6 Things You Should Know About What Led Up To Takata’s Massive Airbag Disaster

6 Things You Should Know About What Led Up To Takata’s Massive Airbag Disaster

Over the past two years, 16 carmakers have recalled millions upon millions of vehicles equipped with Takata-produced, shrapnel-shooting airbags linked to 14 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Investigations have revealed the cause of the ruptures, but a new report sheds light on how the defective safety devices ended up in so many vehicles. Like many shortsighted bad decisions, it came down to money. [More]


Pediatricians Call On Mylan To Make EpiPens More Affordable

Following reports on the skyrocketing cost of the EpiPen emergency allergy treatment, drugmaker Mylan has been heavily criticized for putting profit over patients. Even the recent expansion of its savings card program has been slammed as being more beneficial to Mylan than it is for consumers. Now, the nation’s largest group of pediatricians are calling on the company to rethink its pricing of the drug. [More]

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City-Owned Airport Can’t Reject Ads Just Because They Aren’t Selling A Product

If a city-owned facility is going to sell advertising space to bring in revenue, to what extent can the city restrict the content of those ads before crossing the line into government-ordered censorship? This week, a federal appeals court confirmed that when a city enacts a wholesale ban on certain types of ads, it’s gone too far. [More]


Proposed European Law Change Could Make Google Pay Publishers For Your News Results

Regulators in Europe are proposing a big update to copyright law in the region that, if adopted, would likely to lead to major changes in the way your news aggregators, well, aggregate.


Guy Accused Of Stealing $1K Worth Of $2K Mannequin From Adult Novelty Shop

Guy Accused Of Stealing $1K Worth Of $2K Mannequin From Adult Novelty Shop

While we’ve seen our fair share of break-ins and burglaries, this one might take the cake for specificity: a pricey mannequin was rendered legless in Ohio recently, after a guy allegedly broke into an adult novelty shop and boosted the top half of the $2,000 figure. [More]


NYC Indoor Market Is Not Simply A Food Hall — It’s A “Lifestyle Experience”

When it’s time for lunch, do you often find yourself thinking, “I’m hungry for a lifestyle experience today”? If so, well, New York has something going on you might like. [More]

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Maybe the rest of the world thinks you’re smart — always coming to you for help setting the clock on their VCR or for recommendations on which wine cooler they should pair with their rice cakes — but inside you harbor doubts. “I can’t possibly know everything” you tell yourself while helpfully directing a stranger toward the nearest Fashion Cafe. “If only there was a way for me to think back over the past few days to see if I do indeed have perfect recall — wait, am I not wearing shoes??[More]

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Twitter Might Let You Use Keyword Filters To Curb Online Harassment

For the last three years, Twitter has worked to improve the safety of users by creating and adapting its blocking policy and tools. Now, the social network is reportedly looking to create a tool that would allow users to search for certain words they find offensive and block those messages. [More]


Most Floridians Totally Cool With Using Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Fight Zika

Although a plan to use genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida to fight the spread of Zika is on hold for now, a new survey says that most residents approve such a tactic.



Mazda Recalls 190K SUVs Over Loss Of Steering

Being able to steer your vehicle in the direction that you want it to go is paramount to, you know, driving. So when that doesn’t work properly, it’s time for a recall. That’s why Mazda is calling back more than 190,000 SUVs to replace potentially defective parts. [More]

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Apple Patents Tech To Record & Scan Fingerprints Of Suspected iPhone Thieves

For the past two years, some smartphone manufacturers have been adding so-called “kill switches” software to phones that allow them to be turned off remotely if they fall into the wrong hands. Now, Apple is taking things a bit further, by patenting a new system that will take photos, record video, and capture fingerprints of ne’er-do-wells who snatch iPhones.  [More]

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McDonald’s Customers Have Been Finding Some Pretty Gross Stuff In Their Food

First of all: if you’re getting ready to eat lunch, be warned that we are about to discuss some gross stuff happening to food. Got it? Great. Now that you’ve girded your stomachs, it’s our distinct displeasure to call attention to crawly things that McDonald’s customers have reported finding in their food. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Decides To Keep Cold Brew Coffee Around Until The End Of The Year

Dunkin’ Donuts Decides To Keep Cold Brew Coffee Around Until The End Of The Year

Now that Dunkin’ Donuts has given this whole cold brew coffee thing a try, it’s realizing that the cool kids might just be onto something: the drink has proved successful enough that the chain is going to keep it on the menu for a bit longer than planned. [More]


Mega-Beer Merger Could Cost SABMiller, Anheuser-Busch Employees Thousands Of Jobs

It’s not just brands of beer that Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller have had to discard in order to make their $107 billion merger dreams a reality: it could also cost thousands of people their jobs.  [More]

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Facebook’s New High School App Does Not Actually Care If You Are In High School Or Have Privacy

Facebook isn’t just Facebook. The company is massive, and has a whole suite of other apps and businesses it launches (or acquires) from time to time. The latest is kind of a pared down social network aimed at busy teens on the go — but that comes along with massive, glaring privacy flaws that could leave kids at risk.


Regardless Of Price, Don’t Buy Your EpiPen On eBay

Regardless Of Price, Don’t Buy Your EpiPen On eBay

With the price of emergency allergy treatment EpiPen jumping nearly 600% in less than a decade, bringing the out-of-pocket cost for some patients to $600 for a two-pack, it’s perhaps not surprising that sketchy eBay sellers are claiming to offer the prescription medication at a discount, even though it’s against eBay policy, illegal, and just a really, really, really awful idea. [More]

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This Cake Featuring A Ken Doll Wearing A Ruffled Pink Dress Is Selling Like Crazy

Perhaps you’ve seen cakes with a doll wearing a gorgeous, puffy gown made of frosting before, but one Sacramento bakery’s twist on that familiar creation — using a Ken doll instead of Barbie — has prompted an avalanche of orders. [More]

Dropbox Asking Some Users To Change Passwords

Dropbox Asking Some Users To Change Passwords

Are you a longtime user of Dropbox? Then you might be asked to change your password. Was the online storage service hacked? No… at least not recently. Instead, Dropbox says some login credential may have been compromised nearly four years ago [More]