The First Choice Amazon Gives You To Buy Isn’t Necessarily The Cheapest

The First Choice Amazon Gives You To Buy Isn’t Necessarily The Cheapest

E-commerce giant Amazon prides itself on being a customer-centric company, but in Amazon’s world, that generally means encouraging its shoppers and its third-party merchants to buy more services from Amazon. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for consumers, but it doesn’t mean that we get the cheapest prices, either. [More]

Mike Mozart

PetSmart Takes Part In T-Mobile Tuesdays, Forgets To Limit Freebie To T-Mobile Customers

Here’s the problem with releasing a coupon on the internet: without disclaimers or digital limits on the coupon itself, it can be infinitely reproduced, used over and over, and used by people it wasn’t intended for. That’s what reportedly happened when T-Mobile offered a restriction-free coupon for $7 worth of stuff at PetSmart as part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion that was a little too unrestricted. [More]


Retailers Are Wearing Us Down: Shoppers Don’t Mind Holiday Creep So Much

Holiday Creep, and more specifically Christmas Creep, are common annoyances of modern shopping. When the school supplies disappear from shelves, the Christmas trees and lights appear, making shoppers feel like the holiday season begins earlier and earlier every year. This is becoming more normal, though: some recent survey results show that fewer Americans find Christmas Creep less annoying than in previous years. They’re wearing us down. [More]


AAA: You’re All Wasting Billions Of Dollars On Premium Gas, So Stop It

The American Automobile Association has an important message for Americans: we’re all wasting billions of dollars every year on premium gasoline for vehicles that don’t actually need it, and we should stop. While high-octane gasoline is available everywhere and might make us feel like we’re doing something good for our cars, we actually aren’t. [More]

Todd Lappin

Filmmaker-In-Residence On Hanjin Cargo Ship Now Back On Shore

The ships of South Korean company Hanjin Shipping carried billions of dollars’ worth of cargo, crew members who miss their families, and one unexpected traveler: a British filmmaker and performance artist on a 23-day residency on board a ship. Rebecca Moss is finally back on land along with the crew of the Hanjin Geneva, even though she disembarked in Tokyo over the weekend when her trip was supposed to end in Shanghai last Thursday. [More]

Ashlee Kieler

Did Target Stop Selling Miracle Whip? Depends On Where You Live

Reader Krystal went to her local Target store to look for a pretty mundane grocery item: Miracle Whip, the “salad dressing” that many Americans sub in for mayonnaise. Employees told her that Target was no longer selling it at all, and she turned to Consumerist for help, wondering what Target had against Miracle Whip. “Why would they discontinue selling a pantry staple?” she asked. It’s more complicated than that, but Target hasn’t ditched the spread chain-wide. [More]


Gas Shortages Due To Colonial Pipeline Break Begin In Southeastern US

The company that runs the Colonial Pipleine that stretches from Houston to NYC has announced that it doesn’t have a projected date when it will be repaired. That’s bad news for people in areas where gas prices are climbing and pumps are beginning to run out: southern states including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia now report shortages, but they could come soon to an East Coast gas station near you. [More]

Geoff Fox

Returning Online Purchases Gives Shoppers Reason To Actually Visit The Mall

Will bringing their online purchases back to a physical returns counter make shoppers happier about the shopping process, and maybe cause them to buy things at an actual mall? A startup called HappyReturns hopes so, hoping to work with a variety of online retailers to collect their stuff at malls without having to pay for return shipping. Will it save shoppers work? Not necessarily, and they might actually shop at the mall. [More]

At Least 24 More Kmart Stores To Close By End Of 2016

Nicholas Eckhart

At the end of last week, employees at Kmart stores across the country received bad but not entirely unexpected news: their stores are closing by the end of 2016, and they will lose their jobs. We can confirm that dozens of locations in 11 states plan to close on or before Dec. 11, and will most likely add more locations to this list later today or later this week. [More]

Adam Fagen

Colleges Give Up On Bookstores, Just Send Students To Amazon

Amazon pickup points on college campuses, which have been sprouting up at schools across the country, have two purposes: they exist to alleviate the strain that college students with Prime memberships put on campus mail services, and to help kill college bookstores. Bookstores are responding: not with price-matching or anything wacky like that, but by dropping books from their merchandise assortment. [More]

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Restaurant Customers Uninterested In Sit-Down Chains, Still Hungry

When you go out to eat, where do you go? Restaurant-watchers are noticing that business at sit-down establishments is dropping, while convenience stores, restaurants that deliver, and even supermarkets with ready-to-eat food are all increasing their business. [More]

Michael Verhoef

Ramen Makers Do The Unthinkable: Package Noodles With Less Salt

Cup noodles have traditionally been a cheap, filling way to suddenly get a huge amount of salt in your system. Right? Do they actually do anything else? As Americans look for snack foods that are at least nominally healthier and that have fewer additives, even the makers of cup noodles are cutting back on sodium and artificial flavors. [More]

Great Beyond

Ruptured Gas Pipeline In Alabama May Mean East Coast Fuel Shortages

A spill of gasoline from the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama could mean higher gas prices and even shortages on the East Coast, since the line brings fuel north from refineries in Houston all the way up to New York Harbor. The governors of Alabama and Georgia have declared states of emergency as the pipeline’s repair was delayed, and it may not be back online until next week. [More]


Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are seven of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

Max Feingold

Bored Hanjin Ship Crew Spends Third Week Off Coast Of Singapore

The good news for the crew of a Hanjin ship left stranded by the company’s abriupt bankruptcy is that it has plenty of food and water, something that their union worried about. Crew members even have local prepaid cell phone cards so they can stay in touch with their families. They would prefer to be at home with their families, and to know whether they’ll still have jobs or be able to find jobs once they’re finally allowed off the ship. [More]

Detroit Dog Rescue

Legal Battle Over Smiley Bulldog Is Over, Pit Bulls Still Banned In Town

You may remember Diggy, the Michigan dog who appeared in an adorable selfie with his new owner, only to be threatened with losing his new home when the photo caught the attention of local police. They accused his new owner of violating a local ordinance, because Diggy appeared to be a pit bull. Now the town and owner have settled their dispute, and Diggy gets to stay in his home. [More]

Sam Ejnes

Sporting Goods Store Apocalypse Continues With Bankruptcy Of Golfsmith

You might not recognize the name Golfsmith, but it’s the biggest golf-only store in North America, with 109 stores here and 55 in Canada. Golf, however, isn’t as hot as it was in the years after Tiger Woods went pro, and the sport’s popularity is waning. That means there’s less need for all-golf stores. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Target Isn’t Going To Have Full-Service Grocery Stores, Still Wants To Sell More

Target CEO Brian Cornell has a message for you if you’ve tried to buy groceries at the discount chain in the past and found the selection or products disappointing: things are better now, and you should give the section another chance soon. Unless you want sushi or rotisserie chickens. Then you should go somewhere else. [More]