Verizon Wants To Sell App Installations On Your Phone To Advertisers

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Space on your Android phone is for sale, if you’re a Verizon customer, and according to ad agency executives who have worked on such deals. Verizon activates an estimated 20 million new Android phones every year, so even a small amount per installation could add up for the mobile company, assuming that customers would tolerate it. Would they? [More]


AT&T Raises Phone Upgrade And Activation Fee To $20, Matches Verizon

You may remember just over a week ago when we learned about Verizon’s plans to raise activation fees for new lines or new phones for old lines for a wider variety of their customers. Someone over at AT&T Wireless apparently thought that sounded like a good idea, since the carrier will also raise its upgrade fee to $20. Worse: Verizon won’t impose the fee if you purchase your own phone elsewhere, but AT&T will. [More]

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Don’t Like Talking? Save Money By Ditching Voice Service For Your T-Mobile Smartphone

Depending on your habits and personality, you may not need to make a lot of actual phone calls using your smartphone. If you find that you don’t use your phone as a phone all that much, you can save quite a bit of money by taking advantage of a set of mobile plans originally designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. [More]

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T-Mobile Offers Free Subscription To Promote Streaming, Draw Customers

Baseball season begins in a few weeks, so why not use it as an opportunity to sell some mobile phone plans? You might not see the direct connection there, but T-Mobile does: they’re offering free subscriptions to the MLB’s all-team streaming service to their customers to promote baseball and their Binge On exemptions for selected streaming video services. [More]


AT&T Is Holding Open Enrollment For Phone Insurance, If You’re Into That

Open enrollment for insurance is the very special time of year when at your job or on a health insurance exchange, you are able to add or drop insurance or change plans for any reason or for no reason. It also exists for other kinds of insurance, like insurance on your mobile phone. AT&T is running an open enrollment period now, if you want phone insurance but failed to sign up within 30 days of buying yours. [More]


Unsurprising: The End Of Subsidized Smartphones Means U.S. Smartphone Sales Are Down

Do you have a smartphone? Do you like your smartphone and want to keep it going as long as possible? Now that U.S. carriers have quit giving us new free phones every 18 months to two years, smartphone users here have come to realize that the devices do not, in fact, cost $0-$200, and maybe we should keep using them for longer. Some recent sales data shows that smartphone sales are down here, and it’s not hard to figure out why. [More]

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AT&T Offers Switchers [Up To] $650, Two-For-One Phone Deal

Now that mobile carriers have switched from subsidizing handsets to making us buy them our own darn selves, their inducement for customers to switch is now offering to pay off what you owe to our old carrier. That could be early termination fees, or your balance from buying a device on installments: doesn’t matter. T-Mobile started the trend, and now AT&T is increasing their incentive. [More]

Sprint To Lay Off 2,000 Customer Service Employees

Sprint To Lay Off 2,000 Customer Service Employees

Sprint’s recent promotions, including “iPhone for Life” and the promise to cut customers’ bills from other carriers in half have helped the fourth-place carrier, gaining it 500,000 new postpaid subscribers even accounting for customers who have left. The company is responding to the good news by laying off 2,000 customer service representatives in centers across the country, and directing customers to use the self-service app instead. [More]

T-Mobile Opens LTE Gates, Gives Customers Unlimited Access For 3 Months

T-Mobile Opens LTE Gates, Gives Customers Unlimited Access For 3 Months

It used to be that mobile phone customers actually talked on our phones a lot, and carriers limited our minutes while giving us unlimited data for our feature phones or Blackberries. Now, it’s the reverse: we have unlimited voice minutes, but limited data. As part of another attention-getting promotion, T-Mobile has announced that it plans to offer current Simple Choice customers unlimited LTE data for the next three months. [More]


AT&T Doesn’t Think Other Carriers Should Enable iPhone WiFi Calling, Either

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that AT&T was delaying adoption of the WiFi calling feature in the new version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices. The carrier said that it was awaiting FCC approval of the feature, which other carriers have enabled already. Now AT&T has tattled to the FCC on those other carriers, pointing out that they should be waiting for approval too. [More]

Two Men Arrested In Multimillion-Dollar Text Message Fraud Scheme

Two Men Arrested In Multimillion-Dollar Text Message Fraud Scheme

When you receive a spam text, you just ignore the message and delete the text, right? Sure, but it’s also a good idea to check your upcoming phone bills, since the service that sent the text may also be cramming unwanted charges on your phone bills. Two more people involved in such a scheme that ran from 2011 to 2013 were charged yesterday in federal court. [More]

Amazon Has Finally Sold All Of Its Fire Phones

Amazon Has Finally Sold All Of Its Fire Phones

Last year, Amazon endlessly teased us all with what was going to be either a new smartphone or some kind of exotic sex toy. Unfortunately for Amazon, it was the former, and the Fire Phone failed to catch on. That’s okay, though, because the last phones have been sold, and the engineers who made the device into a real-life phone are gone. Amazon can just pretend that none of this ever happened. [More]

Sprint Will Stop Offering 2-Year Phone Contracts By The End Of This Year

Sprint Will Stop Offering 2-Year Phone Contracts By The End Of This Year

When we shared the news that Sprint was launching a program where you can lease an iPhone for prices that start at $22 per month, there was one piece of important Sprint-related information that we didn’t know yet: the reason why the carrier was making such a big deal out of their sweet lease offers is that they plan to join T-Mobile and Verizon in ending two-year contracts and subsidized phones. [More]

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Sprint Will Rent You An iPhone Forever For $22 Per Month, Totally Not A Contract

Do you itch to replace your iPhone as soon as a new one is announced? Do you only live and travel in areas where the Sprint network is acceptably strong? If so, Sprint’s new “iPhone Forever” plan may be for you: it allows you to upgrade your phone whenever you feel like it, as long as you choose a newer iPhone model than the one you had before. [More]


AT&T Rollover Data A Good Idea In Theory, Useless For Some Real Users

Tom is an AT&T customer, and currently has a data plan that includes rollover data. Normally, he and the other person on his plan are very precise: he says that they normally use 2.8 GB of their shared 3 GB plan. Recently, their normal practices didn’t work, and they had to dip into the rollover data. That’s when they learned that rollover data is only useful if your data use fluctuates wildly from month to month. [More]

T-Mobile Now Exempts 33 Streaming Music Services From Data Limits, Adds Apple Music

T-Mobile Now Exempts 33 Streaming Music Services From Data Limits, Adds Apple Music

Last year, T-Mobile added a benefit for their customers that no other mobile provider had tried: data used for music streaming services doesn’t count against their data allowance. Since the launch, Big Magenta has taken suggestions from their users for new services to add, and now they’re up to a total of 33 services that are part of the program. [More]


T-Mobile Announces Family Plan Promo With More Data Than You Probably Need

How much LTE mobile data does your family (or just the unrelated people on your mobile phone plan) really need? 10 GB? 20? 40? It depends on what you do with your mobile device and where you use it, but most people don’t use that much. Today, T-Mobile announced new plans designed to compete with similar offerings from Verizon, but that include more data than most people could need. [More]