Six-Year-Old Donates All His Birthday Money To Police To Help Pay For Kids’ Summer Programs

Most six-year-olds are likely to see their birthdays as one giant pile of presents and cake and this is all mine mine mine me me me! But not one generous tyke in Florida who instead donated all the money he got for his birthday to his local police force for a good cause. [More]

Couple Goes For A Hike, Finds $10 Million Hoard Of Gold Coins

Couple Goes For A Hike, Finds $10 Million Hoard Of Gold Coins

Imagine that you were hiking on your property and saw the rusty old can pictured at left. Me, I’d probably grumble about previous generations’ approach to trash disposal and pick the can up to throw it away. When a California couple saw a can sticking out of the ground, they checked it out…noticing that it had a lid. What could be inside? Not century-old creamed corn. [More]


Bank Of America Customer Battles $245 In Cascading Overdrafts, Wins

We don’t want to admit it, but most of us have done it before. We’ve misjudged how much money was in our checking accounts, leading to a cascade of overdraft fees. It happened to Bob: he used his Bank of America debit card for each transaction during a night out and was hit with a total of $245 in fees. Sure, he could have taken the fees as an expensive lesson, but he chose to fight back instead. [More]

The Internet Was Invented To Reunite Children With Lost Stuffed Animals

The Internet Was Invented To Reunite Children With Lost Stuffed Animals

The invention of the Internet has created some jobs, rendered others obsolete, and changed all of our lives. It has also made things possible that we couldn’t imagine before an interconnected world. Like the little girl who lost her stuffed lion, but found him again…thanks to Twitter. [More]

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Travelers: Sorry, The Mold Between Your Window Panes Is Your Problem

A California man noticed weird, fuzzy dirt between the panes his windows. It wasn’t plain old dirt, but mold. Ew, mold! He called his homeowner’s insurance company to report the problem, and learned that not only did they not cover mold removal services, but that he now had twenty days to take care of the problem himself, or get his policy dropped. Oops. [More]

Facebook Fans Identify And Shame Thief Of Customer Loyalty Stamp

Facebook Fans Identify And Shame Thief Of Customer Loyalty Stamp

It’s the definition of small-time crime: a thief who was apparently in a hurry to get some free frosty snacks allegedly walked off with the frequent-customer stamp at a California shaved ice stand. He also grabbed some cash from the tip jar while he was at it. The owners put their faith in the power of public shaming and posted the surveillance video on their Facebook page. [More]


Woman Wins $5,000 Diamond Prize, Finds Out After Accidentally Swallowing It

A fundraiser event in Tampa was sort of a boozy raffle. Guests could pay $20 for a flute of champagne with a clear gemstone at the bottom. Everyone got to drink champagne, and one lucky guest won a diamond worth $5,000. The 80-year-old winner didn’t have to worry about finding a safe place to store the stone on her way home, because she had accidentally swallowed it.


Woman Told She Was Too Fat To Tan Given Refund, Free Tanning Elsewhere

Woman Told She Was Too Fat To Tan Given Refund, Free Tanning Elsewhere

After a lot of media attention, the Ohio tanning salon that sold a woman a month-long unlimited membership and then banned her from all but one of their pieces of equipment because of her weight has offered her a refund. A different salon has offered her a free month of tanning, as well. [KHOU]


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Carnival Put Non-Fliers On Stranded Dream On A Competitor’s Cruise Back To Florida

You may remember the Carnival Dream, which had a backup generator malfunction while docked at St. Maarten and could have become another Poop Cruise nightmare. Passengers had already started to contact media outlets with harrowing accounts of overflowing toilets and being confined to the ship. Carnival quickly canceled the cruise and put passengers on a plane back to Florida. But what about passengers who couldn’t get on a plane, due to phobias or medical conditions? We recently learned that Carnival worked with competitor Norwegian and put surface-bound passengers in empty staterooms on a three-day cruise that happened to be traveling from St. Maarten to Miami.



Apple Sympathizes With My Need To Listen To One Song On Repeat For Hours On End

Elaine was suffering. In the midst of an overwhelming obsession with the song “Our Love” by Al Jarreau, she lost access to the song on her iPhone and was thrown into severe withdrawal. How could she  make it through her 45-minute train ride without it? She needed Apple’s help, and she needed it bad. [More]


Homeless Man Reaps $145K Reward For Returning Engagement Ring Dropped In His Cup

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Honesty is the best policy when it comes to finding things that aren’t yours. A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo. found that out in quite a delightful way, after returning a diamond engagement ring he found in his change cup to the woman who’d dropped it. She and her fiancé have raised $145,000 in donations to reward him for his kindness. [More]

Man Reunited With His Wallet And The $800 Inside Three Years After He Lost It

(Delaware Journal Herald)

What’s lost is often gone for good, as anyone who’s ever misplaced a wallet or a phone has had the misfortune to discover. But perhaps it’s an even better to recover something  years after you figured you’d never see again, like a man who was reunited with his wallet full of $800 in cash three years after it went missing. [More]


Yellow Pages Works Hard To Make Sure Non-Customer Stays Happy Non-Customer

Maurice isn’t an anti-phone book zealot, but he doesn’t need one, either. A few months ago, an unwanted one showed up on his porch. Instead of saving it for a power or Internet service outage or sticking it under a wobbly table leg, he decided to contact the company that delivered it and let them know that they didn’t need to waste any more trees or time delivering phone books to him. The message didn’t quite take. Unwanted phone books are pretty low on his list of problems in life, but that’s an easy problem to solve. Right? [More]

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Eight-Year-Old Donates 500 Presents From Birthday Benefit To Toys For Tots

There is no strict governing body presiding over exactly what form Santa Claus must come in, so why couldn’t he look like a generous eight-year-old boy? The young man from Owasso, Okla. was turning eight and decided he had enough toys. Instead, he opted to turn his birthday party into a benefit to bring in toys and give them away to those less fortunate. [More]

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Bus Driver Finds Elderly Woman’s $500K Cash In A Shopping Bag & Turns It In

We’ve often mused about what we’d do if we were to stumble on a whole lot of cash, seemingly without any owner to claim it. Maybe sneak a few bills? Quietly tuck it all away and pretend like it never happened? We couldn’t, we just couldn’t. And when a bus driver in Vienna found a shopping bag filled with 390,000 euros ($509,700) in cash, he did the right thing, too. [More]

The box of iPads.

My Mom Ordered One iPad And Best Buy Sent Five

Alexa’s boyfriend got an iPad for Christmas from his mother. Well, that’s not quite true. His mother ordered one iPad, and had it shipped to him. What arrived on their doorstep was a very large and heavy box that was big enough to hold five iPads. Because it did. [More]


Man Blinded By Drinking Vodka Regains His Sight After Doctors Administer A Dose Of Whiskey

We’ve all heard of the phrase “blacked out” in relation to drinking alcohol. While that frat bro talking too loudly about his weekend in the coffee shop might be throwing out the phrase to indicate an unhealthy amount of booze consumed, in the case of one man who had a little bit of vodka, the liquor actually made him lose his eyesight. At first, doctors were stumped. Then they came to the rescue with a very odd prescription. More booze! [More]


LEGO Finds Spare Discontinued Set So Boy Who Saved Up For 2 Years Wouldn’t Be Disappointed

We’re used to dealing with companies that seem to take joy in foiling their customers, so when a company comes through, really performs above and beyond, we jump at the chance to warm a few hearts. Like say when an 11-year-old boy saves up his money for two years to buy a LEGO train set only to find out it isn’t being made anymore and is now a collectible, completely out of his price range. You better believe this one has a happy ending. [More]