Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Ancient Memory Stick At Sears

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Ancient Memory Stick At Sears

A “memory stick” sounds like some kind of fascinating tribal artifact, perhaps a staff that elders hold while telling ancient legends. In electronics, of course, it was a revolutionary flash storage device from the late ’90s that made taking digital photos cheaper and easier, eliminating the need to attach a floppy drive to your digital camera. Unless, of course, you’re Sears. [More]


Walmart Launches Mobile Payment App In Arkansas And Texas

Walmart resisted accepting any of the big mobile payment systems from companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, instead becoming part of the CurrentC consortium, then developing its own proprietary payment app. As of today, customers can use Walmart Pay at 590 stores in Texas and Arkansas. [More]


Cadillac Wants To Attract Millennials Somehow, Opens A Coffee Shop

Adults under 80 apparently aren’t all that interested in General Motors’ Cadillac brand, maybe because they simply don’t connect the brand with anything that interests them. “What about coffee?” we picture someone at GM saying at the end of a very long meeting. “The kids today like coffee, right?” That’s a plausible enough origin story behind Cadillac House, a café/retail space/art gallery/I swear this is an actual thing that is going to open in June in Manhattan. [More]

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Why Didn’t Staples And Office Depot Bother With A Defense Against The FTC?

On Tuesday evening, a federal judge in Washington, DC issued a preliminary injunction preventing the merger of Staples and Office Depot. The two companies called off their merger after that, but here’s the thing about the hearing: the FTC presented its case against the formation of an international office supply Voltron, but the stores decided not to put up a defense. In hindsight, that seems like a terrible idea. Why would they do that? [More]

New Target Store In Manhattan Will Feature A Chobani Yogurt Cafe

New Target Store In Manhattan Will Feature A Chobani Yogurt Cafe

Up here in New York’s hinterlands, our Target stores have snack bars with Pizza Hut pizzas, or maybe a Starbucks if they’re really classy. At a planned store in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, they plan some classier offerings in the snack bar. Target has partnered with yogurt brand Chobani to open a cafe featuring “Chobani’s signature Greek yogurt and hand-selected, artisanal ingredients.” [More]

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A woman in California was arrested for burglary in a RadioShack store (yes, there are still RadioShack stores) but here’s the thing: the front door had been left unlocked overnight. Police were summoned because triggered a silent alarm inside the store, and the cops said they found the woman inside when they arrived, taking merchandise. An employee apparently had set the alarm, but forgotten to lock the actual door. [CBS Sacramento] (Warning: auto-play video at that link)

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Staples And Office Depot Will Move On As Strong, Confident, Single Office Supply Stores

Plans for other things at Staples and Office Depot have been on hold for months now, as the two companies waited to find out whether the Federal Trade Commission would allow their proposed merger to go through. Yesterday, the FTC was granted a preliminary injunction to stop the merger, and the two companies called off their engagement. What will they do now? They’ll make it on their own. Somehow. [More] Testing Delivery Of Fresh Groceries To Some Markets Testing Delivery Of Fresh Groceries To Some Markets

A year into the existence of, we’re still not really sure whether it’s the future of retail or a doomed wacky scheme. Now, in addition to taking on Amazon in the Everything Store sector, Jet is experimenting with the delivery of fresh groceries. That would mean the company is competing with urban grocery delivery leaders like Peapod and Instacart, but with its own warehouses. [More]

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Analysts: Dick’s Could Take Over 80-180 Sports Authority Stores

How many sporting goods stores does this country really need? Two outdoors-oriented chains are reportedly considering a merger, and two companies in the sector have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last few months. Sports Chalet is shutting down, and Sports Authority stores are all closing or for sale: the buyers could be liquidators that would simply sell everything off and close down. According to a recent report by some investment analysts, though, market leader Dick’s may take over some of those stores. [More]

Samsung’s Smart Hub Refrigerator Doesn’t Look Very Smart Yet

In case you’re wondering whether the $5,600 Smart Hub refrigerator from Samsung is something that your family should buy, our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports are testing it separately as an electronic gadget and as an appliance. So far, they’ve found that the “smart” features are difficult to set up, the cameras that track what’s on your shelf don’t show everything and can easily be blocked by a tall bottle of orange juice, the speakers are lousy, and you can’t download additional apps. That’s just the electronics: they haven’t tested how it actually works as a refrigerator yet. [Consumer Reports]

House Fire Survivor Waits Over A Year For IKEA Contractor To Finish His Kitchen

House Fire Survivor Waits Over A Year For IKEA Contractor To Finish His Kitchen

When a big retailer like IKEA refers you to a specific contractor, that means they’re pre-screened and you shouldn’t have any problems, right? Not necessarily. In California, a man who just wants to move back into his house after a fire and a significant remodel has been waiting for more than a year for IKEA’s contractor to just finish his kitchen already. [More]

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Sears Will Close Its Oldest Operating Store, Which Opened In Chicago In 1925

Corporate cutbacks mean losing company history, and the next store on Sears Holdings’ closing list is historic: having opened in 1925, it’s the oldest still-operating store in the chain. The store, which is in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, will begin its liquidation sale in two weeks, on May 19, and will ultimately close in August. [More]


The Limited Opened A Stealth Chain Of Off-Price Stores

The popular thing for department and clothing stores to do in recent years has been to open their own off-price stores, and women’s clothing retailer The Limited wants to join that party. They’re using the familiar model from Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, and J. Crew Factory Stores–some deep-discounted merchandise that didn’t sell in regular Limited stores, but mostly cheaper items designed specifically for price-conscious customers.


This Tobacco Store Doesn’t Want Your Sweaty Bra Or Sock Money

This Tobacco Store Doesn’t Want Your Sweaty Bra Or Sock Money

We get it: in the summer, you want to be free and unencumbered, without a purse on your shoulder or a heavy wallet in your pocket. However, a tobacco store in Kentucky has an important seasonal rule that they want their customers to keep in mind: they do not want your crumpled, sweaty dollar bills that you’ve just pulled from your sock or your bra. [More]

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Walmart’s Experiment Is Over: Greeters Are Returning For Good

For a while, Walmart tried a bold staffing experiment: they reassigned employees serving as greeters, a position that serves as both a friendly face and a theft deterrent. Instead of standing at the door, former greeters were to help guide customers to the checkouts, or help them find items in the aisles. That experiment began four years ago, and Walmart brought some greeters back about a year ago. Today Walmart announced that greeters will return to their rightful place in all stores. [More]

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Here’s The List Of Aeropostale Stores That Are Closing

Whether it was market conditions or the behavior of their lenders that drove Aeropostale into bankruptcy, the teen-oriented clothing retailer has difficult decisions to make about which stores to keep and which to close. They’ve already decided on a preliminary closing list. [More]

Aeropostale Accuses Lender Of Purposely Squeezing It Into Bankruptcy


Soon after former mall staple Aeropostale filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, it turned around and threw darts at one of its lenders, which it accused of working behind the scenes to force the company’s hand. [More]

Would You Buy A Free Shipping Subscription Only For Lands’ End?

Would You Buy A Free Shipping Subscription Only For Lands’ End?

Consumers really love Amazon Prime, a subscription service that now includes a variety of other perks, but began as a humble program that got subscribers free 2-day shipping. Now other retailers have started to wonder whether they can get customers to pay up for free shipping programs with additional perks. The latest retailer to try this is Lands’ End, which has introduced their program along with a more expensive and more stylish collection of clothing. [More]