Uber “Local Rewards” Program Offers Free Rides For Shopping, Dining Out

Uber “Local Rewards” Program Offers Free Rides For Shopping, Dining Out

Two months ago, Uber launched a rewards program that offered free rides to users who used a Capital One credit card. Today, the company unveiled a separate reward program with Visa, providing free rides based on how much customers spend at local businesses.  [More]

Petsitter Loses $1 Million Lawsuit Over Negative Yelp Review

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The six-month saga of the Texas petsitter who sued a customer for up to $1 million in damages over a negative Yelp review appears to have come to an end, with a judge agreeing to dismiss the case that made national headlines. [More]

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Twitter Wants Your Videos So Much, It Will Let You Keep Most Of The Ad Money

Hey, have you heard about video? You might have missed it, what with literally every social media platform all but begging you to post more and watch more at all times, but video is the new hotness. And to get individuals to post more video to their platform, Twitter’s willing to split the ad take.


IKEA Taking Its Time Providing Records Related To Massive Dresser Recall

IKEA Taking Its Time Providing Records Related To Massive Dresser Recall

Two months after IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission took the unprecedented step in recalling $29 million top-heavy Malm and other models of dressers and chests linked to the deaths of six children, the retailer has missed a deadline to hand over documents related to the recall. [More]


Jack In The Box Is Testing “Brunchfast” Menu In Southern California

As it was foretold, so it has come to pass: after filing a trademark application for the term “brunchfast” earlier this summer, Jack in the Box is now testing a new menu with that name in Southern California. [More]

Apple Sued Over “Touch Disease” Flaw In iPhone 6s

Apple Sued Over “Touch Disease” Flaw In iPhone 6s

It was really only a matter of time: owners of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices affected by the so-called “touch disease” have sued Apple over a supposed flaw that leads touchscreens to become unresponsive, essentially rendering the devices useless. [More]

The Battle Between Trader Joe’s & Pirate Joe’s Rages On


Can you effectively recreate a supermarket by buying a bunch of that store’s products, shipping them across the border and selling them in a store with a deliberately similar name? That’s the question at the center of a years-long legal battle between Trader Joe’s and its Canadian lookalike Pirate Joe’s. [More]

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Chipotle Hopes Freebies For Kids & Students Will Convince Customers To Return

In its continuing effort to make everyone forget about all that food-borne illness stuff from last year, Chipotle is trotting out two new promotions in September aimed at the younger set.


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You Can Go Livestream 400 PlayStation 3 Games On Your PC Today

To people immersed in the world of video games, some things read as a given. You only play Halo titles on Xbox consoles. You only play Uncharted games on Sony hardware. PCs are yet another planet; there are worlds of exclusives that simply never meet. And yet today, it seems some streams will cross.


Sears Bringing Paint Back To Store Shelves Nationwide

Sears Bringing Paint Back To Store Shelves Nationwide

Now that home improvement materials are selling like hot cakes, Sears is hoping it can capitalize on the DIY trend by selling paint for the first time in four years. [More]

Amazon Echo Will Let You Control Sonos Speakers

Amazon Echo Will Let You Control Sonos Speakers

The Amazon Echo has a decent voice-controlled “assistant” in Alexa; too bad the speaker itself isn’t so great. Meanwhile, Sonos makes decent, web-connected speakers but without any voice control. You see where we’re going with this? [More]


Consumer Privacy Groups File FTC Complaint Over Facebook, WhatsApp Data Sharing

It’s been less than a week since WhatsApp announced it would start sharing some user data with parent company Facebook, but in that short time, app users and privacy advocates alike have raised a ruckus over what they see as a broken promise. Now, some consumer privacy watchdog groups have filed a formal complaint with the FTC, asking them to look into it.


Abercrombie & Fitch Not Focused On Sexy Abs Now, Just Wants You To Be Your “Best Self”


We’ve come a long way from the days of glistening abs stretching across every Abercrombie & Fitch billboard and shopping bag, and “cool” executives who’d rather not deal with any uncool customers: as the company continues its campaign toward wholesomeness, the new focus is on making shoppers feel good about themselves. [More]

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Chipotle Worker Lawsuit Now Has Nearly 10,000 Plaintiffs

Nearly two years after a Chipotle employee filed a class-action seeking lawsuit accusing the fast casual restaurant of wage theft, the case has signed on nearly 10,000 former and current employees. [More]


Video Claims To Show Price Discrepancies Of Up To 78% At L.A. Zara Store

Last week, a Zara customer filed a lawsuit against the company accusing it of misleading customers by posting some prices in euros and others in U.S. dollars, and of making up its own exchange rates to charge more for those items with price tags in dollars. The plaintiff’s lawyers now say they have even more proof of this pricing switcheroo. [More]

Court Throws Out Federal Government’s Lawsuit Over AT&T “Unlimited” Data Plans

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Nearly two years ago, the Federal Trade Commission sued AT&T for allegedly misleading wireless customers by charging them for “unlimited” data plans while simultaneously throttling their cellular connection speeds when they passed certain monthly thresholds. AT&T failed in 2015 to get the case dismissed in District Court, but yesterday succeeded in convincing a federal appeals court to throw out the government’s complaint. [More]

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Airbnb Hosts Having Difficulty Refinancing Homes

Until recently, home loans generally covered two types of properties: primary residences or investments. That was before services like Airbnb allowed anyone with an extra room to make a bit of extra money by renting it out for short periods of time. This blurred line between “my house” and “my investment” is causing trouble for some homeowners when they go to refinance their mortgages. [More]


Amazon Testing A 30-Hour Work Week For Some Employees

The dream of the four-day workweek is alive at Amazon, where the company is testing out a plan that has certain teams of workers on a part-time schedule. [More]