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Snuggle Up And Share Some Valentine’s Day Specials And Meal Deals

People love to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, and that means restaurants are competing for your business. If what you and your significant other share is a love of frugality, the holiday is a fine time to find discounts and deals on meals out. Or heart-shaped pizzas. [More]

Engineering Professor Explains How To Get Ketchup Out Of A Glass Bottle

Engineering Professor Explains How To Get Ketchup Out Of A Glass Bottle

Heinz ketchup in glass bottles has been around for over 140 years, and for all of that time, aspiring condiment-eaters have been working hard to actually get the stuff out of the bottle. Fortunately for our fries, there are scientists who study this kind of thing, and have shared the best way to get ketchup out without splattering it or resorting to sticking a knife in the bottle. [More]

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Report: Outdoors Superstore Gander Mountain Looking To File For Bankruptcy

Wait, there’s yet another sporting goods store potentially headed for bankruptcy? There are reports that Gander Mountain, an outdoorsy superstore chain that calls itself “America’s firearms superstore” is headed for bankruptcy. [More]


Sprite Cherry Now Exists Because Of The Coke Freestyle Machine

Here at Consumerist, we’ve been slightly obsessed for most of the last decade with the Coke Freestyle machine, a contraption that lets customers add a startling variety of flavors to their soft drinks. (Pepsi has a competing super-fountain, the Spire.) What we didn’t know is that Coca-Cola has been using the devices to collect data on what beverages we want, and then giving them to us. [More]

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Petsmart Recalls Grreat Choice Canned Dog Food For Potential Metal Pieces

Sure, most dogs will eat anything, but there are things that they shouldn’t eat. Like xylitol, raisins, and metal shards. Petsmart has recalled one manufacturing lot of its house-brand Grreat Choice (no, that’s not a typo) canned adult dog food after customers reported metal pieces in the food. [More]


Independent Auditors Will Check Facebook Ad Displays Down To The Millisecond

You can’t blame companies that run advertisements on Facebook for being a bit suspicious after the social media platform has acknowledged problems with over-estimating how long users interact with videos and how much time users spend reading Instant Articles and interacting with brand pages. Now the company will submit to an outside audit of that advertising data. [More]

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Report: Payless Looking To Reduce Its Footprint, Close 1,000 Stores

Payless, the ubiquitous discount shoe retailer with more than 4,400 stores in 30 countries, is reportedly looking to cut back on its ubiquity. Just like just about every other retailer in your local mall, especially the ones that sell clothing, the company has too many stores and too much debt. [More]

Ruth’s Pimento Spread, Cream Cheese Recalled Due To Potential Listeria

Ruth’s Pimento Spread, Cream Cheese Recalled Due To Potential Listeria

Listeria is a potentially deadly pathogen that can lurk in food products, and it’s especially dangerous in foods that don’t get cooked before eating, like soft cheese, deli meats, and cold salads. Pimento spread from Ruth’s Salads in North Carolina may contain the bacteria, and has been recalled. [More]


Sears Holdings Outlines New Plan To Escape Death Spiral

Everyone except chairman and CEO Eddie Lampert thinks that Sears Holdings is in an inescapable death spiral, as the company sells its brands and real estate and lays off employees. Today, the company outlined plans for the near future that are more of the same: selling more real estate, selling off more key Sears brands, and depending on the Shop Your Way rewards program and e-commerce when the customers it still has aren’t especially interested in either. [More]

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Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are five of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

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Arby’s Admits Malware Infection And Credit Card Breach At Hundreds Of Restaurants

The last time you satisfied your craving for seasoned curly fries at Arby’s, did you use a credit or debit card? It’s time to start watching your statements for fraudulent transactions and also to watch your mailbox for a new card: Arby’s announced a payment card breach at a few hundred of its restaurants. [More]


Rising Olive Oil Prices In Europe May Catch Up With Us Eventually

Olive oil is a kitchen staple, used for everything from cooking up veggies to delicately dipping pieces of bread. It’s also becoming a more expensive staple due to weather in olive-growing countries Spain, Italy, and Greece. Hot weather, fruit flies, and flooding across those regions mean a much smaller harvest. [More]

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Have Your Devices Or Accounts Been Searched At The Border?

When entering the United States, have agents taken away your computer or other devices, or have they demanded social media passwords? The Electronic Frontier Foundation is gathering stories from people who have had to surrender their devices or their social media account information at the border when it’s not clear what the feds are doing with this information. [More]

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Lawsuit: Carl’s Jr. Blocked Managers From Accepting Jobs With Other Franchisees

Do Carl’s Jr. restaurants prevent managers from moving between locations owned by different franchisees to keep wages artificially low and to prevent restaurants from competing against each other for the best employees? That’s what one current and one former employee allege in a lawsuit against the fast food chain, calling the policy unfair to those managers. [More]

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Here Are Your Discounts, Freebies, And Bagels To Celebrate National Pizza Day

What are your plans for National Pizza Day? What, you didn’t know that today was National Pizza Day? We can’t blame you, actually, but the non-event means that restaurants, rest stops, and even Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices have special promotions and deals going on that are meant to move more pizza. [More]

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Taxpayers Have A Bill Of Rights Too

It’s tax season, which means you should be preparing your return or getting ready to do so, if only so an identity thief doesn’t get there first and file a fake return to swipe your refund. What you should remember as you file and if you encounter any problems with the IRS is that taxpayers have specific rights that apply to everyone. [More]

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RFID Tag Technology In Stores Means You Can Find Exactly Where That Sweater Is

You’ve probably had this experience before: A store’s own inventory system or its website says that the item you’re looking for is supposed to be, and no one seems to know where it went. That’s why stores are increasingly turning to RFID technology to quickly locate and track in-store inventory. [More]

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Wet Seal Will Liquidate And Close 137 Remaining Stores

Attention, fashionable yet casual Consumerists: Get ready to head to your local mall if you’ve ever liked any products from clothing and accessories seller Wet Seal. The company is closing nationwide, which means selling everything from the clothes left on the racks to its office equipment. [More]