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Chris Morran

IMDb Not Complying With New Law Blocking It From Publishing Actors’ Ages

IMDb Not Complying With New Law Blocking It From Publishing Actors’ Ages

On Jan. 1, a new law went into effect in California that would require the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) remove information about actors’ ages and birthdays. We’re now more than a week into the new year, and the site hasn’t taken this information down — and it has no intention of doing so in the immediate future. [More]

AT&T Thinks It Might Be Able To Avoid FCC Review Of Time Warner Merger

AT&T Thinks It Might Be Able To Avoid FCC Review Of Time Warner Merger

A merger of the nation’s largest pay-TV provider (and second-largest wireless service provider) and a major multimedia conglomerate with multiple cable channels might seem like a gimme for review by the Federal Communications Commission, but AT&T now thinks it may be able to avoid or minimize scrutiny from the agency in its efforts to acquire Time Warner. [More]

The Internet Is Transfixed By The Wonderfully Pointless, Surreal, Circular Debate Between Two Google Home Devices

The Internet Is Transfixed By The Wonderfully Pointless, Surreal, Circular Debate Between Two Google Home Devices

Hundreds of thousands of people have tuned in to Twitch today to be amused, befuddled, and delighted (often at the same time) by the Internet of Things’ version of a dog chasing its own tail — two Google Home hubs speaking to each other about everything and nothing, with no immediate end in sight. [More]

Uber User Claims Driver Beat Him And Left Him In “Pool Of Blood On The Pavement”

Uber User Claims Driver Beat Him And Left Him In “Pool Of Blood On The Pavement”

Increasingly popular ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft continue to be dogged by allegations of bad behavior by the drivers who use these popular platforms to connect with customers. The latest incident involves an Uber driver accused of assaulting a passenger after refusing to take him to his destination. [More]

Feds Accuse D-Link Of Failing To Properly Secure Routers & Webcams

Feds Accuse D-Link Of Failing To Properly Secure Routers & Webcams

Federal regulators have accused D-Link, a manufacturer of popular networking and smart-home products, of leaving its routers and webcam devices vulnerable to hackers. [More]

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More Than 125,000 People Call On Burger King, KFC, Starbucks & Others To Curb Antibiotics Use

While a handful of fast food chains have made at least some commitment to reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock, the majority of these restaurants still have no policy when it comes to this issue. This morning, CEOs of those companies are receiving a petition signed by more than 125,000, asking them to do their part to help prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. [More]

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Taco Bell Says It’s Ditching Extra-Large Sodas, Will Cut Down On Preservatives “Where Possible”

Let’s be honest: Most of us gave up on the idea of new year’s resolutions a long time ago, and few people who make resolutions stick to them. However, that didn’t stop the folks at Taco Bell from rolling out a list of “commitments” for the future of the fast food chain. [More]


Coca-Cola Accused Of Illegally Misleading Consumers About Sugary Drinks

In a new federal lawsuit, public health advocates accuse Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association of engaging in a “pattern of deception to mislead and confuse the public” and waging an “aggressive campaign of disinformation about the health consequences of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages.” [More]

Amazon’s Alexa Integrated Into LG Refrigerator & Creepy, Blinking “Hub Robot”

Amazon’s Alexa Integrated Into LG Refrigerator & Creepy, Blinking “Hub Robot”

Amazon doesn’t really want to sell you Echo connected home speakers. It wants to you to use the Echo to buy stuff from Amazon. So it makes sense that the company’s virtual voice-activated assistant Alexa is continuing to branch out into other manufacturer’s products that can then be used to purchase items from Amazon. [More]

LG Unveils Super-Thin “Wallpaper” TV

LG Unveils Super-Thin “Wallpaper” TV

People have been mounting TVs on the wall for nearly two decades, but LG has thrown down the gauntlet to the competition with a super-thin flexible panel TV that the company says sits nearly flush with the wall. [More]

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Convict Sues Verizon For $72M For Allowing Him To Commit ID Theft

A Florida man serving ten years in prison for fraud and theft is now suing Verizon Wireless, claiming the company was negligent by not preventing him from using the company’s wireless service and products to commit his his latest identity theft. [More]

Brad Clinesmith

Congress Decides Maybe It Shouldn’t Gut Independent Ethics Office (At Least Not Until August)

Last night, against the reported wishes of party leadership, Republican members of Congress met behind closed doors to adopt an amendment to the House Rules package that would have effectively neutered an independent Congressional watchdog created in 2008. Following a huge backlash from the public and the President-elect, the lawmakers have now walked back this controversial effort, and will reconsider the change this summer. [More]

Ryan Dearth

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Others Call On Treasury To Make It Easier For Marijuana-Related Businesses To Bank

With marijuana now legal — at least for medical purposes — in more than half the states, a small but growing number of federally insured banks have allowed pot retailers and other legitimate marijuana-related businesses to open accounts. Still, some 97% of U.S. banks won’t work with these companies over concerns about the regulatory ramifications, which is why a number of U.S. senators are asking the Treasury Department’s financial crimes division to help the marijuana industry — particularly those businesses that service the industry — move away from being purely cash operations. [More]

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The 50 Most-Read Consumerist Stories Of 2016

After what feels like a decade, 2016 is mercifully over, but before we can move forward into the brave new year it’s time to bring the recycling bin over toward our locker and purge the bulging Trapper Keeper we’ve been cramming stories into for the last 12 months. [More]

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Charter Continues To Charge Wildfire Victims For Service They Don’t Have

Charter cable and internet customers in Tennessee who recently lost their homes to wildfire say the pay-TV giant, which recently merged with Time Warner Cable, is continuing to charge them for services that they can’t possibly access, and to return equipment that no longer exists. [More]

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Parents Of Child Killed By Distracted Driver Sue Apple For Not Blocking FaceTime While Driving

On Christmas Eve 2014, a driver distracted by using FaceTime on his iPhone crashed into another vehicle on I-35 in Texas, killing the 5-year-old girl in the back seat. The child’s parents and her older sister — all also injured in the collision — are now suing Apple, alleging that the company was negligent in not deploying safeguards that would restrict the use of FaceTime while driving. [More]

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Burger King, Tim Hortons To Use Fewer Antibiotics In Chicken

Three months after earning its second consecutive “F” grade from public health advocates for its lack of any policy to limit the use of antibiotics in the meat it sources, Burger King’s parent company — which also owns donut chain Tim Hortons — has finally announced plans to cut back on overusing some of these drugs in the chickens it uses. [More]

Don Buciak II

White House: Hidden Fees “Threaten The Competitive Process”

It seems like an increasing number of things you buy now come with fees that you don’t find out about until it’s time to make the purchase: Book a hotel room — there’s a “Resort Fee” that wasn’t in the advertised price. Going to a concert — there’s a “Convenience Fee” that can sometimes double the ticket price. Subscribe to cable TV — there are “Broadcast TV” fees for stations that are freely available over the air, and “Regional Sports” fees for stations that are often owned by the cable company. A new report from the White House says these hidden fees are cause for a broader concern about a lack of competition. [More]