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Man Celebrates Court Date By Gobbling Child’s Birthday Cake

You have to go inside a courthouse, and in the car you have a dog and a birthday cake for your daughter. You don’t want the dog to eat the cake. To keep them apart, you could put the cake in the trunk, bring the dog in the courthouse, or bring the cake in the courthouse. A woman in Washington State chose that last option, which was bad news for the cake. [More]

Discount Grocer Good Cents Offers Discount Of Zero Cents

Discount Grocer Good Cents Offers Discount Of Zero Cents

Lisa was shopping at the discount grocer Good Cents, but noticed some discount signs that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to her. They didn’t make a great case for the whole “discount grocery” concept, telling customers that Good Cents was charging the same prices as everyone else. Or maybe it was a typo. Multiple typos. [More]

This Habanero Sauce Includes 100% Cayenne Peppers. Wait, What?

This Habanero Sauce Includes 100% Cayenne Peppers. Wait, What?

When is a habanero pepper still a habanero pepper? When it’s a cayenne pepper. We aren’t experts on the spiciest of spicy foods, but we’re still kind of confused at about this sauce that reader Chris found in Whole Foods. “It’s a ‘Habanero Pepper Sauce’ that contains no habanero peppers,” he writes. “It always pays to read the ingredients.” How does this even make sense? [More]

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Mystery Man Visits Grocery, Confesses To Armed Robbery, Pays Store Back $400

It was kind of weird: a visitor to an Asian grocery/sandwich shop had an envelope in his hand that he would only give to the store’s owner. When the owner’s son hesitated, the mystery courier set the envelope down on the counter and left. The envelope contained $400 and a note, which confessed to an armed robbery of the shop a dozen years ago. [More]

Buttery Math At Kroger: Double The Biscuits For 10 Cents More

Buttery Math At Kroger: Double The Biscuits For 10 Cents More

Every day, as we go through our regular errands, we are being tested. A math test, that is. Reader Denis was amused when he noticed that a sale made canned biscuits the same price for five biscuits as for ten of them. [More]

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Would A Shopping Cart Mirror Showing Your Fat Face Make You Buy More Vegetables?

Could you look yourself in the eye, then load your grocery cart up with root beer and ice cream bars? No, literally. Stakeholders ranging from from physicians to grocers want Americans to buy (and eat) more fresh produce and less junk food, but how can they do that without a complete overhaul of the food system? With gentle nudges. [More]


Fuzzy Math At The Amusement Park And The Grocery Store

Look, Six Flags, it’s summer vacation. We’re here to eat terrible food and be hurled around at high speeds on rides. We’re not here to do math, and we’re really not here to figure out why your “family meal deal” for 4 costs a few cents more than four chicken dinners purchased separately. [More]

QFC Applies Target Math, Rewards Customers For Buying Less Sour Cream

QFC Applies Target Math, Rewards Customers For Buying Less Sour Cream

Sarah tried. Really, she did. She wanted to save money and packaging by purchasing a larger quantity of her preferred brand of sour cream, Alpenrose but her local grocer and their Target math stood in her way. What’s Target math? That’s when it costs you more per unit to buy something when you buy a larger quantity, despite the normal rules of commerce. [More]


Trader Joe’s Sues Owner Of Store In Canada That Sells Only Trader Joe’s Items

Trader Joe’s has made it known that they want one of their best customers to stay away. That’s because he isn’t buying thousands of dollars’ worth of gluten-free granola and chocolate-covered potato chips for his household in Canada: he’s hauling them across the border to sell at his own shop, called Pirate Joe’s, at higher prices. [More]


How Harris Teeter Paid Me To Eat Ribeye Steaks

“The adage you get what you pay for holds true with Harris Teeter,” notes reader Gunnar. Yes, he says, they charge more than their grocery competition, but their stores are pleasant, their employees competent, and their selection of merchandise is good. What he didn’t know is that they also have a generous return policy when the butcher cuts your steaks up badly. [More]

Fred Meyer Not Sure How Unit Pricing Works

Fred Meyer Not Sure How Unit Pricing Works

Customers at a Fred Meyer store were left scratching their heads as well as clutching their bellies in pain if they happened to notice this really bad deal on Pepto-Bismol at a Fred Meyer store. Tipster Scott took a photo of the items on the shelf. Somehow, buying a two-pack leads to the per-ounce price doubling, even when the price for that package is less than double the price of a single bottle. [More]

HyVee Prints Sign To Say, ‘Nope, No Fuel Discount On This Either’

HyVee Prints Sign To Say, ‘Nope, No Fuel Discount On This Either’

“um..this makes 0 cents,” reader Terry wrote when he submitted this photo from a local HyVee store to us. It’s one thing to post a sign with a sale price when there’s no real discount or to advertise a sale when you’ve marked something up, but why advertise a gas promotion when there’s no gas promotion?


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I Left My Phone At Safeway, Then Things Got Weird

Rachael absent-mindedly left her phone at Safeway, a grocery store chain. Leaving things behind is a normal thing: it happens to everyone, even if you won’t admit it. What isn’t normal is what happened between Rachael and Safeway in the days afterward. She was lucky that no other customers wandered off with her phone, and that the store held on to it for her in their safe. At least, that’s what they said part of the time. [More]


Woman Struck By Lightning While Cashing Out At The Grocery Store

Did you think that you were safe from lightning strikes while you’re indoors, paying for your groceries? Apparently not. A woman standing in line at a Louisiana supermarket was struck by lightning, a baffling event that a meteorologist called “one-in-a-million.” She ended up in the hospital, and business went on as usual in the store. [More]


Stay At This Supermarket 61 Minutes, Pay $65 To Park

Sure, you could just put up a “no parking sign” if you don’t want anyone to park at your store. But a Woolworths store in suburban Sydney, Australia did want their customers to park there…just not commuters. Their strange-looking but sensible solution was to make parking free for the first hour, but cost $65 ($58.92) for more than an hour and $125 ($113.30) for overnight parking. [More]

Neighborhood Vons Store, I’m Really Worried About You

Neighborhood Vons Store, I’m Really Worried About You

David’s family are the very definition of loyal customers: they have shopped at the same Vons store for 50 years now. Not just “at Vons”: at the same location all that time. They know the layout of the store well. Now, David is worried. He’s worried that this venerable store has forgotten how prices work. [More]

Check Out These Exceptionally Large, Salmon-Colored Shrimp

Check Out These Exceptionally Large, Salmon-Colored Shrimp

Reader Griffin was shopping at Jewel when he discovered some exceptionally large and luscious shrimp. Which are also sort of salmon-colored. Hmm. [More]


English Grocery Store Offers Venison Special: Severed Deer Head At Checkout

You can encounter the weirdest stuff at the grocery store in the wee hours of the morning, but you probably haven’t seen anything weirder than what turned up in the self-checkout aisle of one of UK grocer Tesco’s stores at 1:30 in the morning: the severed head of a deer. [More]