears, the spring in your step, the very blood in your veins, well, tomorrow is your big day: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, and with it comes a pile of offers from U.S. java joints for free or discounted coffee. We’ve got the goods on where to score your cheap fix in honor of such an important day. [More]

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Americans Pretty Sure Autonomous Cars Are Safer, Want To Keep Driving Anyway

In just a few short years, self-driving cars have made the shift from being the stuff of science fiction to actually hitting the road. Right now the tech is still largely in the testing stage, and human drivers sit in the front seat ready to take control. But as automakers, ride-hailing companies, and tech giants bring all their AI drivers onto the highways, one big question looms: will anyone actually want to buy a car that drives itself? Or are we just too in love with the American mythos of a steering wheel and the open road? [More]

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Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf To Forfeit $41M, Forgo Salary To Answer For Scandal

Following the revelation that Wells Fargo employees created more than two million unauthorized accounts in customers’ names to meet the bank’s high-pressure sales goals, the bank’s board has decided to claw back $41 million from CEO John Stumpf’s compensation package, and $19 million from Carrie Tolstedt, the former head of retail banking who failed to stop the chicanery. [More]

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BlackBerry Won’t Be Designing Or Building Its Own Devices Anymore

BlackBerry is taking a big step back from the company it used to be, announcing today that it’s planning to stop designing and building its own devices, and will instead outsource that work to manufacturers. [More]

Tyson Recalls 66 Tons Of Chicken Nuggets That May Contain Plastic Pieces

Tyson Recalls 66 Tons Of Chicken Nuggets That May Contain Plastic Pieces

What’s supposed to be in chicken nuggets? Pretty much just chicken, yet pieces of plastic or other foreign substances turn up in nuggets with frightening frequency. This time, it happened at chicken giant Tyson Foods, and the affected product was the panko-breaded nuggets that come in 5-pound bags from the frozen food department at Costco. [More]

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Man Charged With Fraud, Accused Of Importing Illegal Sex Drugs

One important consumer lesson that we hope our readers take away from this site is that erectile dysfunction drugs that you find on a gas station counter are never a good idea. An Alabama man has been charged with intentionally defrauding and misleading consumers for importing a drug sold as a “male enhancement product” that contained sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. [More]

Tired Of Earth? Elon Musk Unveils Plans To Colonize Mars

Tired Of Earth? Elon Musk Unveils Plans To Colonize Mars

Although the verdict is still out (there somewhere) on whether or not there is life on Mars, there soon could be Earthlings on the planet. At least that’s the latest plan from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who today unveiled the latest project for his SpaceX venture. [More]

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Listen To This Creepy Robocall & See Why 750K People Want Free Robo-Blocking Tools

As if auto-dialed, pre-recorded robocalls weren’t bad enough, scammers are now blasting out robocalls that use poorly synthesized text-to-talk programs in an effort to try to frighten people into thinking they are being sued. [More]

Short-Term Loan Startup LendUp Ordered To Pay $3.6M Over Alleged Lending Violations

Short-Term Loan Startup LendUp Ordered To Pay $3.6M Over Alleged Lending Violations

When a company promises to lend you money and rebuild your credit — all through your phone — it can be hard to pass up the offer, especially when you’re in a pinch. But what happens when that lender doesn’t deliver? It gets fined millions of dollars by the federal government, or at least that’s the case for online lender LendUp. [More]


Here’s Why Mall Owners Stepped In To Save Aeropostale

The winners of the bankruptcy auction for teen clothing retailer Aeropostale weren’t a competing clothing chain or another retailer hoping to get into the teen clothing biz: it was a joint venture by mall landlords, who apparently didn’t want to face another hole in their shopping centers left by a bankrupt retailer. [More]


Yahoo Facing Lawsuits, Senate Inquiry, Possibly Merger Issues After Massive Data Breach

Last week was pretty rough for Yahoo, which confirmed on Thursday that it suffered a major data breach affecting more than half a billion (yes, with a B) users. Now 500 million people with Yahoo accounts are trying to figure out what to do next… but they’re not the only ones. [More]


Audi Recalls 20K SUVs Because Seats Shouldn’t Move In A Crash

Owning or driving a vehicle with a third row of seats can be convenient when hauling around your family, the neighbor’s kids, or when you simply just need to get more people from point A to point B. But you know what’s not convenient? When those seats don’t stay where they’re supposed to in a crash. For that reason, Audi is recalled nearly 20,000 SUVs.  [More]

Report: Chinese Owner Of AMC Theatres In Talks To Acquire Dick Clark Productions

Report: Chinese Owner Of AMC Theatres In Talks To Acquire Dick Clark Productions

Chinese entertainment giant Wanda Group is reportedly in the mood for shopping, and it now has its eye on Dick Clark Productions, a company that owns far more than ABC’s New Year’s Eve programming. The transaction would give Wanda and its billionaire owner control of programs like the American Music Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, and the Miss America pageant. [More]