Costco Citi Card Users Receive Cancellation Notices, Are Very Confused

Costco Citi Card Users Receive Cancellation Notices, Are Very Confused

Costco, Citibank, Visa, and all of the companies’ customers had plenty of notice that the warehouse club’s store-branded credit card would be switching from American Express to a Citi Visa card. The transition didn’t go very smoothly for some members, but everyone assumed that the transition-related problems would be over by now. Nope. Some customers received cancellation notices at the end of last week, and are now very confused. [More]

Mike Mozart

Walmart CEO Explains Why Company Spent $3 Billion On Money-Losing Jet

When the CEOs of Walmart and of Jet met for the first time, they fell in corporate love. The two men couldn’t stop envisioning the future of their companies together, sketching out their dreams of combining Walmart’s inventory and supplier relationships and Jet’s e-commerce algorithm. The companies announced their engagement this week, and Walmart CEO Doug McMillon explained what it was he ever saw in the startup, which has barely been selling to the public for a year. [More]


Dogs Left In Running Car Shift It Into Drive, Plow Into A Walmart

A dog owner in West Virginia did what she probably thought was the responsible thing while out with her pets, leaving them in the car with the engine running while she was inside Walmart. However, in one of the best arguments against automatic transmissions that we’ve ever seen, the dogs shifted the car and drove it very slowly into the outside of the store. [More]

Mike Mozart

Barnes & Noble Is Starting A Restaurant Group: Wait, What?

Barnes & Noble is looking at ways to keep people coming to their stores in the future, and that will mean opening prototype stores later this year. One unexpected thing that the prototype stores will have will be a restaurant. Nope, not just a Starbucks or a cafe: a restaurant. [More]

Mark Clifton

Prosperous Young Adults Don’t Need To Shop At Dollar Stores, Do Anyway

Dollar stores and dollar-ish stores are growing in popularity, with shoppers choosing them over grocery and discount stores for household staples like food, and for fun stuff like party decorations. Young adults grew up with dollar stores, and also had our spending habits shaped by last decade’s recession. That’s why millennials are sticking with dollar stores…even when their income reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars. [More]


FedEx To Finally Settle Decade-Old Employee Misclassification Lawsuits

Back in 2005, FedEx drivers filed the first of many misclassification lawsuits by drivers for that company. Now, as a whole new generation of employers is being accused of misclassifying their workers, the delivery company has proposed a settlement with its former independent contractor drivers. The lawsuits were combined in a single case in Indiana, and involved 12,000 drivers from 20 states. [More]

Here’s Some Fuzzy Pricing Math That Isn’t At Target

Here’s Some Fuzzy Pricing Math That Isn’t At Target

We began calling certain types of fuzzy pricing schemes “Target math” some years ago, since they turned up most often at Target stores. When this happens, unit pricing goes awry, and it costs more per unit to buy a larger quantity of the same thing. For example, when a two-pack of lotion costs almost a dollar more than two individual bottles. [More]


53-Year Kmart Employee Was There When Store Opened, Will Help Close It Down

In 1963, a young man working at a Walgreens in Illinois heard that a new discount chain called Kmart was opening a new store and looking for employees. He earned $1 per hour, and the shiny new store would pay $1.25, so he applied for a job. He began work in the maintenance department on May 15, 1963, was there when the store opened, and plans to stick around until the store’s last day of business on July 24. [More]

Mike Mozart

Report: The FTC Is Probably Cool With The Walgreens-Rite Aid Merger

A few months ago, the shareholders of #3 U.S. drugstore chain Rite Aid approved the company’s proposed acquisition by the parent company of the #1 chain, Walgreens Boots Alliance. Now reports indicate that the Federal Trade Commission may give the merger its blessing, as long as certain conditions are met. [More]


Amazon Giving Away Free Tablets If You Sign Up For Comcast Through Cable Site

Are you in the market for an Amazon Fire tablet, and a new cable provider? If so, you’re in luck, because the Everything Store is offering free tablets in its Cable Store along with new Xfinity Internet and TV packages from Comcast. Maybe they’d offer tablets with packages from other providers, too, but Comcast is the only vendor in their Cable Store for now. [More]

Walmart Brings Back Smiley Face Mascot, Had Emojis Before Emojis Were Cool

Walmart Brings Back Smiley Face Mascot, Had Emojis Before Emojis Were Cool

Do you remember Walmart’s ’90s ads featuring the animated smiley face character? According to the company, the character first appeared in stores over 25 years ago, and later as an animated character in TV ads. Perhaps capitalizing on the popularity of emojis, the mega-chain is bringing Smiley back in its marketing after a 10-year absence. [More]


Under Armour: Sports Authority Closures Will Hurt Sales Of Sneakers, Clothes

When one business fails, its failure spins out and also affects clients and customers. The failure of a national mega-retailer, Sports Authority, doesn’t just affect its competitors in the coming months as they have to compete with liquidation sales. The company’s bankruptcy also affects its suppliers, including big companies like Under Armour. [More]

Mike Mozart

Staples CEO Stepping Down After Failed Office Depot Acquisition

Staples announced today that its chairman and chief executive officer, Ron Sargent, is giving the public his two-week notice: he’ll be stepping down on June 14, after the company’s next shareholders meeting. Sargent has been CEO of the office superchain since 2002, and has worked for Staples since 1989, when the company was only three years old. [More]


Academy Sports Is Totally Ready To Poach Sports Authority Customers

Competitors aren’t even waiting for Sports Authority to close its doors before trying to poach the chain’s customers. Here’s a coupon that arrived in reader Sandra’s mail last week, which manages to use the closing of Sports Authority as a draw without actually naming the retailer. [More]

Samsung Thinks Adding More Ads To Its Smart TVs Is A Solid Business Idea

Samsung Thinks Adding More Ads To Its Smart TVs Is A Solid Business Idea

Despite what its actual customers say, for several years now, Samsung has believed that putting ads on their customers’ smart TVs is a really good idea. The idea really delighted the company when they first started slapping ads on smart TV home screens back in 2012, and customers remain exactly as not thrilled about it now as they were then. [More]


This Is Probably Office Depot’s Top-Secret ‘Store Of The Future’

After the United States government stood in their way and disrupted their union, Staples and Office Depot broke their year-long engagement earlier this month, deciding not to merge. Now they need to figure out how to go forward and move on as two separate office-supply companies. In Florida, a newly remodeled store offers a hint about Office Depot’s future. [More]

CVS Will End Yard-Long Receipts (For Rewards Program Members)

CVS Will End Yard-Long Receipts (For Rewards Program Members)

Five years ago, a CVS representative explained that the reason why the pharmacy chain keeps printing such long receipts for customers is that customers like it. Maybe the public’s preferences have changed since 2011, since the chain officially announced today that it’s getting rid of the lengthy coupon-filled receipt streamers, and pre-loading coupons to customers’ rewards program cards instead. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sports Authority Store Closing Sales Will Start Around May 25, End Around August 31

If you’re looking for a great deal on some athletic clothing or sports gear, get ready to head over to Sports Authority… maybe sometime in July. Deep in debt and unable to reorganize itself to keep going, the company declared bankruptcy in March. Liquidators outbid competitors for the remaining stores, and Dick’s and Modell’s only wanted a few dozen stores combined anyway. [More]