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Half-Finished Hollywood Target Stuck In Legal Limbo For Years

For nearly two years, the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Western Ave. in Hollywood has been home to the shell of a partially finished, three-story Target store. Thanks to an ongoing legal back-and-forth between the city, neighborhood groups, and the retailer, it could be another three years before construction resumes.


Uber Reportedly Shrugs Off Idea Of Acquiring Lyft

With reports circulating that ride-hailing service Lyft may be looking to sell itself, it makes sense to think of Uber, its most prominent competitor, as a potential buyer. However, it seems very unlikely that regulators would allow this merger, or that Uber is even interested. [More]

Steven Depolo

Student Loan Borrowers Face Needless Hurdles When Trying To Reduce Payments

It’s a fact of life: if you take out thousands of dollars in federal student loans to attend college, you have to pay them back. While the government offers borrowers some relief through free income-based relief, a new report shows that getting that assistance is often a test of patience for consumers, with servicers providing incorrect information or creating difficult hurdles.  [More]


Online Lender Claiming Tribal Affiliation Must Refund, Cancel $11.6M In Payday Loans

For years, online lenders have claimed affiliations with tribal groups in order to skirt state laws related to short-term, high-interest loans. Today, the state of Minnesota came to a settlement over a years-long, so-called “rent-a-tribe” loan scheme with CashCall, ordering the lender to pay $11.6 million in relief to borrowers.  [More]

Matt McGee

Harley-Davidson To Pay $15M To Resolve Creation Of “Super Tuners” That Violate Emission Standards

Turns out that the use of so-called “defeat devices” to cheat federal emissions standards isn’t just relegated to four-wheeled vehicles made by Volkswagen. Harley-Davidson today agreed to settle charges it violated the Clean Air Act by paying $15 million, as well as buying back and destroying nearly 340,000 “super tuners” that emit higher amounts of certain air pollutants than what the company certified to EPA.  [More]


American Apparel May Move Manufacturing Out Of California

Part of American Apparel’s identity is tied to the company’s Los Angeles manufacturing facility, but executives for the recently bankrupt clothing company recently floated the idea of outsourcing trickier items to third parties. Now comes news that AA has its eyes on keeping its manufacturing in the states, but in areas where labor costs are lower. [More]


McDonald’s Removes Fitness Trackers From Happy Meals Over Skin Irritation Concerns

Just days after McDonald’s began stuffing kid-friendly fitness trackers in its Happy Meal boxes, the fast food giant has removed the devices from the menu — not over claims of pointless “health washing,” but because some kids complained the trackers were causing skin irritation. [More]


Stroller, Infant Carrier Falls & Tip Overs Send Two Children To The Hospital Every Hour

Strollers, carriers, and baby wraps are a necessity for parents looking to transport their kids from one point to another. Yet data in a new study shows just how many children are injured each year in incidents involving one of these devices. [More]


Critics: Putting Fitness Trackers In McDonald’s Happy Meals Doesn’t Make Them Healthy Meals

Putting on a fitness tracker doesn’t magically change your body; it’s just another accessory if it goes unused. That’s why critics of McDonald’s latest Happy Meal shake-up don’t seem terribly impressed.


After 17 Years, TiVo Discontinuing Service For Series 1 DVR

If you’re still using your ancient TiVo DVR to watch recorded shows from the previous century, we’ve got some bad news: After nearly two decades, TiVo says it will stop supporting it Series 1 DVR at the end of next month.


The Hidden Rewards Miles Charge You Should Know About

It can take time — and a lot of money — to save up enough airlines rewards miles to take the trip of your dreams. But imagine amassing the miles you need for a flight to Europe only to be hit with a $700 surcharge.

Nicholas Eckhart

Why Are Home Depot & TJ Maxx Bringing In Customers Other Retailers Can’t?

With retailers like Macy’s, Kmart, Sears, and others closing dozens of stores year after year in a bid to boost their bottom line in the face of sluggish sales, you might think the retail world as a whole is struggling. While a number of big names have indeed seen better day, a few companies are bucking that trend. [More]

Ford Plans To Make Autonomous Ride-Sharing Vehicles Available By 2021

Ford Plans To Make Autonomous Ride-Sharing Vehicles Available By 2021

For the last several years carmakers have worked to perfect their self-driving vehicles as a way to prepare consumers for the inevitable robot revolution and to beat their competitors to the punch. Today, Ford announced a timeline for when its fully autonomous ride-sharing vehicle will hit the market, picking up passengers at the drop of a hat. Spoiler alert: It’s in five years.  [More]

Delta Adding Business Class Suites To Some Planes, Free Meal & Alcohol Service For Honolulu Flights

Delta Adding Business Class Suites To Some Planes, Free Meal & Alcohol Service For Honolulu Flights

For most of us, we understand that flying means giving up some degree of privacy for a few hours, and probably means sitting next to a complete stranger who chews too loudly and wants to chat. Delta Air Lines is the latest to offer privacy to its better-paying customers with the introduction of “suites.”

Gilbert Mercier

McDonald’s Limiting The Amount Of Free Food Olympians Can Order In Rio

Since the Rio Olympics opened, calorie-seeking athletes have been gorging themselves on free food from McDonald’s, but there’s only so much gratis grub the Golden Arches is willing to give away. [More]

Mitsubishi Recalls 45K Outlander Sports Over Fire Concerns

Mitsubishi Recalls 45K Outlander Sports Over Fire Concerns

Generally speaking you don’t want your vehicle to leak in any way: gas, oil, or any other fluid. For that reason, Mitsubishi is recalling more than 45,000 vehicles that may leak transmission fluid, increasing the risk of a fire.  [More]

Airbnb Working On “Tour Guide” App That Provides Recommendations For Things To Do

Airbnb Working On “Tour Guide” App That Provides Recommendations For Things To Do

Nearly five months ago, Airbnb declared it wanted to offer users more than just a way to connect homeowners with people looking for a place to stay. Now the company reveals it is testing an app that provides travelers with information about nearby restaurants, available tours, happy hours, festivals, and other things to do during their visit.  [More]