Which Is Worse To Find In Your Burger: Horsemeat Or Feces?

As Europe continues to spiral into horsemeat contamination pandemonium, it can be kinda easy to feel smug, sitting pretty over here in the United States with our horse-free burgers. But lest ye forget that there are other food dangers out there, it’s good to remind ourselves that grossness can strike in other, hooveless forms. [More]

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Brothers Bolster Lawsuit Claiming Budweiser Is Watered Down By Drinking Plenty Of Beer

If there’s one thing you can’t do to American consumers and get away with, it’s water down our favorite alcoholic beverages. In the vein of “Don’t water down our Maker’s Mark or pay the consequences,” two Philadelphia brothers are alleging that Anheuser-Bush InBev has been watering down its beverages. And they’ve been drinking plenty of Budweisers to try and prove it. [More]

Yay, bacon! But also, no.

Toaster Bacon & 3 Other Failed Food Ideas You Couldn’t Pay Us To Try

Normally when anyone mentions the word bacon, our ears and tummies perk up like it’s meat Christmas. But cooking bacon in a toaster with some kind of foil and absorbent pad situation? No thank you, not for a kazillion dollars. Throughout food history there have inevitably been food flops, and Reddi-Bacon is just one of those destined to go down as a bona fide grody idea. [More]


Horse Burgers? Whatever, South Africa Has A Donkey Meat Problem To Deal With

While Europe grapples with its growing horsemeat problem, their consumer brethren in South Africa have a new beef with their beef — namely that a lot of it actually contains donkey, water buffalo and goat meat. Some of those four-legged creatures might be a part of a daily diet in that country, but still, meat should be labeled correctly. Is that so much to ask? [More]

Ha, sausage is funny.

Tainted Sausages Prompt Recall And A Whole Lot Of Elbow Nudging

Connoisseurs of sausage know that the meat is much better without pieces of plastic gloves in it, which is why one company is recalling 38,000 pounds of sausage suspected to contain such foreign bits. The Gwaltney mild sausage rolls come in a one-pound package and may contain “small pieces of glove particles.” [More]


CDC Report Details Which Foods Make The Most People Sick, Tells Everyone To Stay Calm

First of all, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention don’t want you to get all freaked out about the foods you eat, just because it’s releasing a report on the foods responsible for sickening the most people. It’s just an attempt to help regulators improve food safety. That being said, leafy greens like lettuce, spinach and kale are the most popular culprits, dairy products were responsible for the most hospitalizations and the most deaths were linked to poultry. [More]


Gatorade Removing Controversial Ingredient But Denies It’s Because Of Teen’s Campaign

A few weeks after a 15-year-old started an online petition to tell Gatorade to get rid of brominated vegetable oil, an ingredient linked to flame retardants, its parent company PepsiCo says it’s pulling the controversial ingredient from the sports drink. But not because of that petition, says the company. Nope, because of everyone else who was complaining.  [More]


Mother Probably Less Concerned With Size Of Subway Sandwich Than The Glass Shards In It

Today’s news is all shards and we haven’t stopped cringing: First it was the potential for metal shards in pizza and now a mother is claiming her three-year-old daughter ate pieces of glass that were allegedly inside her Subway sandwich. Kinda makes all those complaints of 11-inch Footlongs seem a bit less important because hey, at least they’re shard-free. [More]


Breaking: No One Actually Sells Pig Rectums As ‘Imitation Calamari’

For the last week or so, public radio listeners haven’t been able to look at their deep-fried appetizers quite the same way. That’s because two weekends ago, the WBEZ/PRI program “This American Life” investigated a reader’s tip that in a meat-packing plant somewhere in America, there was a box of pig rectums with the words “Imitation Calamari” printed on the side. [More]

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Study: 20,000 Trips To The Emergency Room In 2011 Linked To Consumption Of Energy Drinks

Following on the heels of reports linking ill health effects to energy drinks like Monster and 5-Hour Energy, a new government study says those beverages are “a rising public health problem,” and have been linked to 20,000 visits to emergency rooms around the country. [More]

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Meat Lovers In UK, Ireland Surprised That Beef Now Comes With Horse DNA Included

Over here we’ve had our spate of controversy over fillers in beef products but even talk of pink slime likely won’t provoke quite the reaction as telling someone there’s horse meat in their hamburger. The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) says horse DNA has been found in burgers and other products purported to be made of beef in Irish supermarkets as well as in the United Kingdom. Cue shudders. [More]

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Student Finds The Absolute Grossest, Disgusting Chicken Brain (Kidney?) Thing In His KFC

We’ve heard plenty of stories of people encountering grody, nasty and unsavory items in their fast food. Yes, that’s true. But honestly, everyone? Cross our hearts and swear to die, stick a needle in our eyes, the story of a man in England finding what appears to be a chicken brain in his KFC is one of the absolutely most disgusting, stomach-turning things we have ever had the misfortune to see. [More]

Not coniferous.

This Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Tree Looks Like The World’s Tastiest Poop

This Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree resembles many things. Tipster Chris, who found it, says that it resembles “a combination turd/dildo.” It kind of looks like a sword made out of those long, thin balloons used for balloon animals. If you held it upside down, it would look a little like a palm tree. What it doesn’t resemble in any way is a Christmas tree.


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Former Beef Worker Sues Chef Jamie Oliver, ABC News & Diane Sawyer Over “Pink Slime”

The beef industry isn’t about to forget about that whole “pink slime” thing, wherein ABC News and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver used the phrase to bring attention to a widely used product known as lean finely textured beef. Beef Products Inc. filed suit against ABC back in September, and now a former employee of the company is suing the news network, anchor Diane Sawyer, Oliver and others, claiming he lost his job because of  the pink slime controversy. [More]

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Study Finds A Third Of NYC’s Seafood Is Mislabeled, Posing Health Risks

It isn’t just Los Angeles that is having a problem with mislabeled fish — a new study that tested seafood on menus, at grocery stores and in fancy specialty shops in New York City says plenty of the fish offerings there are frequently misidentified. So while you might think you’re ordering up a nice slab of red snapper, it could just be a regular old piece of tialpia. That kind of mislabeling and misrepresentation could also lead to plenty of health problems, say researchers. [More]

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Court: Texas Roadhouse Doesn’t Owe Customer $150K For Hair-Stuffed Steak

A customer at a Wisconsin Texas Roadhouse restaurant complained that his steak was overcooked, and a spiteful staffer who thought he was lying to scam free food stuffed pieces of his facial hair inside the meat. The same employee later claimed to have stuffed a steak with pubic hair. This story may sound familiar to old-school Consumerist fans: we posted it in 2008, and it appeared on our list of all-time grossest food stories. The hairy steaks are in the news again. What’s happened in the intervening four years? Lawsuits. [More]

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Petition Claims Ingredient In Gatorade Is A Flame Retardant, Unsafe For Consumption

Gatorade is under fire from a new consumer petition claiming that the company’s beverage contains an unhealthy ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (or BVO), that was developed as a flame retardant. Opponents of the emulsifier, which is used to suspend citric oils in beverages, says it poses health risks like reduced fertility and early-onset puberty. Gatorade says the levels of BVO it uses are totally safe. [More]


FDA Incident Reports Link Monster Energy Drink To Five Deaths

Last week, a mother in Maryland sued the makers of caffeine-heavy Monster Energy drink, alleging that the beverage was not only behind the death of her teen daughter, but that the company knew of possible health risks and failed to warn consumers. [More]