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Time Warner Wants $20,000 To Connect Rural Customer To Broadband

Ten years ago, a man in central New York decided to build a house in a rural area. This seemed like a pretty good idea at the time, but broadband Internet wasn’t as crucial to modern life then as it is now. There are Time Warner Cable lines in the small town of Pompey, southeast of Syracuse, a third of a mile from his house, but Time Warner says that it would cost more than $20,000 to connect him. [More]

Hurray, Time Warner Customers Are Back Online After Internet Outage

Hurray, Time Warner Customers Are Back Online After Internet Outage

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer, welcome back! The Internet missed you. Many customers nationwide reported an outage this morning, though Time Warner claims that all customers are now back online. [More]

Americans Dissatisfied With Their Cable Companies, Especially Comcast And Time Warner

Americans Dissatisfied With Their Cable Companies, Especially Comcast And Time Warner

In news that will not surprise Consumerist readers, a massive annual survey of American consumers shows that we are all generally dissatisfied with our cable and Internet service providers, and that we find Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Charter, and Cox just a little bit less satisfying than average. [More]

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Time Warner Cable Glitch During “The Walking Dead” Finale Infuriates Upstate NY Customers

Last night, the season finale of “The Walking Dead” aired on AMC. Viewers were glued to their televisions as they always are during a major television event, but something terrible happened last night. In the Syracuse, NY area, the AMC signal cut out about 38 minutes into the broadcast. [More]

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Time Warner Cable Will “Educate” Us All By Charging $2.25 Broadcast Fee

Come sit in a circle, cable customers! Time Warner Cable has something that they want to teach us all. Will they do this bit of customer education by including a shiny brochure in our cable bills, or airing ad spots for subscribers only during our favorite shows? No, no, they have other ways. They’re going to teach us all about how pricey retransmission fees are by imposing extra fees on us. [More]

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Time Warner Cable Apologizes For Super Bowl Outage With $5 Gift Cards

Soon, Time Warner Cable customers will enter a bold new era of being required to rent a set-top box in order to watch television. That day is not yet here, and some people still plug a coaxial cable right into the back of their standard definition TV sets. In the Los Angeles area, analog customers missed about an hour of this year’s Super Bowl, including the halftime show, and will get $5 for their trouble. [More]


“Whatever you are passionate about, Time Warner Cable invents ways for you to enjoy it even better,” Time Warner Cable declares in commercials that run for its subscribers. Unless you’re passionate about professional football, live near Los Angeles and you’re a Time Warner customer still using a standard-definition TV. Then you had to scramble for an antenna during the second quarter of the game. [LA Times]

A 13% Increase Is “Special Savings” If Time Warner Cable Says So

A 13% Increase Is “Special Savings” If Time Warner Cable Says So

Russ’s promotional rate for Time Warner cable ends today. His rate goes up by almost $50, which is sad news for him. Except Time Warner saved the day with some “special savings.” Are the savings really all that special? Russ sees it differently. He sees “special savings” wrapped up in a rate increase.  [More]


Time Warner Cable Holds Up My New Account Over Nine Cents

Gary tells Consumerist that he was all ready to rejoin the ranks of Time Warner Cable customers, but something stood in his way. He had an outstanding balance with the company, so they wouldn’t start service for him again until he settled up. Well, that’s totally reasonable: how big was the balance? Nine cents. [More]

Time Warner Technicians Rescue Kitten Snuggled Up Against Cable Lines

Time Warner Technicians Rescue Kitten Snuggled Up Against Cable Lines

Late on Saturday night, a San Antonio apartment complex needed an urgent visit from Time Warner Cable. Was it a building-wide Internet outage? Disrupted movie-viewing? No… a tiny kitten was stuck in one of the plastic pipes that contain Time Warner’s lines below the building, and wouldn’t come out. [More]


Time Warner Cable Entices Us Back With Discounts, Forgets To Give Them To Us

When Michael quit Time Warner Cable, it was easy. Too easy. He didn’t face retention staff begging him to stay. They canceled the account, and let the couple go. Temporarily. After only a few days, Time Warner began to call them to win them back, With some coaxing and special discounts, Michael and Mrs. Michael came back. Then they learned that the deal that enticed them back was not, strictly speaking, real. [More]


Time Warner Cable Impersonators Ask: What Can We Do Worse For Our Customers?

Clearly disappointed that they weren’t able to progress beyond the second round in Consumerist’s Worst Company in America Tournament, Time Warner Cable has put out a call to their customers asking for tips on how they can possibly do things worse. No… that can’t be right. We have a strong suspicion that this press release did not actually come from Time Warner.



Time Warner Refuses To Believe I Still Have Internet Access

Time Warner closed Boris’s account, and charged him a fee for not returning his modem. Which is weird, because he never canceled his account. That’s why he didn’t turn his modem. Time Warner sent him to collections over the modem, but there’s still Internet access coming into his house. So he paid the modem fee, and gave up trying to convince the company that they’re making him steal Internet access. [More]


Time For Your 7 A.M. Reminder Of Your Nonexistent Time Warner Cable Appointment

It’s 8 A.M on the East Coast as this post goes up, and James’ wife has been up for an hour. That’s because she’s getting a 7 A.M. wakeup call on her mobile phone every day from Time Warner Cable. No, this isn’t an exciting new Digital Phone service they’re offering: for some people, a wakeup call would actually be useful. No, their cable has already been installed and everything is fine. Everything is fine except for the 7 A.M. phone call that comes to remind Mrs. James of an appointment with the cable guy that doesn’t exist. [More]


Time Warner Boosts My Speed, Cuts My Bill: I Just Happen To Live Near Google Fiber

Rob is a Time Warner Cable customer, and he’s received two really interesting things from them lately. First, a 50% speed boost: they claim to have upgraded the speed of his home Internet connection. That’s neat. Oh, and they’ve also cut his bill, from $45 to $30. Wow! What has prompted this amazing treatment? Years of loyalty and on-time payments? No, not exactly…Rob lives in Kansas City, pilot site for Google Fiber, the gigabit broadband project that’s threatening to make current broadband providers almost care about competing. [More]

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Baseball Fan Or No, Time Warner Cable Charging All L.A. Customers More For Dodgers Network

Hey, you like baseball, Time Warner Cable customers in Los Angeles? No? Kinda? In any case you’re going to be paying more on your bill, whether you want to watch a Dodgers regional sports network or not. Someone’s gotta help pay, and apparently TWC has decided that will be subscribers. [More]

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Time Warner Testing System Where Technicians Show Up Within 1-Hour Window (Gasp!)

Could it be? Is it actually possible to not spend hours upon hours waiting for the cable guy to show up and despairing when he takes four hours or even worse, never shows up? Time Warner Cable says it’s working on a new system wherein a technician would arrive within a one-hour window instead of that, “sometime between here and there” four-hour window system that it currently employs. [More]

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Time Warner Cable Tells Me It’s Charging $3.95 Fee At Same Time It Reduces Bill By $3.95

While lots of Time Warner Cable customers are upset about the new modem rental fee — to the point of filing lawsuits about them — Consumerist reader Barry recently received this bit of good news/bad news. [More]