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What is Consumerist?

Consumerist is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit consumer news and information website. It’s supposed to be informative and funny, except when it is informative and insouciant.

I want to express myself in this medium. How do I get a commenter account?

Thank you for your interest. Right now our comment system is in beta, and is invite only. To obtain an invite, please fill out this short survey (linked here and embedded below) and include your email address. We will add you to the waiting list. Please do not fill it out more than once. Your email address will only be used to send you the invite and to communicate with you about your account.

How do I post a complaint?

This website is a journalistic enterprise and the articles are written by editors and contributors. If you’d like to alert us to something that you think we should write about, you may use We appreciate the tips we get, and are grateful that people take the time to help us.

Why don’t you have a huge editorial staff and a state-of-the-art commenting system that’s like Reddit-times-infinity-plus-one?

Well, it’s probably because we are a free website that doesn’t accept outside advertising and we also don’t allow our technology partners to sell your personal information or use it for commercial purposes. That type of stuff is what pays for your fancy what-have-yous on the internet. If you want to help us improve the site, please donate. 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to producing and improving Consumerist.

Why don’t you just use a “free” commenting system of my choosing?

For a website the size of Consumerist, there is no such thing as a “free” commenting system. It could also be argued that there is no such thing as “free” on the internet, but that train of thought is too philosophical for this FAQ.

Whom should I contact about advertising?

We do not accept advertising. Please do not contact us about advertising. Please also do not contact us about “sponsorships” because we don’t do that either. We also will not post your “free” post or infographic.

I would like to arrange an interview with one of your editors. How do I do this?
Please send your request to, or to the editor in question.

I would like one of your editors to speak at my conference, panel or event.
Please send your request to

How do I obtain a job at Consumerist?
Consumerist is operated by Consumer Media LLC, which is owned by Consumer Reports. You can view our job openings here.

I want to send you a suggestion about how your website can be better.

Cool. Suggestions are helpful. Send them to with the word “FEEDBACK” in the subject. A real human being with hopes and dreams just like you will read it, so please be nice and focus on specific things that we can do to improve. It especially helpful when people tell us what they like about the site. This encourages us to try to do more of those things.

Can I say anything I want in the comments?

Not really. We have a code of etiquette. We do not allow bullying, hate speech, homophobia, sexism, ad hominem attacks, partisan political rants or pedantry. You can view it here.

Can I post someone’s personal information on your site?