Time Doesn’t Really Fly When Repair Shop Keeps Your Clock For More Than 22 Years

We’ve heard some horror stories about customer service here at Consumerist HQ, but the examples coming from customers of a clock shop in New York are totally taking the cake. One woman dropped off her timepiece for repairs 22 years ago… and hasn’t seen it since.



If Whirlpool Wants To Go Over Every Wire In My Fridge, They Can Do It Somewhere Else

Edward bought a new Kitchenaid refrigerator back in September, and it lasted for four whole months. He had expected it to last a little longer than that. It all began with the water and ice dispenser breaking down. When a technician came to fix that and replaced the whole user interface, the appliance lost its ability to keep food cold. Now Edward’s family is using their crappy backup garage fridge while the repairwoman goes over the refrigerator wire by wire, trying to find the original problem. [More]

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Bissell’s Warranty Replacement For Our Vacuum Is Just Terrible

When they got married, Tim and his wife picked out their new Bissell vacuum cleaner from Consumer Reports’ list of top vacs. It was the most reliable for the money (around $250) and their first few years with it were glorious. Then it developed an inconvenient problem: part of the canister door fell off, and the entire door would always fall into the trash. It was a minor annoyance, but something they shouldn’t have to bother with for an appliance that’s under warranty. Right? [More]

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Are Over-The-Stove Microwaves Just For Decoration?

Maybe, when it comes to over-the-stove microwaves, you have two choices: you can use your stove a lot, or you can have a working microwave. Or, as reader Kyle’s wife puts it, you can have a kitchen built for looks or a kitchen built for cooks, but not both. Kyle wrote in about yesterday’s post regarding GE over-the-stove microwaves, and agrees with tipster JLP that perhaps the real problem is that over-the-stove microwaves aren’t designed to actually be used over stoves. [More]


I’m Stuck Without A Vacuum When My Dyson Gets Sucked Into A Black Hole

Dyson vacuum cleaners have so much cachet that they’re a hot item with shoplifters. Reader Peter isn’t so thrilled with his Dyson, though. He was somehow under the impression that spending $400 on a device with a famously good warranty meant that getting his vacuum fixed or replaced would be a swift and simple process. It was not, but to be fair: the problems weren’t entirely Dyson’s fault. [More]

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Pyrex, But The Customer Service Is Still Pretty Good

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Pyrex, But The Customer Service Is Still Pretty Good

The humble Pyrex dish seems like one of the few household items still made in the United States. Sure, they have some shattering issues due to a change in the composition of the glass, but are still relatively inexpensive kitchen workhorses. Jill is a big fan, and has a lot of Pyrex items in her kitchen. When one of her storage containers had a small crack in the middle of the side, she was ready to just toss it out, but called Pyrex on a whim. She had no receipt or other warranty information, but she gave them a call anyway. They had a surprise for her: a new container! [More]


Westinghouse Digital Offers Two Little TVs Instead Of Replacing My Big One

Joe has followed our posts about Westinghouse Digital TVs with interest. When his 46″ set broke after only eight months, he used consumer ninja methods to get a refund, and went nuclear on the company. He wanted to warn other consumers not to do business with the company. [More]


Skullcandy Won’t Honor Earbud Warranty Because I Used Logic When Mailing Them Back

Stephen goes through a lot of headphones, apparently. He had three defective pair of Skullcandy earbuds to return, so he complained about them and got return authorizations for all three. He sent them back using the mailing labels Skullcandy had given him. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick all three mailing labels on the outside of the box, and now Skullcandy says that means they’ll only replace one of them. [More]

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How To Get Your Westinghouse Digital TV Repaired Or Replaced: Buy It At Costco

Great news and terrible news for reader Mark, who can’t get Westinghouse Digital to repair his TV that broke after only three months. Heck, they won’t even pick up the phone. The great news is that another reader wrote in to tell us how he successfully got his Westinghouse TV first repaired, then replaced. The terrible news is that he accomplished this by buying the TV at Costco. [More]


My TV Breaks After 3 Weeks, Westinghouse Digital Really Doesn’t Care

Mark’s wife is a Target employee and got them a pretty sweet discount on a Westinghouse Digital TV. That doesn’t mean that they got any special treatment when the TV broke down, though. He got the same, evidently crappy, treatment as everyone else whose relatively new TV has failed within the first month. [More]


Samsung’s Anti-Repair Depot Still In Business, Still Not Repairing Things

Fortunately for Todd, his experience with Samsung’s anti-repair depot isn’t as bad as some we’ve heard. He just keeps sending his wife’s Chromebook in to get fixed, and they don’t repair it. He’d like to get it back so he can return it to Amazon and get a computer that actually boots up, but the anti-repair staff can’t figure out how to authorize sending him his own computer back. [More]

About that Canon you wanted to replace me with...

My Epson All-In-One Needs Ink To Scan To A USB Drive

Imagine that you have one of those combination toaster oven-coffee machines that exist for some reason. You don’t have any more coffee in the house, but that’s okay, because you can still use it to make toast. Right? All-in-one printers don’t work on that principle. Venkat’s Epson Workforce 610 could still work as a perfectly serviceable scanner, but it can’t. Because Epson has made sure that if it doesn’t have a full inkjet cartridge in it right this minute, he can’t scan. [More]

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Nintendo Scratches My 3DS And Loses Data During Repair, Shrugs

Initially, Shawn thought that Nintendo had done a really great job repairing his 3DS. The control pad was working nicely. Only something wasn’t right: the pouch was missing where the SD memory card should have been. There was also a scratch on the device that hadn’t been there before. Cards themselves are cheap: it’s the data that’s irreplaceable, and that’s already gone. So what’s Shawn so upset about? Mostly that no one at Nintendo will admit that anything went wrong. [More]


Maytag Has A Weird Concept Of ‘Soon’

How do you define “soon” in terms of a one-year warranty? Howard doesn’t have an exact timeframe in mind, but he imagines that it’s not “more than nine months from now.” Yet when Maytag sent him a letter urging him to extend his appliance warranties, that’s how much time he had left. [More]

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D-Link Doesn’t Want To Sell Me A New AC Adapter, Needs Personal Space

Waldon would like to buy a new AC adapter from D-Link. He doesn’t want them to give him one for free, necessarily. He just wants to be able to buy one so he doesn’t have to go out and buy a whole new network switch. Unfortunately for him, no one at D-Link is capable of doing this. In theory, the adapter should be available from the company’s website, but it isn’t. Their own employees couldn’t find it. Then, things got really confusing. [More]

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Maytag Repair Bumbling Leaves Us Without Fridge For Five Weeks

Kristine’s family has managed for a month without a refrigerator. Sure, if you’re a single person who subsists on takeout, that’s not so hard. Try being a family with small children and eating out of an ice chest for more than a month…starting just after Thanksgiving [More]


Epson Sells Me Paper That Jams My Smudgy Printer, Hangs Up On Me

John bought his new Epson printer just a few months ago. He’s now attempted to use it to print photos twice, and neither attempt was successful. He found tech support discouraging: they hung up on him twice, then referred him to another office. Then, mysteriously, he was unable to log in to his Epson.com account: the site told him that it didn’t exist. At this point, he’d rather be rid of the printer entirely. [More]


This LG Microwave Is The Ultimate In Disposable Appliances

Recently, I was surprised to learn that Goldstar and LG are the same company. LG stands for “Lucky Goldstar.” Gasp! This is no surprise to reader Jef, though, who has to keep ordering the same microwave over and over, and those microwaves come from either Goldstar or LG. Why has he bought four of the same microwave? Is he a landlord, a rich person with many houses, or an eccentric person who insists on having a microwave in every room? No. His problem is that the microwave in his kitchen keeps breaking down, sometimes just barely after the end of the original warranty.