Upgrade Your Smartphone At Any Time With T-Mobile: With A Few Catches

Upgrade Your Smartphone At Any Time With T-Mobile: With A Few Catches

Early upgrade programs have been the hot trend in the phone business in the last few years: while carriers want to get out of the subsidized handset business, they realize that customers want a way to get the shiniest new handsets without paying the hundreds of dollars that those handsets cost at retail. T-Mobile now wants to put even newer and shinier handsets in customers’ hands through a change to their Jump program. [More]

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T-Mobile Hands Over ‘Refurbished’ Phone Full Of Someone Else’s Data, Shrugs

A T-Mobile customer bought the un-carrier’s “Premium Handset Protection” when getting a new phone, and eventually had to use it when his Nexus 5 stopped working. The phone swap was a bigger hassle than he anticipated, but that wasn’t really the problem: the problem was that the phone was still full of the previous owner’s stuff, and logged on to her social media accounts. [More]

Sprint Set To Make House Calls With Launch Of “Direct 2 You” Service

Sprint Set To Make House Calls With Launch Of “Direct 2 You” Service

Like doctors of yore carrying black bags filled with tools straight to an ailing person’s bedside, Sprint is rolling out its own version of the house call with a new service needlessly employing numerals instead of letters, “Direct 2 You.” Roving Sprint workers will be on the road to customers in need of help upgrading their phone, transferring information to a new device and recycling old phones.


AT&T Asked RadioShack To Destroy Customer And Proprietary Information

AT&T Asked RadioShack To Destroy Customer And Proprietary Information

The auction for the smoldering remains of RadioShack is happening right now at the offices of the company’s attorneys in New York City, and something caught our attention while we wait for news about the winning bidders and future of the Shack and its stores and employees. AT&T has filed an objection to the proceedings in court, asking RadioShack to destroy any sensitive information about customers and AT&T itself. [More]

Ad Watchdog Says Sprint Should Stop Calling Itself ‘New’ And ‘Improved’

Ad Watchdog Says Sprint Should Stop Calling Itself ‘New’ And ‘Improved’

Is Sprint really the U.S. carrier with an all-new network infrastructure and the most improved customer service in the industry? Their ads would have you think so, but competitor T-Mobile complained to the self-regulating watchdogs over at the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council. Here’s what they found out after investigating the claims that Sprint makes in its ads. [More]


New Comcast Customer Loses Old Phone Number

When people switch from one phone provider to another, even for landline service, they’re supposed to be able to port their phone number from their old phone company to their new one. That didn’t happen for one new Comcast customer, who lost her phone number of 15 years when she switched from AT&T. [More]

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Ting Expands Flexible Phone Plan Pricing Model To GSM Phones

Ting is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), or a cell phone company that doesn’t own its own network of towers, but instead leases voice and data capacity from other carriers. We’ve been hearing about Ting for a while, mostly from contented customers. Until now, though, customers were limited to phones that were purchased from the carrier, or off-contract devices from the Sprint network. Starting next year, that will change. [More]

T-Mobile Agrees To Show Throttled Users Their Actual Speeds

T-Mobile Agrees To Show Throttled Users Their Actual Speeds

For the last few months, the Federal Communication Commission has been investigating the data-throttling practices of the country’s major mobile carriers. While AT&T doesn’t see the problem, T-Mobile has come to an agreement with the federal regulator, promising to tell customers when they’ve been throttled, and to lead them to an accurate speed test where they can find out what their current speed is. [More]


AT&T Quietly Offering Customers $50 To Upgrade At Apple Stores

If you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your mobile device, and you’re an AT&T customer, AT&T really, really wants you to consider using their installment plan. Not only is there no upgrade fee for current customers who use the company’s Next installment plans, but AT&T is offering customers an extra fifty bucks if they finance a new iPhone, but don’t order it through AT&T. [More]

Sprint Will Lease Loyal Customers An iPhone 6 For $5/Month

Sprint Will Lease Loyal Customers An iPhone 6 For $5/Month

While other carriers are looking to eliminate phone subsidies, Sprint has an interesting plan for people who like to upgrade their handsets annually: the “iPhone for Life” program lets you lease a phone instead of purchasing or financing one. Now, the carrier is rewarding loyal customers who have stuck with the carrier through its years of spotty coverage and slow data speeds. [More]

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Redbox Instant Streaming Service Is Dead

Redbox Instant seemed like a great idea when it launched at the beginning of 2013. A partnership between Redbox and Verizon, the service planned to compete with Netflix while offering one thing that Netflix couldn’t: bonus instant DVD rentals from Redbox’s in-person kiosks. It seemed like the two services could coexist happily. They couldn’t. Redbox Instant will shut down tomorrow night, at 11:59 PM Pacific time. [More]

AT&T: Half Of New Phone Buyers Are Choosing Next Plans

AT&T: Half Of New Phone Buyers Are Choosing Next Plans

When you see AT&T advertising the hottest new phones as being available for “$0 down,” that’s if you opt for the early upgrade/installment payments plan called AT&T Next. While stock analysts (and, we’re guessing, AT&T itself) expected the program to be a huge hit, the prospect of getting a $15/month discount and paying full sticker price for a smartphone just isn’t tempting to the average consumer. [More]


Sprint Doubles AT&T’s Data-Doubling Promotion

Over the weekend, AT&T announced a promotion on its biggest and priciest family plans for data: during October, they will double the amount of data that users on most expensive plans, starting at the 15 GB tier, get with their monthly plan. “Oh, yeah?” said competitor Sprint. “We’ll DOUBLE their double data!” [More]

T-Mobile Emphasizes: They’re Probably Not Going To Throttle You

T-Mobile Emphasizes: They’re Probably Not Going To Throttle You

Imagine being part of a rarified group: your carrier’s top 20 gobblers of unlimited data. At T-Mobile, unlimited data is still a thing, and a recently leaked memo has customers panicking that using too much data will get them throttled. It won’t. [More]

T-Mobile Will Throttle Users Who “Misuse” Their Unlimited Data Plans


The Federal Communications Commission has told America’s wireless carriers that it’s fine if they want to drastically cut back the speed of data (or “throttle”) that their heaviest users have access to: they need to spell out to customers exactly what behaviors lead to throttling. T-Mobile has spelled this out quite clearly…in an internal memo for employees, not necessarily a clear guide for customers. [More]


Virgin Mobile Debuts $12 Single-App Data Plans

Do you love having access to social media on your smartphone, but don’t bother to venture outside of Facebook? Sprint’s Virgin Mobile brand has introduced the perfect smartphone plan for both 74-year-olds and 14-year-olds: cheap mobile Internet access that limits you to a single service. [More]


Being In New Verizon Wireless Rewards Program Means Giving It Your Phone’s Location, Web Browsing Info

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so it comes as no surprise that companies want a little something in return when they reward customers for staying loyal. Thus, the tradeoff at the center of Verizon Wireless’ new Verizon Smart Rewards system: Customers opt in to the company’s location-tracking/marketing program, Verizon Selects, and then earn points toward discounts on “brand-name” merchandise and deals at local restaurants, stores and offers on travel. [More]

Sprint Also Launches Test-Drive Program, Sort Of

Sprint Also Launches Test-Drive Program, Sort Of

Last week, T-Mobile was in the news not only because CEO John Legere compared the company’s two biggest competitors to rapists, but because they announced subsidy of data used when customers stream music and a program that lets prospective customers test out the network and an iPhone 5S for 7 days. Now Sprint has announced a similar test-drive program. Kind of. [More]