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PetSmart Takes Part In T-Mobile Tuesdays, Forgets To Limit Freebie To T-Mobile Customers

Here’s the problem with releasing a coupon on the internet: without disclaimers or digital limits on the coupon itself, it can be infinitely reproduced, used over and over, and used by people it wasn’t intended for. That’s what reportedly happened when T-Mobile offered a restriction-free coupon for $7 worth of stuff at PetSmart as part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion that was a little too unrestricted. [More]


Americans Losing Taste For Artificial Sweeteners, Pepsi Retakes #2 Sales Spot

Recently released data about the beverage industry tells us some interesting things. Plain old high fructose corn syrup-laden Coke is the top-selling soda in the United States, but its calorie-free cousin has to give up its silver medal: Regular Pepsi is now the #2 seller out of all fizzy non-alcoholic drinks, following an overall trend against diet sodas. [More]

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Homer Laughlin Still Makes Your Grandmother’s Fiestaware In West Virginia

Homer Laughlin was a real person who started a pottery company in Ohio in 1873. The factory moved to West Virginia about twenty years later, but has stayed in the same town since, now employing about 1,000 people to make a line of dishware that you may recognize: Fiesta. [More]


Snobby Store Employees Only Make Us Want To Spend More

Is being sneered at an important part of the luxury shopping experience? Maybe. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that high-end retailers take advantage of our human need to belong and seek approval in order to vacuum more money out of our non-designer purses. [More]


Urban Outfitters Features Hairroin Salons With Free “Hypodermic Needle” Pens During Actual Heroin Epidemic

It seems Urban Outfitters hasn’t learned its lesson when it comes to mixing drug abuse and retail: After previously pulling prescription medication bottle items from its shelves, the store that brings in flocks of teenagers is now featuring a hair salon in a new New York City store called “Hairroin” (get it?), where shoppers can apparently get promotional hypodermic needle pens and other items emblazoned, “I Love Hairroin.” This, in a state with an actual heroin epidemic: The number of drug-related deaths more than doubled from 940 in 2004 to 2,044 in 2012, according to the New York Health Department. [More]

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Signet Acquires Zales, Creates Mediocre Jewelry Voltron

We love to use wedding imagery when discussing corporate mergers, because it’s a useful metaphor: months of preparation and due diligence lead to a joyous union and (we hope) decades of happiness as life partners. In the case of the acquisition of Zale Corp. by Signet Jewelers Ltd., the comparison is just poor writing, since all companies involved are mall jewelry stores, where Americans buy their wedding bling. [More]

The Fashion Industry Wants To Make Buying Ill-Fitting Clothes Easier

The Fashion Industry Wants To Make Buying Ill-Fitting Clothes Easier

When you order clothes online, do you order two different sizes, figuring that one will fit you and you can take the other back? Joke’s on you, over-ordering person! That consumer behavior is one of the reasons why women’s clothing manufacturers are switching clothes from numbered sizes to small, medium, and large. [More]

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Police Seek Man Who Smacked Ice Cream Truck Driver With Fudge Bar

Perhaps kicking off the summer in his own way, a man in South Carolina reportedly hit an ice cream vendor with a piece of his own merchandise. The suspect’s daughter was the customer, but her father believed that the driver hadn’t given the girl all of her change. He took up her cause, struck the driver with the ice cream, and drove off. [More]

7 Items You’ll Find The Best Prices On During May

7 Items You’ll Find The Best Prices On During May

Our price-tracking colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports keep track of when the best discounts appear on a variety of items. As we get ready to flip over the calendar page to celebrate May, what will you be able to find the best deals on in the coming month? [More]

For Only $400, Frost Your Beer Glasses Without Pesky Freezers

For Only $400, Frost Your Beer Glasses Without Pesky Freezers

It’s really too easy to make fun of idiotic and overpriced items available for sale in places like Hammacher Schlemmer, Skymall, Brookstone, infomercials and even the more distant and strange corners of Amazon. Yet sometimes there’s a product so baffling that we have to feature it anyway. The Beer Glass Froster for home use is one of those products. [More]

Free Rat Included In Supermarket Bakery Apple Cake

Free Rat Included In Supermarket Bakery Apple Cake

A Long Island man wanted only one thing for his 96th birthday celebration: a German apple ring cake from grocer King Kullen. Sounds festive and delicious. When the family cut into it during his party, though, they found something extra mixed in. Nope, not extra apple filling or a bonus cinnamon swirl. (Warning: there are photos after the jump.) [More]


What Do You Shop For In November?

Our power-shopping colleagues over at Consumer Reports don’t just test every product you can think of: they also keep track of what’s on the market and when is the best time to buy certain things. Looking over their November list, we wondered: what do Consumerist readers shop for during this month? [More]

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Hundreds Of Simon Malls Will Open On Thanksgiving Day, Stay Open 26+ Hours Straight

Simon Property Group might not be a household name, but you’ve probably visited one of their establishments before: they’re the whole or partial owner of hundreds of malls. That’s 242 million square feet of retail space and thousands of stores in almost every state, Canada, and Asia. Most of them are opening up during dinnertime or the early evening on Thanksgiving Day. [More]

Is Gift Wholesaler Cody Foster & Co. Responsible For Wholesale Ripoffs Of Indie Crafters?

Is Gift Wholesaler Cody Foster & Co. Responsible For Wholesale Ripoffs Of Indie Crafters?

You’ve probably never heard of Cody Foster & Company, even if you own items that came from them. They’re a wholesaler with no public-facing catalog. You have to be a small gift shop or large-ish chain like Anthropologie to even see their site. You can buy directly from the independent crafters and designers who claim that the company took their designs, mass-produced them in China, and sold them to retailers with no compensation to the original artists. [More]

Pecan Pie Pringles Appear In Stores, We’re Not Sure Why

Pecan Pie Pringles Appear In Stores, We’re Not Sure Why

Last year, Pringles brought us a weird trio of holiday potato chip flavors: pumpkin pie, peppermint white chocolate, and cinnamon and sugar. Now the “dessert Pringle” theme continues, with another pie-flavored chip offering: pecan. [More]


Is Hobby Lobby Deliberately Excluding Jewish Merchandise?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t really try to hide that their owners are very devout Christians. If the instrumental hymns on the store’s sound system didn’t clue you in, maybe the evangelical Easter newspaper ads, the company’s legal fight over health insurance reform, or stores being closed on Sunday would be a hint. But does that translate to deliberately excluding merchandise and holiday decorations for other religions? [More]

Marketers Make Black Friday A Monthly Occurrence

Marketers Make Black Friday A Monthly Occurrence

It seems like a very long time ago that the phrase “Black Friday” referred to the day after Thanksgiving, an important but scary day in the retail calendar that kicked off the Christmas shopping season. Isn’t that still supposed to be the case? Not according to marketers, who have now expanded Black Fridays to every month of the year, because why not? [More]


There’s A New iPhone Coming. Where Should You Sell Your Old One?

Every year, the trees shed their leaves before winter comes, and gadget-lovers shed their iPhones once the new one appears on store shelves. While rumor circulate about exactly what the newest version will have (a thumbprint reader? A glorious golden case?) we know for sure that Apple fans want to know where they can get the most cash for their stale old phones.