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Criminals With Terrifying Baby Mask Deploy ATM Skimmers In Minnesota

Criminals With Terrifying Baby Mask Deploy ATM Skimmers In Minnesota

As Halloween draws closer, here’s a reminder of what you should really be scared of: ATM skimmers, or devices that attach to cash machines to slurp up customers’ card numbers and PINs. You should also be afraid of adults in creepy baby doll masks. According to police in Minnesota, a recent crime there incorporates both of these terrifying prospects, with a mask-wearing suspect accused of placing skimmers on ATMs in two counties and stealing tens of thousands of dollars. [More]

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Here’s A Gas Pump Skimmer That Texts Victims’ Card Data To Crooks

For the crooks operating skimmers on gas pumps, ATMs, or retail credit card terminals, an important part of their business model is getting the data from the devices. One way around this problem is to integrate a SIM card and have the device send text messages with the freshest payment card numbers. For the first time, such a device was found inside a gas pump. [More]


Wells Fargo Customers Won’t Need A Card To Get Cash At ATMs Anymore

Can’t be bothered to carry a debit card, but need some cash on the go? Not a problem for Wells Fargo customers with smartphones, as the bank is rolling out its cardless technology at all of its roughly 13,000 cash machines. [More]

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Here’s A Snap-On Bluetooth Skimmer Spotted Out In The Wild

Have you ever wondered how a retailer can leave a Bluetooth skimmer on a payment card terminal in its stores for weeks at a time? It’s harder to detect the devices than you might think, because crooks have their own places to shop for spare parts that snap right on a payment terminal and are hard to spot if you aren’t looking for them. [More]

Even Police Can Fall Victim To Card Skimming Devices

Even Police Can Fall Victim To Card Skimming Devices

You might think that you’re too savvy to be tricked into slipping your credit card into a skimming device that steals your account info, but you’re probably not. Just ask the Indiana State Police, whose troopers were fooled by one skimmer, and who are now using the incident as a teachable moment for everyone. [More]


Visa And Mastercard Push Chip Card Deadline For Gas Pumps Back To 2020

Americans get to face another three years at higher risk of having our payment card numbers scooped up by criminals while we fuel up our cars. The major credit card networks, Visa and Mastercard, have given gas stations an extension, pushing the deadline for them to install payment terminals with chip (EMV) readers back to October 2020. [More]

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The ATM Liability Shift Is Here, And Most Don’t Have Chip Readers

Hey, remember the ATM liability shift? You know, how MasterCard’s liability shift means that the operator of any ATMs not equipped with EMV (computer chip) card readers by October of this year would be liable for fraud, and not the credit card network. That deadline was today, and most ATMs in the wild aren’t yet equipped with chip readers. [More]


Watch Out For Card Skimmers On Gas Pumps In Arizona (And Everywhere Else, Too)

Going to an actual attendant and paying cash for gas is something fewer and fewer of us do every year. But for all the problems of cash, it might be less risky than sticking your credit card in any old gas pump, where a skimmer can grab and steal your data with very little effort. And those skimmers are everywhere. Case in point? Arizona. [More]

2 Men Accused Of Using ATM Skimmer To Take $500K From US Bank Customers

2 Men Accused Of Using ATM Skimmer To Take $500K From US Bank Customers

If you’re hitting the road this holiday weekend, you might find yourself visiting some unfamiliar gas stations, ATMs, or kiosks that accept credit cards. The recent arrest in California of two men who are accused of draining $500,000 from US Bank customers’ accounts should remind people across the country and all over the world: be careful where you swipe your debit card, and be protective of your PIN. [More]


Some Jerks Are Using Bluetooth Card Skimming Devices At Dallas Gas Stations

If you live in the Dallas area, you might want to rethink using plastic to pay at the gas station. Not because debit and credit cards aren’t a fine way to pay for fuel, but because some jerks are using Bluetooth skimming devices to steal from oblivious drivers at the pump. [More]

Let’s Watch Some Promotional Videos From Makers Of ATM Skimmers

Let’s Watch Some Promotional Videos From Makers Of ATM Skimmers

Legitimate businesses create video ads to promote their products, so why shouldn’t companies that can provide you with the supplies to commit crimes? Here are some videos where sellers of the tools of the ATM skimmer trade show off how their products work, in case you’ve always wondered how to insert and remove a super-thin ATM skimmer. [More]

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Card Skimmers Found On Walmart Self-Checkout Terminals In Two States

In just the last few weeks, card skimmers — devices that illegally scan customers’ credit cards –have been found at two different Walmart stores. The skimmers in these cases were so convincing that they may have been in place for weeks for being discovered. [More]

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New And Improved Version Of Popular ATM Malware Spotted In The Wild

Modern ATMs are just computers attached to machines stuffed with cash, and that means that ATMs can also be infected with malware and viruses. Back in 2009, a piece of malware that could make an ATM spit out cash or give out the card numbers of people who had recently used the machine was found in the wild, the not-very-creatively-named Skimer. Now the security company Kapersky Labs has discovered a new and better (if you’re not a bank or a consumer) version of Skimer out in the wild. [More]

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside A Real ATM Skimmer Found In Indonesia

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside A Real ATM Skimmer Found In Indonesia

What would you do if you were on vacation abroad, and you found a skimmer attached to an ATM? Security consultant Matt South discovered a camera attachment on an ATM in Bali, Indonesia, and decided to bring it back to his hotel to take it apart. He found a plastic enclosure that contained a modified motion-activated spy camera, and four holes that turned out to be a USB port. [More]


Can A Cashier Make Me Read My 3-Digit Credit Card Code In Front Of Other Shoppers?

Your credit card has a 16-digit number on the front, plus an expiration date, and another three-digit code on the back. We all know in a vague way that the code on the back (also known as the “CVC” or “CVV”) has something to do with making transactions safer or reducing fraud, but other than that we don’t give it much thought — and while we might expect to have to share that number when shopping online, we certainly don’t expect to be asked to read it out loud when making an in-person purchase at a crowded coffee shop. [More]

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ExxonMobil Introduces Payment Via Apple Pay, In-App Purchases Only

Giving customers the ability to pay for gasoline at the pump using a mobile app is an ideal solution: encrypted mobile payments are more secure than magnetic-stripe cards, and card-skimmer crooks haven’t (yet) found a way to intercept payment information. ExxonMobil has added mobile payments to their pumps, but with a catch: you have to use their app instead of your mobile wallet, and that app is iPhone-only. [More]


Inspectors In Massachusetts Combing Gas Stations, Other Card Readers For Skimmers

Look out when you’re on the road: police and state standards agencies have noticed a scary trend near highways in New England. Bluetooth card skimmers are appearing on gas pumps and ATMs in New England, slurping up customers’ payment data and beaming it to thieves who may be sitting just around the corner. [More]