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The kids are back at school. You don’t have any vacation days left until next calendar year. Existence is an abysmal chasm from which nothing escapes, the self is a meaningless fictional construct, and the Panthers lost last night. But you can still take the Consumerist Quiz! [More]

Judges In Subway “Foot-Long Fraud” Appeal Ask Why Case Wasn’t Thrown Out Long Ago

Judges In Subway “Foot-Long Fraud” Appeal Ask Why Case Wasn’t Thrown Out Long Ago

More than three years after an Australian teen’s photo of a shorter-than-a-foot Subway sandwich kicked off a series of lawsuits against the fast food chain — and nearly a year after those suits were settled — the matter is still pending before a federal appeals court. Not because the plaintiffs are asking for more or Subway is trying to wriggle out of the deal, but because a third party is saying the case was so frivolous there should have been no settlement at all. [More]


Samsung Trying To Pay To Get Its Stuff Off Stranded Hanjin Ships

For more than a week, dozens of container ships operated by Hanjin Shipping have been stranded at sea after the company’s sudden bankruptcy filing, delaying deliveries for goods just as retailers are stocking up for the holiday shopping season. Now Samsung is asking a judge for help to get its stuff out of Hanjin’s hands. [More]

Comcast Already Crying That FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Violates Federal Law


Within minutes of FCC Chair Tom Wheeler unveiling his final proposal for reforming the multibillion-dollar set-top box market, Comcast was already firing back, accusing the Commission of violating the law and hinting at a legal challenge to come. [More]

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There Are Decent Wireless Headphones To Go With Your iPhone 7, But They’re Not Cheap

Yesterday, Apple made people sit through an hour of pointless blather about the Apple Watch before finally unveiling the iPhone 7, complete with its missing headphone jack. Sure, you can connect your favorite analog headphones with the included dongle, but how do you charge your phone while also listening to music? You’ll need to go wireless. [More]

Big Dairy Settles Claim It Killed Cows To Keep Milk Prices Up; Are You Due A Piece Of $52M?

Adam Fagen

What’s one way to keep milk prices from going down? Cut down on the number of cows producing that milk. An dairy industry group representing around 70% of the milk we buy has agreed to pay $52 million to settle an antitrust complaint alleging that industry illegally inflated milk prices by paying farmers to slaughter cows prematurely. [More]

Appeals Court: Sorry Uber Drivers, You Signed Away Your Right To Sue Company


Just like a growing number of companies are quietly stripping consumers of their right to a jury trial, so too are employers using workers’ contracts to insert clauses that prevent them from bringing lawsuits in court. Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that most Uber drivers signed away their rights to pursue legal action against the company, putting multiple lawsuits — and a potential $100 million class action settlement — at risk. [More]

Apple Confirms World’s Worst Kept Secret: iPhone 7 Starts At $649; Pre-Orders Start Sept. 9

Apple Confirms World’s Worst Kept Secret: iPhone 7 Starts At $649; Pre-Orders Start Sept. 9

Apple once again called the faithful to the fold this morning to sit patiently for two hours to hear the worst-kept secret in the tech industry: There’s a new iPhone and, no, it doesn’t have a separate headphone jack anymore.


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Shipping Company Bankruptcy Leaves Container Ships Stranded With Dwindling Food, Water For Crews

We recently wrote about how the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping could put holiday orders for hot-ticket items from companies like Samsung and LG at risk for delays and higher costs, but what we didn’t get into at the time was the increasingly spartan living situations for the workers stranded on board dozens of ships stuck at sea or in port. [More]

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Lawmaker Seeks FBI Files On Financial Crash; Wants To See Why No Bank Execs Were Arrested

Millions of Americans lost their jobs, houses, savings, and more when the housing market collapsed under the weight of mortgages that should never have been approved, let alone bundled and converted into worthless, toxic securities. And yet, no senior Wall Street bank executives were ever charged with a crime. Now one U.S. congressman is asking to look at the FBI files to find out why. [More]

Lawyer: Employers Should Take Away Workers’ Right To Sue; Arbitrators “Know Where Their Bread & Butter Comes From”


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is currently working on rules to stop banks, credit card issuers, and others from forcing customers to sign away their right to a jury trial. Opponents claim that this change will only benefit trial lawyers, but some candid advice from one lawyer shows exactly why these protections are needed — and who really stands to benefit. [More]

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Airbnb Says City’s Ban On Short-Term Rentals Violates Federal Law, Constitution

In May 2015, the California city of Santa Monica — the one with the famous pier that’s in just about every beach movie ever made — revised its laws to effectively bar most Airbnb rentals. Now the online home-sharing platform is accusing the city of violating the Constitution and multiple federal laws. [More]


New York Launches Antitrust Investigation Into EpiPen Schools Program

Amid calls for drugmaker Mylan to drop the price of emergency allergy treatment EpiPen, the attorney general for the state of New York has launched an antitrust investigation into a program that helps to put EpiPens in schools, potentially to the detriment of competition. At the same time, U.S. lawmakers are pushing regulators for a federal antitrust probe on the program. [More]

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Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Dozens More Voice Support For Microsoft Lawsuit Against Justice Dept.

In April, Microsoft sued the U.S. Department of Justice, arguing that its “customers have a right to know when the government obtains a warrant to read their emails,” and that “Microsoft has a right to tell them.” While Microsoft might be the only plaintiff in this case, dozens of tech biggies, media companies, privacy advocates, and others have let the court know that they stand behind Microsoft. [More]

Warner Bros. Demands Copyright Takedown Of Its Own Websites

Warner Bros. Demands Copyright Takedown Of Its Own Websites

It’s like that scene in a bad 1990s straight-to-video psychological crime thriller where the cop runs a suspect’s fingerprints — only to find he’s the suspect! Except now it’s a major movie studio flagging websites that it created and owns as copyright pirates. [More]

Relive The Summer Of 2016 With The Consumerist Mega-Quiz!


To quote James Douglas Morrison, “summer’s almost gone,” though not really, depending on how you define the term summer. For fans of all things equinox-based, there are three weeks to go. For many school kids and college students, summer has been dead for days. For Consumerist readers south of the Equator, it’s months away from even beginning. So what the heck was Jim Morrison on about? Lizard King, my butt. [More]

Samsung Announces “Product Exchange Program” For Galaxy Note 7 — But Don’t Call It A Recall

Samsung Announces “Product Exchange Program” For Galaxy Note 7 — But Don’t Call It A Recall

Despite confirming to media outlets earlier today that the Galaxy Note 7 would be “recalled” — implying that the company would soon go through official regulatory channels — Samsung has gone ahead and announced details of a “product exchange program” that is not, in actuality, an official recall. [More]

ITT-Owned Daniel Webster College Also In Peril Of Losing Accreditation

ITT-Owned Daniel Webster College Also In Peril Of Losing Accreditation

Only days after beleaguered ITT Tech ceased enrolling new students over financial concerns and the possible loss of accreditation, another for-profit educator owned by ITT’s parent company has also revealed that its future may be in peril. [More]