Beloved Indie Clothing Retailer ModCloth To Become Part Of…Walmart?

Beloved Indie Clothing Retailer ModCloth To Become Part Of…Walmart?

Many startups dream of being acquired by a deep-pocketed benefactor, but sometimes the brand reputations of the startup and of the new parent company don’t quite match up. For example, what does the quirky online retailer ModCloth have in common with Walmart? According to news reports, what they have in common is that Walmart subsidiary Jet has purchased ModCloth. [More]

Grocery Shrink Ray Strikes Cascade Complete Pods, Febreze Air Effects

Grocery Shrink Ray Strikes Cascade Complete Pods, Febreze Air Effects

When companies slightly reduce the size of a product instead of raising the price, that’s called the Grocery Shrink Ray. It’s often deployed at the same time as a packaging redesign to make the shrinkage harder to notice. Two brands from Procter & Gamble, Febreze and Cascade, have done this with their products recently, and our observant readers noticed. [More]


7 Things We Learned About The Improbable Comeback Of Domino’s

Domino’s committed sins against food, but now the chain has atoned for them, and the market has rewarded the chain. It has improved its pizza and come out with ordering and delivery innovations that are mostly gimmicks for publicity, but they do their job and gain publicity. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Walgreens & Rite Aid Willing To Unload More Stores On Fred’s To Make Merger Happen

Walgreens and Rite Aid want to merge and become the largest pharmacy chain in the country, and the Federal Trade Commission is the main obstacle in their path. That’s why Walgreens, the much larger partner in this merger, is preparing a new proposal for the regulators, which would include selling off more stores to what’s now a small regional chain. [More]

Heidi Uusitorppa

Former Audible Customer Proposes Class Action For “Misleading” Expiring Credits

Amazon’s audiobook store/subscription service hybrid, Audible, charges its members a monthly fee, in return for which they get monthly credits. However, customers have learned that while they get to keep their purchased books after canceling a membership, they do not get to keep unused credits. One of them has filed a class action against Amazon over this structure, claiming that the credits are like gift cards. [More]

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Celebrate Pi Day With These Deals On Pies And Pizzas

Happy Pi Day! March 14, or 3/14, represents the first three digits of pi, an essential constant in math that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. This has important meaning even to those of us who aren’t math geeks: Restaurants and retailers mark the occasion with promotions featuring special prices on pies or on pizzas. You know, pizza pies, but they’re also both round foods. [More]

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Investors Betting That Mall Owners Will Default On Mortgages

Nearly a decade ago, some investors scored big payouts by predicting that the housing boom’s glut of mortgage-backed securities would turn out to be toxic. Now there are investors betting on the hope that more mall owners will soon be letting their properties go into foreclosure. [More]

Budweiser Marketing Lime-A-Rita Solely To Women

Budweiser Marketing Lime-A-Rita Solely To Women

Budweiser’s Lime-A-Rita is a strange product. It’s a fruit-flavored malt beverage from a company known for its beer-like substances, and the product’s name implies margaritas, but it contains neither beer nor tequila. As malt beverage sales are falling, though, Budweiser parent AB InBev is going to market the Lime-A-Rita line solely to women. [More]

Connie Ma

We Still Don’t Know Who Made The E. Coli-Contaminated Soynut Butter

So far, 16 people sick from E. coli have had their illnesses officially linked to recalled soy butter from the brand I.M. Healthy. Half of the infected have been hospitalized, and 14 of them are children. Yet there’s one piece of information about the recall hasn’t been made public: The company has not released the name of the contract manufacturer that made the products originally. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Gander Mountain Files For Bankruptcy, Plans To Close 32 Stores

The sporting goods retail apocalypse continues, and as predicted a month ago, the latest victim is Gander Mountain. The chain of hunting, fishing, and camping superstores, which does substantial business in firearms, filed for bankruptcy at the end of last week. The business will go up for auction, with company leaders hoping to close the sale by May 15. [More]


Austin’s First SXSW Without Uber And Lyft Not Going Well

Ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft exited Austin last May, meaning hundreds of thousands of attendees at the currently running South By Southwest festival are seeking new ways to get around the Texas capital. Unfortunately, some say the companies trying to fill the Uber/Lyft void are not ready for the big time. [More]

Neff Conner

Hotel Industry Claims That Airbnb Market Dominated By “Illegal Hotels”

Home-sharing platforms like Airbnb describe their services as a way for homeowners with extra rooms — or second houses they rarely use — to connect with people looking for a place to stay. Hotel owners counter that Airbnb just lets people run de facto hotels without all of the regulations and taxes. In a new report, the industry lays out its case against these allegedly illegal hotels.

Xavier J. Peg

Watch Out For Department Of Health And Human Services Impostors On The Phone

Health care and the government are in the news lately, but they shouldn’t be on your phone. If someone calls you up and asks for personal information, don’t give it to them, even if the caller ID says “HHS Tips” or “Federal Government,” or the call appears to be coming from the 202 area code in Washington, DC. The people making these calls are impersonating the government. [More]


Please Don’t Add Extra Water To Your High-Efficiency Washer

We think that we know what a load of laundry is supposed to look like as it runs, but the change to high-efficiency washing machines means that things look a little different. Some people even add extra water from outside the machine until it looks saturated. Don’t do that. [More]

Hammerin Man

Daylight Saving Time Costs Money And Frustration

It’s almost that time of year again. The time of year when Daylight Saving Time hits and you’re stuck changing clocks on everything from your bedroom alarm to your car to your microwave. While you’re changing those clocks, keep this in mind: Daylight Saving Time actually leads to more automobile crashes, slumping sales in stores, and reduced productivity for everyone. [More]

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Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are six of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]


RadioShack May Close Somewhere Between 530 And All Of Its Stores

For the second time in 25 months, electronics retailer RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy protection. The first time around, The Shack closed just over half of its stores, partnering with Sprint to keep the rest open and preserve thousands of jobs. This week, the company formed to keep the brand going sought permission from the bank to close between one-third and all of its stores. [More]

Steven Depolo

Americans Pass Important Sugary Milestone: We Now Buy More Bottled Water Than Soda

Late last summer, experts predicted that Americans would soon reach an important beverage milestone. We were close to the point where we would be purchasing more bottled water than sweetened soft drinks. According to a new report, we’ve finally passed that point, gulping 12.8 billion gallons from bottles in 2016, an increase of 9% from 2015. [More]