Mike Mozart

Modell’s To Take Over A Former Sports Authority Store After All

Back when Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, regional chain Modell’s reportedly wanted a piece of the business being abandoned. The chain briefly considered teaming up with a British sports retailer to take over some stores. The deal didn’t work out, and Modell’s didn’t bid on any store leases in the bankruptcy auction, either. However, the chain will now be opening a showcase store in what used to be Sports Authority’s last store in Manhattan. [More]

Camera Catches Tow Truck Driver Taking $110K Sports Car On An Alleged Joyride

Camera Catches Tow Truck Driver Taking $110K Sports Car On An Alleged Joyride

A tow truck driver in Texas was unable to resist the lure of a $110,000 sports car: he took the vehicle out for a joyride before delivering it to its destination — a joyride that was caught on the car’s camera system. [More]

Uber Adds Surge Pricing To Food Delivery

Uber Adds Surge Pricing To Food Delivery

For years, Uber has subscribed to a “surge” pricing model that increased the cost of a ride during peak times, like rush hours. Now, the ride-sharing company is taking that idea and bringing it to its UberEATS food delivery service in certain markets. [More]

Eric Kilby

Tasty Burger Files Formal Opposition To Chipotle’s Tasty Made Trademark

Back in August, East Coast burger chain Tasty Burger sent a cease-and-desist letter to Chipotle over its trademark for the company’s new burger venture, Tasty Made. Now that the latter has opened its first location — in Columbus, OH, as of yesterday — Tasty Burger says it’s making its opposition to that trademark formal. [More]


FCC Adopts New Privacy Rule Limiting What ISPs Can Do With Your Personal Data

Privacy is a complicated thing, especially online. While we all know companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon — edge providers, in the parlance of regulators — collect and use our data, fewer of us think about how much the owners of the metaphorical pipes can see passing through them. So to that end, the FCC voted today to adopt rules designed to limit how much of internet subscribers’ data ISPs can sell, share, and trade, and to let customers have some more control over the uses of their personal information. [More]


Walmart Tackling Long Checkout Lines This Holiday Season With Troop Of “Helpers”

After spending your precious time plodding up and down the aisles of the local big box store, marking off items on your holiday shopping list, the last thing you want to do is wait in the checkout line for an hour. Walmart’s new plan to avoid this annoyance involves specialized teams whose only jobs will be to keep these lines moving. [More]

Mike Mozart

Groupon Gets A Great Deal On Rival Site LivingSocial

Do you remember the daily deal bubble of just a few years ago? Groupon boomed and had a spectactular public stock offering, and even companies like Amazon and PayPal opened their own copycat sites. Consumers largely lost interest in deals sites as a category, and so did investors, but category leaders Groupon and LivingSocial managed to survive. Now Groupon has acquired its smaller rival for an undisclosed amount, but probably at least 80% off its peak valuation. [More]

Facebook Unveils Its Own Snapchat-Like Photo Filters

Facebook Unveils Its Own Snapchat-Like Photo Filters

There’s just something about Snapchat, all the other messaging services just can’t help themselves from mimicking the quick photo messaging app in one way or another: from Instagram’s “Stories” feature to Facebook’s experiments with self-destructing messages. Now, the big blue “F” is taking another stab at being more like Snapchat, debuting a set of filters that users can place over their photos — think puking rainbows and cartoonish eyes.  [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Laying Off 9% Of Workforce After Failing To Sell Itself

As expected, Twitter has announced that it’s laying off a large chunk of its workforce as it prepares to go it alone after failing to attract a solid suitor. [More]


Verizon Executive: We’re Still Waiting For More Info On Yahoo Breach

Yahoo’s data breach affecting the accounts of half a billion customers will probably have an effect on its pending acquisition by Verizon, and that effect will be a “material” one that will affect how much Verizon pays. A Verizon executive explained at a technology conference today that the company still needs more information about the hack before tying the knot. [More]

French Apple Store Smasher Sentenced, Ordered To Repay $19K In Damages

French Apple Store Smasher Sentenced, Ordered To Repay $19K In Damages

The man who went on a phone-smashing spree at a mall near Dijon, France, reportedly because the company wouldn’t replace his defective iPhone, has received a six-month suspended prison sentence. He must stay away from the mall and pay Apple back for his destruction spree. [More]

Adam Fagen

Comcast Joins AT&T, Sues Nashville To Slow Down Google Fiber Construction

The “fun” in Nashville never ends… at least, not for lawyers who enjoy suing the city. They’ve got plenty of work ahead of them, now that Comcast is joining the “let’s sue Nashville to block new competition” club. [More]

Quinn Dombrowski

SkyWest Airlines Pilot Arrested On Suspicion Of Operating Flight While Intoxicated

Travelers on a Delta connection flight from Rapid City, SD to Salt Lake City experienced an unusual, but necessary, delay on Wednesday morning when police arrested the pilot on the suspicion that he was intoxicated. [More]

Chipotle Cutting Off All Investments Into Asian-Inspired ShopHouse Brand

Chipotle Cutting Off All Investments Into Asian-Inspired ShopHouse Brand

In the midst of trying to convince customers to come back and eat at Chipotle a year after its national food safety crisis first started, it seems the chain doesn’t have the resources to cultivate other efforts, like its Asian-inspired ShopHouse chain. [More]

Google Maps Now Lets Users Order Food Delivery

Google Maps Now Lets Users Order Food Delivery

Last month, Google announced that it would provide users with the ability to hail a ride from services like Uber and Lyft when searching for direction inside Maps. Now, the company is taking that idea and expanding it to food delivery: adding the option for users to order food when searching for restaurants on the Maps app.  [More]

The Grocery Shrink Ray Hit Seattle Bakeries In 1916

The Grocery Shrink Ray Hit Seattle Bakeries In 1916

Did you think that the Grocery Shrink Ray was a modern phenomenon? It turns out that shrinking down food and hoping that no one notices is a venerable tradition, and was front-page news in Seattle a century ago. [More]

Don Buciak II

Ford Issues Trio Of Recalls Over Fire Risks, Leaks

Vehicles are not supposed to leak fuel or oil. Still, several models of Ford vehicles apparently include those issues, leading the carmaker to announce three recalls covering nearly 500,000 vehicles.  [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Arby’s Will Offer Venison Sandwiches This Fall In 6 Deer-Hunting States

In its continuing quest to convince hungry consumers that it is the meat destination, Arby’s is adding a new protein to the menu in certain locations this fall: customers will be able to order venison meat sandwiches at participating restaurants in six states where deer hunting is popular. [More]