Normandy Tank Museum

If You’re In The Market For A WWII-Era Tank, This French Museum Has The Auction For You

After failing to attract enough visitors to keep it afloat, the Normandy Tank Museum has decided to sell of its entire collection of tanks, military vehicles, trucks, aircraft, and motorcycles in an auction next month. [More]


Of Course People In Wisconsin Are Getting Wedding Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Usually, the topic of wedding trends makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a wire hanger dipped in hot tar, but when you introduce cheese into the picture, well, that’s another matter entirely. [More]

Alan Rappa

Report: There Are 1.2M Fewer Retail Workers Than There Would Be Without The Internet

What would the retail landscape look like if we didn’t have the Internet and online shopping? No one can say, for sure (unless you know someone who can travel to parallel universes*), but one analyst says there’d be about 1.2 million more people with jobs in retail. [More]


Uber Launching Self-Driving Ride-Share Vehicles In Pittsburgh This Month

The ride-sharing experience of the future is coming to Pittsburgh this month, when Uber will launch a fleet of autonomous cars — custom Volvo XC90s — that come with a human being to supervise in the driver’s seat. [More]


Hawaii Health Officials: New Hepatitis A Cases Expected Despite Shutdown Of Sushi Restaurants

Even though officials with the Hawaii Department of Health shut down sushi restaurants in the state that served frozen scallops linked to a recent Hepatitis A outbreak, new cases could still pop up, authorities said. [More]

Instagram Launching Live “Events” Video Channel

Instagram Launching Live “Events” Video Channel

Along with viewing your friends’ photos and videos in your feed, or checking out what’s popular on across app, Instagram is adding a new “Live Events” video channel that streams, well, events. Live. [More]

America Cruise Ferries

More Than 500 People Evacuated From Cruise Ship Near Puerto Rico After Fire

A ship fire aboard a combination ferry/cruise vessel off the coast Puerto Rico on Wednesday found the U.S. Coast Guard evacuating more than 500 passengers and crew from the ship. [More]


Police Officer Smashes Window Of Hot Car And Realizes He’s Just Rescued A Lifelike Doll

Acts of heroism can never be undone, but sometimes those being rescued don’t exactly need the help. For example, the very lifelike, yet very not alive, doll that police saved from a hot car in New Hampshire recently. [More]

Pinterest Will Join All The Other Social Media Platforms With New “Promoted Video” Ads

Pinterest Will Join All The Other Social Media Platforms With New “Promoted Video” Ads

When it comes to social media, sure, companies want to set themselves apart and be somehow different from all the rest. But they also don’t want to be left behind, which is probably why Pinterest is now joining the video advertising fray. [More]

French Mayor Seeks Ban On “Anarchical Settlement” Of Pokémon Go Characters

French Mayor Seeks Ban On “Anarchical Settlement” Of Pokémon Go Characters

Wherever Pokémon Go players roam, it seems there’s bound to be someone who doesn’t want anything to do with the virtual creatures. Like in France, where the mayor of one village wants to banish the “anarchical settlement” of Pokémon Go characters that have taken up residence in his “territory.” [More]


6 Children Shocked By Electricity On Connecticut Amusement Park Ride

A day at the amusement park went from thrilling to downright dangerous yesterday, after six children were shocked by electricity while exiting a ride at a Connecticut oceanside park. [More]


12-Year-Old Who Runs His Own Farm Stand Thought It Would Be A “Cool” Thing To Do

You know what I thought was a cool thing to do on Saturdays when I was 12? Skip ballet class/soccer practice and sleep in. Then there’s the kid in Washington state who harvests his own produce and runs his own farm stand. [More]

Duke University Libraries

State Fairs Of Yesteryear Often Featured Creepy Baby-Judging Contests

Just imagine: you’re standing in the crowd at the state fair, gaze fixed on a stage filled not with plump vegetables, carefully crafted pies, or prize cows, but babies. Yes, the past could get pretty creepy. [More]


Wine Shop Owner Admits Scamming Customers Out Of $45M In Ponzi Scheme

Though the words “Ponzi scheme” may conjure images of Bernie Madoff ripping off big investment funds, the scam can come in many shapes in sizes… or liquids, as a case out of California involving a wine shop owner accused of stealing $45 million in undelivered products shows. [More]


Hawaii Health Officials Order Several Sushi Joints Closed Amid Hepatitis A Outbreak

When you think of Hawaii, seafood may come to mind, considering the state is surrounded by water. But hungry folks looking for sushi have a few less options right now, after the state’s department of health ordered several restaurants closed amid an ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak. [More]

Uber Driver Accused Of Raping A Passenger In Atlanta

Uber Driver Accused Of Raping A Passenger In Atlanta

All too often we find ourselves writing about another occasion where an Uber driver is accused of assaulting a passenger, and here we are again, unfortunately: a woman in Atlanta says her driver sexually assaulted her after picking her up early Saturday morning. [More]


Shake Shack Offering Free Burgers Today — But You’ll Have To Act Quickly

The good news: you can get a free burger at Shake Shack today. The bad news: you’ll have to get there quickly because they’re only offering the freebies to the first 100 customers at each location. [More]

Victoria’s Secret Focusing On Shilling Sports Bras In Effort To Keep Up With Rivals

Victoria’s Secret Focusing On Shilling Sports Bras In Effort To Keep Up With Rivals

Whereas it used to feel like you couldn’t turn around at Victoria’s Secret without facing a wall of pushup bras, the company is now focused on a different kind of pushup — the sort you do while exercising and wearing a sports bra. [More]