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Make Sure You Get The Right T-Mobile iPhone Or You’ll Get Stuck In The Slow Lane

Not all 4G networks are created equal. The iPhone 5 officially hit T-Mobile on Friday, April 12, but not all T-Mobile iPhones are created equal. You can buy a phone from T-Mobile itself, or an unlocked one from Apple that comes with a T-Mobile SIM, but not every iPhone for sale is compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G network. Many customers are going home with an older version that’s not compatible with T-Mobile’s network, defeating the point of owning a 4G LTE device. The problem is that many T-Mobile and Apple Store employees aren’t aware of the difference. [More]

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T-Mobile iPhone Preorder Customer Rewarded With Getting Her Phone Next Wednesday

Today, the iPhone goes on sale from T-Mobile, which is something that many of our readers are very excited about. After years of being with the only major carrier without the phone, who can blame them? While people who line up in stores today will walk away cradling the precious, precious phone in their hands, some people who got a jump on ordering will have to wait for a while. [More]

T-Mobile iPhone Preorders: A Few Glitches, But Not A Disaster

T-Mobile iPhone Preorders: A Few Glitches, But Not A Disaster

T-Mobile are pretty excited about the iPhone coming to the carrier, and many customers among our readership have pre-ordered the device. On Monday, we shared reader Richard’s preorder report that he wasn’t able to order at all, no one was able to place a preorder for him, and nobody knew why. We called in for some help from T-Mobile, and asked our readers how their preorders are going. [More]


Four Days Until The T-Mobile iPhone Goes On Sale…How Are Those Pre-orders Going?

As you most likely know, T-Mobile will begin officially selling the iPhone on Friday, without a subsidy or required contract. That’s the good news. Excited customers could start placing pre-orders last Friday, a week before the official launch. How’s that working out for them? Reader Richard filed this report from Pre-order City. [More]

About That Un-Carrier Thing: Technically, T-Mobile Still Might Make You Sign A Contract

About That Un-Carrier Thing: Technically, T-Mobile Still Might Make You Sign A Contract

T-Mobile CEO John Legere told reporters at a big media event recently, “If you come to T-Mobile, you’ve signed your last [mobile phone] contract.” Only this is not, strictly speaking, true. If you lay out cash or bring your own device, then no, you will not have to sign a contract. when switching to Big Pink. However, customers who buy a new device on an installment plan do need to sign a contract binding them to T-Mobile for as long as they’re still making payments on the phone. [More]


T-Mobile Won’t Refund Peace Corps Volunteer’s ETF Because South Pacific Isn’t ‘Overseas’ Enough

Naseem is a Peace Corps volunteer, serving in the South Pacific. She had once been told that as a U.S. government employee sent to an overseas posting, she would be freed from her T-Mobile contract when the time came for her to leave the country. She had nothing to worry about, all of the company representatives she talked to assured her. It would be fine. She would have to pay an early termination fee. Until someone at T-Mobile decided that the South Pacific doesn’t count as “overseas,” and she has to somehow prove that she’s not still in the United States. [More]

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T-Mobile Wants $250 ETF After I Move Out Of Their Towers’ Reach

Smoo has been a loyal T-Mobile customer of more than a decade, but it’s time to go. She just moved to a town where T-Mo has next to no service, so obviously she needs to cancel. There was a catch: she had just signed a new contract to get a better deal. No problem, said T-Mobile! Just send proof of her new address along, and they would let her out of her contract. Oh, if only it were that easy. [More]


T-Mobile Can’t Provide Me With A Free Micro SIM That’s Micro, Or That’s Free

Teri is a T-Mobile customer, and she needed a micro-SIM for her new unlocked Nexus 4. This is supposedly a free item when you order it from T-Mobile’s website, but is not free when they send you the wrong SIM, and you call to complain and get them to rectify the situation. Then it costs $27. [More]


T-Mobile Promises Not To Extend My Contract After Replacing Phone, Extends Contract

Philip’s wife’s phone wasn’t working very well. It would power-cycle and drain its own battery, and her texts get delayed. So he set out to get her a new phone, but this was a bigger challenge than he had expected. A replacement phone without extending the family’s contract apparently wasn’t an option. He managed to get a comparable new phone at no cost without extending his contract by calling the retention line to cancel, but this concession came with a price. [More]

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T-Mobile CEO Says Shared Data Plans Could Be Felled With All That Porn You’re Watching

Everybody likes a CEO that says outrageous things and talks smack about the competition while wearing the “Look, I’m a regular guy like you!” outfit of a T-shirt and blazer. The above reasons are all part of why John Legere of T-Mobile scored a win with his recent Q&A session during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And also he mentioned pornography, a guaranteed ear pricker-upper. [More]

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T-Mobile Gives Us 1 Bar Of Service At Home, Still Charges $600 ETF To Leave

JD and his family moved to a different town in the same state, but T-Mobile didn’t have great reception in their new home. They had only one bar of service, but T-Mobile customer service staff assured the family that the service would get better. It didn’t. When his wife’s phone broke, they upgraded her phone and his son’s phone after assurances from the salesperson that having new, advanced smartphones would improve their reception. They did not. What the family would really like now, a year later, is to quit their T-Mobile contract and get on with their lives. That’s not an option without an early termination fee. [More]


T-Mobile Doesn’t Believe Loyal Customer Will Really Leave

So long, T-Mobile! Mark was looking for a new phone to replace his, and has been a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2007. What’s that worth to Big Pink? Not all that much. He saw a great deal reserved only for new customers. Here’s the catch: that deal included a nice price on a smartphone and a $50 per month unlimited no-contract plan. They weren’t about to let a contract customer move on to a dissolute, contract-free lifestyle. No way.  [More]

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Apple-Loving T-Mobile Customers Rejoice: Your iPhones Are Arriving In 2013

As I say when I’ve missed two buses and three trains only to arrive for the last five minutes of the open bar, better late than never, eh? And so it goes for T-Mobile customers who have been greedily eyeing Apple’s iPhone for the last four years while not being able to buy one compatible with their wireless carrier’s service. It might be late, but it’s not never — the iPhone is officially coming to T-Mobile in 2013 [cue “The Final Countdown” by Europe]. [More]

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Report: Cops Want Wireless Carriers To Save Text Messages, You Know, Just In Case

That thing you texted to that person the other night which you deleted out of overwhelming shame the next day? Messages like that could be pored over in the future by cops if various law enforcement officials have their way. They’re reportedly asking Congress to make wireless carriers record and store customers’ private text messages for at least two years, in case police need that info for a future investigation. [More]

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Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Ancient, Indestructible Nokia Phone

Do you ever get nostalgic for old technology, missing your Nokia dumbphone from 2001 or your Sony Mavica camera that saved photos to 3.5-inch floppy disks? Thanks to hidden caches of treasure in Walmart’s vast warehouses, you don’t have to. Wally World puts these items, brand-new and shrinkwrapped, on the shelves at comically high prices. Brave Consumerist readers seek out these rare finds and send their discoveries to us. We call these brave souls the Raiders of the Lost Walmart. [More]


T-Mobile Tells Me I Can Cancel Son’s Line With No ETF After His Move – Now I Can’t

Mobile phone carriers are supposed to let you out of your contract without an early termination fee if you move outside of a coverage area. That’s a theoretical exercise as far as Tom is concerned. His son uses one of the lines on his family plan, and moved outside of a coverage area. Should be easy enough to end that line without an Early Termination fee, right? Nope. [More]

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T-Mobile Assumes I Owe Them Money Just Because Of My Name

If you work in the collections department for a wireless company and you’re trying to contact a delinquent customer but don’t have a home phone number for him. What to do? If you’re T-Mobile, apparently you just find someone else with the same name and assume he’s the guy. [More]

I Have To Sign A 2-Year Contract To Put A SIM In My Outdated Android Tablet?!

I Have To Sign A 2-Year Contract To Put A SIM In My Outdated Android Tablet?!

In the life of a human, a few years isn’t very long at all. In the life of an electronic device, it’s… well, it’s an entire lifetime. Literally. Still, Matt doesn’t understand why his Android tablet, which was manufactured a few years ago, can’t just have a T-Mobile SIM slapped on it so he can use it on a mobile network. He’s been using it on wifi for years, but wants to be all portable, as well as update the OS. This would require a two-year T-Mobile contract. Two years? [More]