CDC Concludes General Mills Flour Investigation, But People Will Still Get Sick

You might remember the General Mills flour recall from earlier this year, where a massive amount of flour was recalled because it was potentially contaminated with E. coli, bacteria found in feces and in soil that can cause bloody diarrhea and life-threatening complications. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that its investigation of the outbreak is over, but that people will keep getting sick. [More]


Blue Bell Recalls Ice Cream Due To Listeria Linked To Cookie Dough Supplier

You might see the words “Blue Bell,” “Recall,” and “Listeria” together in a headline, but don’t worry. Blue Bell Ice Cream isn’t headed for another long period of sanitization and pulling the ice cream from stores, as it did last year. This recall is specific to just a few flavors, and the company has linked the contamination to an ingredient from an outside supplier: cookie dough nuggets. [More]


SuperValu, Key Foods, Better Valu Frozen Corn Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Did you think that you were safe from listeria-laden frozen vegetables simply because we haven’t shared news of any in a few months? Not so fast, person who enjoys vegetables! Here’s yet another recall, this one for veggies sold at SuperValu, Key Food, and Better Valu stores under private-label brands. The product in question is frozen cut corn. [More]

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5 Brands Of Curry Powder Recalled Because Of Lead-Contaminated Turmeric

Since turmeric is a key ingredient in curry powder, it was inevitable that the recall of some brands of turmeric for lead contamination would eventually lead to the recall of some curry powder. So far, one company whose powder is sold under five different brands has announced a recall. [More]

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Hostess Recalls Ding Dongs, Zingers, Donuts, And Chocodiles For Possible Peanut Contamination

If you’re allergic or sensitive to peanuts, exercise caution when choosing your Chocodiles, Ding-Dongs, Zingers, and Hostess Donuts. The reborn company announced the recall of 710,000 cases of packaged baked treats, which aren’t supposed to contain any peanuts. These batches, however, contain flour that may be contaminated with peanut residue. [More]

Sunflower Seeds, Snacks, And Salads Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Sunflower Seeds, Snacks, And Salads Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Whenever we forget how interconnected the American food system is, a recall of a single basic ingredient happens to remind us. Today, the pathogen is Listeria, and the basic food item is sunflower seeds. They’re a tasty snack item by themselves, as well as a common ingredient in trail mixes and a crunchy salad topping. Seeds from a single supplier may be contaminated, and now everything from kale salads to trail mix flavored candy have been recalled. [More]

Overheated iPhone Burns Through 12 Pages Of Notebook Paper

Overheated iPhone Burns Through 12 Pages Of Notebook Paper

Mobile phones are our constant companions, yet it’s easy to forget that they’re electronic devices packed full of delicate components and tiny but powerful rechargeable batteries. The Cherry Hill, NJ fire department says that this resident’s iPhone 6 overheated and burned through 12 pages of a notebook. [More]

CRF Frozen Foods Recalls Everything Processed At WA Plant Since May 2014 Due To Possible Listeria

CRF Frozen Foods Recalls Everything Processed At WA Plant Since May 2014 Due To Possible Listeria

Last week, we learned that vegetables produced by CRF Frozen foods and sold under national and store brands had been recalled due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, a dangerous foodborne pathogen. The company expanded the recall to include all frozen fruits and vegetables processed at its plant in Pasco, WA since May of 2014. That includes 358 different varieties of frozen fruits and veggies sold under 42 brand names sold in all 50 states. It’s a lot of food. [More]

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Dole Found Listeria In Salad Processing Plant As Far Back As 2014, Kept Shipping Veggies

Is it a crime for a company or its representatives to keep on shipping food products that may be dangerous to the public if they know that the items may be contaminated? Dole’s Springfield, OH processing plant has started shipping salad again, but new evidence shows that the company kept shipping lettuce even as it was aware of Listeria contamination in the building as far back as 2014. [More]

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Dole Restarts Production At Salad Facility That Had 9-Month Listeria Outbreak

Back in January, the state of Ohio and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered and investigated Listeria contamination in salad greens that came from a Dole processing plant in Springfield, OH. The plant has been closed since January, and Dole started limited production this week, but the company announced exactly what the source of contamination was or how they were able to eradicate it. [More]

The recall of this salad has freed up the boxes it shipped in for use by cats.(Carbon Arc)

Reser’s Recalls Salads For Possible Listeria, Also Sold Under Walmart And Safeway Brands

Reser’s Fine Foods may not be a food brand name that you immediately recognize, but their products are popular across the country, and are also sold under store brand names. From a 3-ounce container of Reser’s brand potato salad to an 8-pound tub of Sysco-brand macaroni salad meant for restaurants and cafeterias, cold salads containing onions from Reser’s have been recalled. [More]

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H-E-B Packs Of Apple Slices Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Consumers’ preference for pre-prepared but fresh and healthy snacks is a great trend for public health, but there’s one side effect that people may not have expected: fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables can carry dangerous pathogens right along with those fresh and healthy snacks. Listeria bacteria was found in apples that may be in prepared fruit platters and snack packs from supermarket H-E-B, and they’ve all been recalled. [More]

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Diamond 100-Calorie Cashew Packs Recalled, May Contain Glass

A little bit of salt goes well with your roasted cashews, and maybe even a sprinkling of chili powder, but what does not go well with a packet of cashews are pieces of glass. That’s why Diamond is recalling their 100-calorie packs of roasted and salted cashew halves and pieces after one customer reported finding a glass piece. [More]


Gree Must Pay Record $15.45M CPSC Penalty For Self-Immolating Dehumidifiers

This morning at the Consumer Federation of America’s Consumer Assembly in Washington, DC, Consumer Products Safety Commission Chairman Elliot Kaye announced a record civil penalty against Gree Electric Appliances, the manufacturer of millions of particularly flammable dehumidifiers that were recalled in 2013 and 2014. The company has been ordered to pay $15.45 million to the CPSC to settle charges that they failed to report fires to the Commission, “knowingly made misrepresentations to CPSC staff,” and put UL safety marks on products that didn’t meet UL standards. [More]

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CDC Says Salmonella Outbreak In Cucumbers That Began In August Is Finally Over

The Salmonella Poona outbreak that started last year in cucumbers imported from Mexico caused 907 known illnesses in 40 states, sent at least 204 people to the hospital, and caused four known deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has finally declared the outbreak to be over, concluding that they couldn’t find how the cucumbers became contaminated in the first place. [More]

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Alfalfa Sprouts Under Investigation For Salmonella And E. Coli Formally Recalled

Last week, we brought you the news that there were two unrelated investigations into bean sprout producers, but no recalls yet. Maybe, we thought, it’s time to put warning labels on sprouts served raw in sandwich shops and salad bars, telling people to eat at their own risk. Now the sprouts involved in both incidents have been formally recalled. [More]

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Canned Green Beans Recalled After Church Group Finds Snake Head

A church youth group in Utah was cooking meals for the seniors of their community when they found an unexpected ingredient: their leader found a snake’s head among the green beans. The company, Western Family, a supplier of store-brand products to has now announced a recall of that lot of beans, since no customer wants to find the rest of that snake. [More]

Hoverboards That Don’t Comply With UL Safety Standards Now Considered Defective, Hazardous

Hoverboards That Don’t Comply With UL Safety Standards Now Considered Defective, Hazardous

Amid multiple reports of “hoverboard” batteries exploding or catching on fire, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that the self-balancing scooters are not safe unless they meet certain standards.  [More]