Walmart Will Switch To All Cage-Free Eggs By 2025

With competitors like Target and the Kroger and Albertsons families of supermarkets pledging to sell only cage-free eggs, Walmart apparently didn’t want to be left behind. The mega-retailer announced today that by 2025, all of the eggs it sells in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores will come from hens that were not raised in individual cages. [More]

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Sports Authority Comes To Agreement With Suppliers To Sell Winter Gear

Should you trust someone who’s broke to hold on to your stuff and sell it for you? Suppliers to the bankrupt Sports Authority decided that they didn’t, and filed lawsuits to keep the retailer from selling winter sports merchandise and cold-weather gear and to get it back. Now they’ve reached a settlement over the merchandise… now that winter is over, naturally. [More]

Fuzzy Math At Walmart Means Bigger Chicken Broth Carton Costs You More

Fuzzy Math At Walmart Means Bigger Chicken Broth Carton Costs You More

On the shelf, the 48-ounce carton of Swanson’s chicken broth brags that it’s 50% bigger. “50% bigger than what?” the cynical consumer might ask. The fine print tells us that it’s in comparison to the company’s 32-ounce container. This is all factually true, but the problem is that while the package makes shoppers think that they’ll get more, they’re actually paying more per ounce to buy the bigger package. [More]

All Hancock Fabrics Stores Will Liquidate, Close

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Back in February, the long-troubled craft store chain Hancock Fabrics filed for bankruptcy for the second time in a decade. This time, there will be no reorganization. The chain planned to close 70 stores and tried to find a buyer for the remaining 185 that would keep the open and preserve thousands of jobs across the country. The winning bidder in yesterday’s auction in bankruptcy court was Great American Group, a liquidator. [More]

Yep, Spring Black Friday Is Still A @#$@*$% Thing

Yep, Spring Black Friday Is Still A @#$@*$% Thing

Most retailers use Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, to kick off their biggest shopping season of the year, even if they also move the sales kickoff around a bit. For stores that sell home-improvement and gardening supplies, spring is their biggest shopping season. That impeccable logic led to the invention of Spring Black Friday, which we first noticed in 2013. It isn’t going away. [More]


Women Uninterested In New Clothes Or Gadgets, Buying Lots Of High-End Makeup

America’s female shoppers just aren’t as interested as they used to be in most of the stuff available in malls: spending on almost everything is down. There’s one area of retail that’s growing that you might not have expected, though: sales of high-end cosmetics are climbing, which include makeup and skin care. Why is that? Blame YouTube. [More]

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A Switch To Shared Self-Driving Cars Means We’d Buy Fewer Cars, Wear Them Out Faster

Most Americans aren’t comfortable yet with the idea of riding in an autonomous car, but at one time, horseless carriages and electricity in our homes were scary, too. Technology companies and automakers are both working to make autonomous cars happen, but wouldn’t self-piloting cars mean that we would share vehicles or pay fares? That would dramatically shrink demand for cars, hurting automakers. Right? [More]

Walmart Charges Extra $0.08 To Put Your Printer Cartridges In A Single Box

Walmart Charges Extra $0.08 To Put Your Printer Cartridges In A Single Box

Theoretically, buying combination packs or buying an item in bulk should save you money. You’re giving the retailer more money, right? Only the pricing logic of big-box stores doesn’t really see things that way, and that’s where Target Math comes from. Target Math is when you pay more per unit for buying in bulk, like this combo-pack of printer ink where you pay an extra eight cents for the privilege of having your cartridges in one box. [More]

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Amazon Executive: Actually, We Don’t Have Any Big Corporate Office Supply Contracts Yet

Staples and Office Depot want to pledge their future and their fortunes together in corporate matrimony, and the Federal Trade Commission objects to their union. The companies and the Federal Trade Commission are making their cases before a federal judge, and the key question in this merger seems to be whether large corporations plan to buy their office supplies from Amazon in the future. An Amazon executive testified that they haven’t signed any major companies, and aren’t really pursuing big corporate contracts. Yet. [More]


Amazon Sues Executive Leaving To Work For Target Under Non-Compete Agreement

Last month, Target announced that they had hired a top executive in supply chain and logistics who was a longtime Amazon employee. He was scheduled to start his new job in Minneapolis next week, but Amazon has filed a lawsuit to prevent him from starting, citing a non-compete contract that he signed in 2012 and confidential information that the executive, Arthur Valdez, shared during his job interview. [More]

Not the bunny involved in this incident, but this one looks pretty belligerent too. (Michelle Makar Parker)

Costumed Easter Bunny Brawls With Customer At NJ Mall

I don’t trust costumed animal mascots. Their enormous heads and soulless plastic eyes scare me. An incident at a New Jersey mall over the weekend showed that maybe this mistrust is justified, when a costumed Easter Bunny and a customer physically brawled over child safety issues. [More]

7-Eleven Now Selling A Slurpee-Flavored Donut

7-Eleven Now Selling A Slurpee-Flavored Donut

Perhaps this weekend’s 7-Eleven promotion where you can fill any sufficiently narrow container with Slurpee isn’t of interest to you because you would rather have your Wild Cherry-flavored sweetness in the form of a baked good. The convenience store chain is happy to indulge that very specific preference: they have a limited-time offering of a cherry-iced donut under the Slurpee brand. [More]

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Woman Accused Of Shoplifting At Walmart Flashed Security Staff, Then Bit Them

A woman who set off the security sensors at the Walmart in Blackman Township, MI in the wee hours of Monday morning wanted to show employees that she had nothing to hide. Police say that’s why she pulled her shirt up and her pants down to show that she had no merchandise concealed under her clothing. However, there was the matter of the cart full of merchandise that she pushed into the foyer. [More]


Users Complain That This Night Cream Is Giving Them Weird Dreams

A night cream is exactly what it sounds like: a cream that you apply to your face overnight to moisturize while you sleep. Yet some users of a night cream from skin care brand Dr. Brandt report that more than wrinkle-softening is happening when they use it: they report incredibly vivid dreams, some of which are scary. [More]

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Siblings Arrested For Robbing Girl Scouts Of $200 In Cookie Money

Most people look at Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a store and see children learning important lessons about commerce. Every year, though, there’s at least one person who looks at them and sees a big box of cash guarded by little girls. This cookie season, the first criminals accused of having this terrible idea were a brother and sister in Florida, who were arrested yesterday for running off with about $200 in cookie money last weekend. [More]

Sears Delivers Filthy Oven, Has No Idea Why

Sears Delivers Filthy Oven, Has No Idea Why

A woman who loves to bake for her family saved for two years to buy a new built-in convection oven. Sears delivered it, and then she had to wait a few weeks to have it installed. That’s when she discovered a problem: what was supposed to be a new oven was full of baked-on filth and even grime on the glass. Sears says that this shouldn’t be possible, yet somehow it happened. [More]


Some Walmart Online Pharmacy Customers’ Prescription Info Visible To Others For Days

No one wants their personal, private health information plastered on the internet for all to see. While that wasn’t exactly the case for Walmart, the retailer announced this week that a few thousand of its online pharmacy customers had their prescription histories and other basic information visible online for a four-day period last month.  [More]

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Here’s The List Of Sports Authority Stores That Are Closing

Yesterday, Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy, and right now they have two choices about how to go forward: sell out to a competitor or reorganize the company and their $1.1 billion in debt. they’re kicking off the proceedings by closing 140 stores. Here’s the preliminary list of stores that will close, which are scattered across the country but concentrated in Texas. [More]