Baby Allowed Inside Fanciest Restaurant In Chicago, Cries

Alinea in Chicago is an expensive molecular gastronomy restaurant. It is so exclusive and fancy that most adults probably imagine that they aren’t allowed inside. Apparently the question of “can I bring my infant?” has never come up…until this weekend. [More]

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When An Ambulance Is Really A $160 Per Mile Taxi

No one questions the life-saving service that ambulances provide, or the expense of keeping teams of life-saving professionals on call 24 hours a day. One Tennessee man was horrified when he paid almost $800 for an ambulance to fetch him from his third-floor apartment and take him to the hospital when he hurt his back. He didn’t need life support: he would have done just fine with an elevator and a taxi. [More]

Fake Service Animals Hurt Real Disabled People, Store Carpets

Fake Service Animals Hurt Real Disabled People, Store Carpets

No matter now much you wish you could bring your pet everywhere, it’s not cool to pass your dog off as a service animal in order to do so. The problem is that impersonating a service dog is very easy to do, thanks to the privacy rules that are part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. [More]

Bank Cleans Out, Forecloses On Wrong House

Bank Cleans Out, Forecloses On Wrong House

The crew got their orders from the bank: a house was getting repossessed, and it was their job to clean it out. They did. What they didn’t know was that they had the wrong house. The real target was a home on a street with the same name in a different town. Who screwed up? The repo crew? The bank? The person who named the streets? [More]

Customer Wants Refund After Storage Facility Let Rats Eat Her Stuff

Customer Wants Refund After Storage Facility Let Rats Eat Her Stuff

When you rent a storage unit, you sort of assume that most of your worldly belongings won’t be nommed on by rats. That’s why you’re paying for a storage unit, and didn’t pile your furniture and family heirlooms in the woods or in an abandoned building. Yet a California storage facility just sort of shrugged when one of their customers lost many of her belongings in a rat infestation. [More]

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Did You Buy $18K Diamond Earrings For $20 At A Yard Sale? This Lady Needs Them Back

“Didn’t you already post this story, Consumerist?” you’re probably asking. Nope, we didn’t. We previously shared the story of a California man who accidentally sold his wife’s diamond ring at a community yard sale for $10. This is the story of a California woman who accidentally sold her own diamond earrings in the pocket of a jean jacket for $20. [More]

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After A House Fire, Watch Out For Actual Criminals, Not Just Scummy Contractors

Earlier this week, we posted about the public adjusters and contractors who show up at the scene of a house fire, often before all of the flames are even out. Reader Josh’s family has been through a fire recently, and he wrote in to warn people about a whole different set of entrepreneurs who might stop by your home after a fire…looters. [More]

Man Learns That Carnival Games Are Not A Sound Investment, Loses Life Savings

Man Learns That Carnival Games Are Not A Sound Investment, Loses Life Savings

Sure, sometimes it might feel like you’re playing a rigged carnival game when you open up your 401(k) statement, but that’s not really the case. Just about any investment is a wise one, though, compared to what a New Hampshire man did with his life’s savings. After spending $300 trying to win an Xbox Kinect at a fair, he did the fiscally prudent thing: he stopped playing and went home. How nice would it be if this story just stopped there? [More]

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Don’t Buy Computers Off Craigslist When The Seller Has Suddenly Left For Toronto

Z. found a great deal on an Asus notebook computer on his local Craigslist in Florida. “I am now in Toronto,” the seller explained before going through with the transaction. Z. and his mom ignored every anti-scam warning posted on Craigslist, and just sort of assumed that this meant the seller was on a trip to Toronto and had taken the computer with her. Z. is underage, and his mom used Western Union to wire the money. They waited. No computer came. [More]

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Bank Investigators Do Not Need You To Withdraw $6,000 Cash And Give It To Them

Bank fraud is pretty serious business, and investigating it is important work. Banks do not, however, need you to help. If someone calls you up claiming to need your help with an investigation, do not help them. Do not withdraw thousands of dollars from the bank and give it to the “investigator.” It’s too late for two elderly women outside of Albany, New York, who withdrew $5,800 and $6,400 from their accounts, respectively. [More]

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Minnesota Hospital Apologizes For Misplacing Body Of Stillborn Infant In The Laundry

A Minnesota hospital has the weighty task today of explaining, and subsequently apologizing, as to how the body of a stillborn infant went missing from the morgue, only to show up at a laundry service miles away. Officials say they still have questions about the sequence of events that led to the unfortunate handling and discovery of the body. [More]

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Taco Restaurant Cook Allegedly Filmed Ladies’ Room With Hidden Camera Phone

Another day, another creepy voyeur gets caught secretly filming customers in the restroom of the establishment where they work. This time, it’s a fast-food taco joint in the suburbs of Chicago, and police have put out a call looking for possible victims. The employee allegedly aimed his phone’s camera at customers using the women’s restroom. [More]


Home Depot Customer Grabs Saws, Tries To Cut His Own Arms Off In Store

We’ve heard of nightmarish customer service experiences, but one Home Depot shopper created a nightmare of his own making when he reportedly grabbed a saw and tried to hack off his own arms inside the store. His fellow customers were apparently a bit disturbed at the scene because a man was trying to cut his own limbs off in public. Yikes. [More]


Getting Health Insurance For My Pet Was A Bad Deal. Here’s Why

Insurance is always a gamble. Pet health insurance, much like human health insurance, is a bet that your pet’s covered medical expenses over its lifetime will add up to more than the premiums you pay. Following that logic, Howard got a health insurance plan through VPI for his late pet Chihuahua, Tonka. He paid his bills faithfully and filed only a few small claims over the years, until his pet suffered from heart problems in his last six months. This is the very situation that pet owners buy insurance for. How did things work out financially? [More]


Any pet owner knows the joyous feeling of bringing home your chosen perfect pooch, sweet cat or cuddly whathaveyou. But then there’s the feeling of finding out your precious toy poodle is actually a giant ferret, pumped up on steroids and groomed to resemble a dog. That feeling is one we might call, “horrified beyond comprehension,” which is likely how many pet owners are feeling in Argentina right now. [The Daily Mail]


Maple Syrup Miscreants Now Illegally Tapping Trees In Maine

Just because authorities apprehended some of the sticky-fingered bandits behind the $20 million theft of part of the global strategic maple syrup reserve in Quebec last year, that doesn’t mean that the world’s maple syrup supplies are safe. Oh, no. In Maine, authorities have found illegal taps on innocent maple trees on private property. [More]


Consumerist Readers Make The Case For Wiping Paid Medical Debt From Credit Reports

It’s a nightmarish scenario — you pay your credit card bills, car payments and loans all time, but when your credit report arrives… WHAM. Medical debt rears its ugly head and mucks up your life in a real way — even if you pay it. After hearing from one Consumerist reader who was shocked to discover a major dent in his credit score because of one $72 hospital bill, we asked for more stories from our readers to highlight what a very real problem this is. [More]


SodaStream Customer Service Finds It Hilarious That Its Products Send Me Straight To The Toilet

Consumerist reader C. had a problem of a well, rather delicate nature. She writes that after receiving a SodaStream for Christmas, she was beyond excited to try it out, using a few of the company’s flavored syrups to make her own carbonated beverages at home. That excitement waned when she started experiencing an — how shall we say it? — ill health effect that sent her running for the bathroom every time she drank the stuff. [More]