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Senate Obamacare Repeal Plan Would Leave 22 Million Without Insurance

In news that will likely change the way some lawmakers view the Senate’s proposal to gut and replace much of the Affordable Care Act, the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that this latest effort would ultimately leave 22 million Americans without insurance on top of those who would be uninsured under the current law, while trimming $321 billion from the federal deficit over ten years. [More]

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Trailer Bought To Hold Victims Of Terrorism Now Holds Victims Of Heroin Overdoses

In 2012, St. Louis County in Missouri used a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to buy a refrigerated trailer that can hold more than 20 human bodies. The trailer was intended for use after a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and the county is fortunate that the money spent to buy it was wasted. Until now, when the compressor in the already-full morgue went out. [More]


GOP Revises Obamacare Repeal Bill, Adds 6-Month Penalty For People With Lapsed Coverage

One of the Republican party’s biggest complaints about the Affordable Care Act is that it requires most individuals to have some sort of health insurance or pay a penalty. The draft Senate bill released last week gets rid of that financial penalty, but a newly released revised version of that bill replaces it with a waiting period of up to six months for people who are uninsured or let their coverage lapse. [More]

Oscar Mayer Wiener Drone Designed To Make It Rain Hot Dogs

Oscar Mayer

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and it definitely isn’t Superman: Oscar Mayer is adding a drone to its Wienermobile fleet, one that the company says will drop hot dogs on hungry, Earthbound customers below — one wiener at a time. [More]

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If VW Executive Comes To The U.S., The Authorities Will Be Waiting

Back in January, federal authorities filed criminal charges against six Volkswagen executives for their part in the company’s “dieselgate” scandal. Just last week, international arrest warrants were issued for some of those individuals who live in Germany, prompting lawyers for one engineer to warn him not to leave the country. [More]

Company Behind “Healing” Stickers Says NASA Connection Claim Was A Misunderstanding

Company Behind “Healing” Stickers Says NASA Connection Claim Was A Misunderstanding

Last week, officials with NASA called out Gwyneth Paltrow’s “modern lifestyle brand” Goop for promoting “healing” stickers that it claimed were made from material designed for NASA space suits. Now, the company behind the stickers has apologized, claiming the inaccurate affirmation was just a big ol’ misunderstanding. [More]

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Facebook Is Ready For Its Close-Up, Wants To Get Into Scripted TV Shows

Not content to let Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu corner the market on original streaming TV shows, Facebook is reportedly trying to carve out a spot for itself in the entertainment business with its own scripted programming. [More]


Silicon Valley’s Newest Resident: John Deere

When most of us think of high-tech companies, we tend to think of the outfits that make software we can use on our phones: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Uber, and all the rest. But the computerization trends of the past decades have affected agriculture and industry just as much as anyone else, and now famous farming company John Deere is planting its flag in the heart of Silicon Valley.



Company Stops Selling Cladding Linked To Deadly London Apartment Tower Fire

A type of lightweight aluminum cladding made by Arconic (formerly known as Alcoa) has been discontinued after being linked to the deadly fire that claimed at least 79 lives at the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London. [More]

Nintendo Officially Following Up NES Classic With Mini SNES This Fall

Nintendo Officially Following Up NES Classic With Mini SNES This Fall

Classic gamers who missed out on scoring one of Nintendo’s mini-Classic console systems before the company discontinued the limited-time product last year will have another chance to score a mini-video system later this year, if they like Super Nintendo, that is.  [More]

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Amazon’s Likely First Move At Whole Foods: Bring In Warehouse Robots

When Amazon and Whole Foods announced that they were getting hitched in the corporate sense, the benefits for both sides were obvious. Amazon would acquire its way into a grocery distribution network and hundreds of stores with upscale customers, and Whole Foods would get a parent company at the forefront of retail technology. What’s likely to be first up for Whole Foods? Warehouse robots. [More]

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SCOTUS To Hear Case Of Bakery That Refused To Make Wedding Cake For Gay Couple

The owner of a Colorado bakery who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple back in 2012 will have his day in the highest court in the land, after the U.S. Supreme Court agreed today to hear his appeal. [More]


What Does Takata Bankruptcy Mean For Deadly Airbag Recall?

After months of speculation, embattled auto parts maker Takata has officially filed for bankruptcy following a massive shrapnel-shooting airbag recall affecting more than 42 million vehicles and the legal fallout that followed.  [More]

Report: Instagram Influencers Continue To Ignore Warnings About Stealth Ads

Report: Instagram Influencers Continue To Ignore Warnings About Stealth Ads

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission issued dozens of friendly reminders to brands that they were potentially breaking advertising/endorsement rules by compensating Instagram “influencers” without being transparent about this sponsorship. According to a new report, this message apparently didn’t influence the influencers, many of whom continue to stealth-advertise to their followers. [More]

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TSA May Want To Flip Through Your Summer Reading Next Time You Fly

At this point, most travelers know that your electronics, your shoes, your food, and your liquids are going to have to come out of your bag (or off your person) and get extra screening just so you can get on a flight. But now, it seems books — good, old-fashioned paper books — may be joining that list. [More]

Is The FDA Doing Enough To Keep Problematic Personal Care Products Off Shelves?

Chris Rief

When you slather that trendy beauty lip balm on or try a new shampoo for the first time, perhaps you’re under the impression that the federal government has a process in place that ensures that cosmetic or personal care product is safe before it touches your body. But the reality is that cosmetics manufacturers don’t have to obtain premarket approval before selling most new products — and whether or not they report adverse events related to those items is pretty much up to them. Some in the industry think it’s time for this to change. [More]


Baby Requires Medical Treatment After Overheating On Delayed United Plane

A Colorado woman says United Airlines and personnel at the Denver International Airport didn’t act quickly enough when her four-month-old son became overheated on a delayed flight and needed medical attention. [More]

Price-Hiking Pharma Bro Ignores Lawyers’ Advice To Shut Up

Price-Hiking Pharma Bro Ignores Lawyers’ Advice To Shut Up

As a defense attorney, you can tell your clients to stop talking to the press and trolling online, but they don’t necessarily have to listen to you. Attorneys for price-hiking pharma bro and Wu-Tang Clan enthusiast Martin Shkreli haven’t been able to keep him quiet, which may be a problem in his trial for securities fraud that begins today. [More]